Rosso Vino Menu Price Singapore (Updated 2024)

Welcome to the Rosso Vino Menu in Singapore. If you’re a fan of tasty Italian dishes, Rosso Vino is the place to be. Their menu includes yummy options, from delicious pasta to tasty seafood. It’s the go-to spot for anyone who loves good food with an Italian twist.


Now, let’s talk about the Rosso Vino Menu at SGEats. We’ve got the latest prices straight from the official sources of Rosso Vino, so you know it’s reliable info. Plus, we’ve added pictures of each dish so you can see exactly what you might be craving. We aim to make this easy for all food lovers and ensure search engines can find it, too. So, get ready to discover the delicious world of Rosso Vino Menu and plan your next tasty meal.

Rosso Vino Menu Singapore 2024

Rosso Vino menu can be categorised as: Appetisers | Salad & Soup | Side Dishes | Home-Made Pasta | Meat | Desserts | Pizza

Rosso Vino Menu – Appetisers

DishesPrice In SGD
Tr Tris Di Bruschetta16.00
Pane alr’ aglio12.00
Insalata Caprese20.00
Parmigiana di Melanzane18.00
Fritto di Calamari18.00
Carpaccio di Manzo23.00
Burrata fresca di Andria23.00
Burrata e Prosciutto30.00
Antipasto all Italiana35.00

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Rosso Vino Salad & Soup Menu

DishesPrice In SGD
Insalata Verde14.00
Insalata di Cesare19.00
Insalata Rosso Vino19.00
Insalata Pere e Gorgonzola22.00

Rosso Vino Side Dishes

DishesPrice In SGD
Patatine fritte11.00
Puré di Patate al Tartufo11.00
Patate arrosto12.00

Home-Made Pasta

DishesPrice In SGD
Gnocchi alla Sorrentina25.00
Fettuccine Bolognese27.00
Fettuccine con Gamberetti, Pomodorini e Pesto fresco29.00
Ravioli con Gamberi in crema allo Zafferano31.00
Cavatelli al Ragú di Maiale In salsa di Pomodoro29.00

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Rosso Vino Menu – Meat

DishesPrice In SGD
Cotoletta di Pollo alla Pizzaiola30.00
Stinco d’Agnello con verdure40.00
Bistecca Tartufata (200 gms)40.00
Filetto di Manzo alla Griglia (200 gms)46.00

Rosso Vino Singapore Desserts Menu

DishesPrice In SGD
Torta Lava con Gelato alla Vaniglia20.00
Torta agli Agrumi di Sicilia19.00
Panna Cotta16.00
Sorbetto al Limone13.00
Italian Gelato (Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry)8.00

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Rosso Vino SG Menu – Pizza

DishesPrice In SGD
Mini Margherita Pizza15.00
Patatine Fritte10.00
Crocchette di Pollo11.00
Penne (Butter & Cheese or Bolognese)12.00
Gluten-Free Penne (Butter & Cheese or Bolognese)16.00

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are Rosso Vino Menu restaurants halal in Singapore?

Yes, Rosso Vino restaurants are halal in Singapore as they serve halal menu items.

Are the prices on the Rosso Vino menu in Singapore reasonable?

Our prices are designed to offer value for money, with various options to suit different budgets. We believe in providing quality vegetarian dishes at affordable prices.

How many Rosso Vino restaurants are there in Singapore?

Rosso Vino has only one restaurant in Singapore. We are located on Merbau Rd, Singapore.

What are the opening hours of the Rosso Vino restaurant?

Does the Rosso Vino restaurant from all locations operate at 4:00?PM To 1:00?AM (Monday-Sunday)

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Pick Your Favourite Meal

Have you checked out all the delicious options on the Rosso Vino menu? Have you discovered your go-to meal for today? Some top favourites among diners are the mouthwatering pasta carbonara, the flavorful Margherita pizza, and the indulgent tiramisu dessert. Visit your closest Rosso Vino Singapore outlet and treat yourself to a delightful dining experience with these delicious choices.

Rosso Vino Singapore Location

Rosso Vino


15 Merbau Rd, Singapore 23.009032

Opening Hours:

Monday To Sunday  12:00 AM –  4:00 PM

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