Pocoloco Menu Price Singapore (Updated 2024)

Welcome to the Pocoloco Menu in Singapore. Enjoy delicious and fantastic food here. If you like Italian and Mediterranean flavours, this is the right place. The menu has tasty dishes like pasta and grilled meats. It’s perfect for food lovers and anyone who wants a yummy meal.


Now, let’s talk about pocoloco at SGEats. It’s a great place with good food, fair prices, and transparent information about what you’re eating. We got all this information from the official sources of the restaurant, so it’s accurate. This article is your friendly invitation to explore the wonderful world of Pocoloco. We have practical details and tasty pictures to help you have a fantastic dining experience.

Pocoloco Menu Singapore 2024

Pocoloco menu can be categorised as: Appetisers | Soup | Salad | Pasta | Home Made Pasta| Risotto (Italian Rice) | Main Course | Dessert | Drinks | Juices | Iced Drinks | Coffee | Hot/Cold | Tea | Set Lunch

Pocoloco Menu – Appetisers

Dishes Price In SGD
Funghi Trifolati7.90
Mozzarella Carrozza10.90
Appetiser Vongole13.90
Cheese Platter13.90
Carpaccio di Manzo16.90
Portobello Al Forno15.90
Fegato D’ Oca15.90
Cappesante al Forno16.90
Burrata Cheese19.90
Cold Capellini24.90

Pocoloco Soup

Dishes Price In SGD
Zuppa di Funghi5.90
Zuppa di Pesce8.90
Zuppa di Ribolita9.90


Rucola Salad C10.90
Rucola Salad S10.90
Spinach Salad9.90
Insalata Italianissima11.90

Pocoloco menu – Pasta

Nero Pasta16.90
Vongole Bianco14.90

Pocoloco Home Made Pasta

Dishes Price In SGD
Cannelloni Ripiene de Agnello18.90
Lasagna Bolognese15.90
Lasagna di Pollo15.90
Tagliatelle Al Ragù d’Agnello18.90
Tagliatelle Prosciutto18.90

Risotto (Italian Rice)

Dishes Price In SGD
Fegato d’ Oca19.90
Pollo e Funghi17.90
Uni Risotto23.90

Pocoloco Main Course

Dishes Price In SGD
Filetto di Manzo27.90
Filetto di Manzo with Foie Gras32.90
Pollo Alla Parmigiana22.90
Pollo di Senape19.90
Roasted Lamb Rack32.90
Roasted Pork Rack26.90

Pocoloco menu – Dessert

Dishes Price In SGD
Chocolate Lava12.90
Gelato (2 scoops) – Chocolate/Vanilla6.90
Gelato Hazelnut (2 scoops)6.0
Matcha Lava12.90
Panna Cotta6.90


Dishes Price In SGD
Coke Float4.0
Coke Light2.0
Coke Zero2.0
Ginger Ale2.0
Green Tea2.0
Mineral Water2.0

Pocoloco Juices

Dishes Price In SGD
Apple Juice3.50
Lime Juice3.50
Mango Juice3.50
Orange Juice3.50

Iced Drinks

Dishes Price In SGD
Citrus Cooler5.90
Earl Grey Lemon & Orange5.90
Ocean Curacao5.90
PocoLoco Iced Tea4.90
PocoLoco Iced Tea (Float)6.90


Dishes Price In SGD
Double Espresso5.90
Single Espresso3.90

Pocoloco Hot/Cold

Dishes Price In SGD
Cafe Latte5.90
Flat White4.90
Matcha Cold7.90
Matcha Hot6.90

Tea (hot water refillable, cold teas non refillable)

Dishes Price In SGD
Green Tea Lychee8.90
Oolong Melon8.90
Singapore Dream8.90
Spicy Wine8.90
Strawberry Cream8.90

Pocoloco menu – Set Lunch

Dishes Price In SGD
Spaghetti Aglio Olio12.90
Spaghetti in Bolognese sauce14.90
Spaghetti in Pesto11.90
Spaghetti with Bacon in cream sauce14.90
Spaghetti with prawns in arrabbiata sauce14.90

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

No, Pocoloco restaurants are not halal in Singapore as they do not serve halal menu items.

Our prices are designed to offer value for money, with various options to suit different budgets. We believe in providing quality vegetarian dishes at affordable prices.

Pocoloco has only one restaurant in Singapore. We are located in Upper Thomson Rd Singapore.

Does the Pocoloco restaurant from all locations operate at 12:00?AM To 10:00?PM (Monday-Sunday)

Pick Your Favourite Meal

Have you checked out all the delicious options on the Pocoloco menu? Whether you’re a fan of crispy and flavorful chicken burgers, salad, pasta, or homemade pasta, there’s something for everyone. Take advantage of these popular picks. Visit your nearest poco loco menu outlet in Singapore today and treat yourself to a tasty meal.

Upper Thomson Rd


215f Upper Thomson Rd, Singapore 574349

Opening Hours:

Monday To Sunday (12:00 AM To 3:00 PM)

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