Pizza Hut Menu Price Singapore  (Updated 2024)

Welcome the tasty choices on the Pizza Hut Menu in Singapore, where each flavour is a food adventure! Try the special Bubble Tea Pizza—it’s a mix of yummy bubble tea and classic pizza. People love Pizza Hut because we use great ingredients that make our pizzas taste the best.


This guide shows you all the delicious food on the Pizza Hut Menu at Sgeats and also shares the latest Prices from the official restaurant. Look at colourful pictures of each dish to help you decide. Whether you like Pizza Hut or you’re trying it for the first time, this article is here to help you enjoy the yummy options at Pizza Hut Plaza Singapura. Let’s make your pizza time awesome, one slice at a time.


Pizza Hut Singapore Menu 2024

We can categorize Pizza Hut Singapore Menu as follows: Appetizers | Set Meals  | Classic Pizza | Cheesy 7 | Speciality Pizza | Drinks | Baked Rice  | Desserts | Pasta

Pizza Hut Appetizers Menu Singapore

Tempura calamari, chicken wings, breadsticks, and more to tantalize your taste buds before your meal.

ItemPrice In SGD
Chicken Pop With Cheese6.00 
Spicy Chicken Pop With Cheese Sauce6.00 
Buffalo Wings6.00 
Chicken Nuggets5.50 
Wingstreet Snack box – 6 Pcs Drumlets And 6 Pcs Wings16.70 
Honey Roasted Wings12.60 
Garlic Bread4.95 
Sweet ‘N’ Spicy Drumlets (large)12.60 
Sweet ‘N’ Spicy Drumlets (small)9.10 
Baked Beef Balls – Creamy Alfredo Sauce10.30 
Cinnamon Breadsticks5.90 

Pizza Hut Set Meals Prices

A variety of affordable and delicious set meals for individuals and groups.

ItemPrice In SGD
BFF Box17.50 
My Box8.90 
Buy 1 and Get 1 Regular Pizza48.40 
Group Bundle34.80 
Family Bundle (5 To 6 pack)55.70 
Celebration bundle (3 To 4 pack)36.80 
Classic Bundle (2 To 3 pack)31.70 

Pizza Hut Singapore Classic Pizza Menu Prices

Hand-tossed pizzas with your favorite toppings, at affordable Price In SGDs.

ItemPrice In SGD
Veggie’s Lover (Regular Pan Crust)26.40 
Veggie’s Lover (Personal Pan Crust)12.20 
Veggie’s Lover (Large Pan Crust)36.30 
Veggie’s Lover (Large Cheesy Stuffed Crust)48.80 
Veggie Lover’s (Regular Cheesy Stuffed Crust)34.90 
Super Supreme (Regular Pan Crust)26.40 
Super Supreme (Regular Cheesy Stuffed Crust)34.90 
Super Supreme (Large Pan Crust)36.30 
Super Supreme (Large Cheesy Stuffed Crust)48.80 
Pepperoni (Regular Cheesy Stuffed Crust)34.90 
Pepperoni (Personal Pan Crust)12.20 
Pepperoni (Regular Pan Crust)26.40 
Pepperoni (Large Pan Crust)36.30 
Pepperoni (Large Cheesy Stuffed Crust)48.80 
Meat Galore (Regular Pan Crust)26.40 
Meat Galore (Regular Cheesy Stuffed Crust)34.90 
Meat Galore (Personal Pan Crust) (Small)12.20 
Meat Galore (Personal Pan Crust) (Large)36.30 
Meat Galore (Large Cheesy Stuffed Crust)48.80 
Hawaiian (Regular Pan Crust)26.40 
Curry Chicken (Regular Pan Crust)26.40 
Curry Chicken (Regular Cheesy Stuffed Crust)34.90 
Curry Chicken (Personal Pan Crust)12.20 
Chicken Supreme (Personal Pan Crust)12.20 
Chicken Supreme (Large Pan Crust)36.30 

Pizza Hut Singapore Cheesy 7 Menu 

Seven different kinds of cheese on a hand-tossed pizza, for a cheesy, gooey, and delicious experience.

ItemPrice In SGD
Cheesy 7 Scorpion (Small)43.70 
Mango Mousse Cake6.00 
Milo Breadsticks6.20 
Spicy Korean Drumlets6.50 
Cheesy 7 Scorpion (Large)53.40 
Cheesy 7 Hawaiian53.40 
Cheesy 7 Original40.90 
Cheesy 7 Beyond Supreme34.90 (S)  43.40 (M)  53.40 (L)
Cheesy Variety Box (4 To 5 pack)57.60 
Cheesy Box (3 To 4 pack)39.50 
ItemPrice In SGD
Simply Cheese (Large Cheesy Stuffed Crust)43.90 
Simply Cheese (Large Pan Crust)31.40 
Simply Cheese (Regular Cheesy Stuffed Crust)32.70 
BBQ Chunky Chic (Large Cheesy Stuffed Crust)43.90 
BBQ Chunky Chic (Large Pan Crust)31.40 
BBQ Chunky Chic (Regular Cheesy Stuffed Crust)32.70 
BBQ Chunky Chic (Personal Cheesy Stuffed Crust)14.50 
Very Beefy (Large Cheesy Stuffed Crust)43.90 
Very Beefy (Large Pan Crust)31.40 
Very Beefy (Regular Cheesy Stuffed Crust)32.70 
Very Beefy (Regular Pan Crust)24.20 
Chic Ham ‘n’ Shroom (Large Cheesy Stuffed Crust)43.90 
Chic Ham ‘n’ Shroom (Large Pan Crust)31.40 
Chic Ham ‘n’ Shroom (Regular Pan Crust)24.20 
Chic Ham ‘n’ Shroom (Personal Cheesy Stuffed Crust)14.50 
Chic Ham ‘n’ Shroom (Personal Pan Crust)10.00 

Pizza Hut Singapore Menu – Baked Rice & Pasta

Savory baked rice and pasta dishes with a variety of toppings, perfect for a comforting meal.

ItemPrice In SGD
Creamy Seafood Baked Rice13.90 
Seafood Marinara Pasta12.50 
Spicy Chicken Pomodoro15.90 
Prawn Aglio Olio15.90 
Chicken Pomodoro15.90 

Pizza Hut Singapore Desserts Menu 

Indulge in a sweet treat after your meal, with a variety of delicious desserts to choose from, including waffles, tarts, and cookies.

ItemPrice In SGD
Waffle & Honey6.10 
Waffle & Chocolate Hazelnut Sauce6.10 
4 Pcs Chocolate Hazelnut Tarts7.90 
2 Pcs Chocolate Hazelnut Tarts4.00 
Hershey’s Chocolate Chip Cookie (Whole)10.60 

Pizza Hut Singapore Beverages Price In SGDs

Quench your thirst with a variety of refreshing beverages, including soft drinks, juices, and water, at affordable Price In SGDs

ItemPrice In SGD
Coca-Cola Zero Sugar (Bottle)4.30 
Coca-Cola/Sprite (Bottle)4.30 
Coca-Cola Zero Sugar (Can)3.20 
Coca-Cola/Sprite (Can)3.20 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes, all Pizza Hut outlets in Singapore are certified Halal by Majlis Ugama Islam Singapura (MUIS), the Islamic religious authority in Singapore.

There are 77 Pizza Hut locations in Singapore as of today, January 14, 2024. This information is directly from Pizza Hut Singapore’s website and other reliable sources.

The Pizza Hut Singapore opening from 11:00?AM To 10:00?PM (Monday-Sunday)

Pick Your Favourite Meal

Have you checked out all the yummy choices on the Pizza Hut menu? From the special Bubble Tea Pizza to the classic pizzas, there’s something tasty for everyone. Go to the Pizza Hut in Singapore near you and enjoy these delicious flavors today.

Pizza Hut Plaza Singapura:

Location: Singapore

Opens at: 11 am

Pizza Hut HarbourFront Centre:

Location: 1 Maritime Square, #01-69 HarbourFront Centre

Opens at: 11 am

Pizza Hut – Tampines Greenview:

Location: Singapore

Opens at: 11 am

Pizza Hut Kreta Ayer:

Location: 29 Kreta Ayer Rd

Opens at: 11 am

Pizza Hut City Square Mall:

Location: 180 Kitchener Rd, #01-19/21 City Square Mall

Opens at: 11 am

Pizza Hut Jurong Point II:

Location: 1 Jurong West Central 2, #01-33 Shopping Centre, Jurong Point

Opens at: 11 am

Pizza Hut West Mall:

Location: 1 Bt Batok Central, #01-26

Opens at: 11 am

Pizza Hut Waterway Point:

Location: 83 Punggol Central, B1-11 Waterway Point, West Wing

Opens at: 11 am

Pizza Hut Thomson Plaza:

Location: 301 Upper Thomson Rd, #02-24/26 Thomson Plaza

Opens at: 11 am

Pizza Hut Nex:

Location: 23 Serangoon Central, #03-11/12/13

Opens at: 11 am

Pizza Hut Toa Payoh:

Location: Block 190 Lor 6 Toa Payoh, #02-516A

Opens at: 11 am

Pizza Hut Ang Mo Kio:

Location: Blk 715 Ang Mo Kio Ave 6, #01-4000

Opens at: 11 am

Pizza Hut Compass One:

Location: 1 Sengkang Square, #B1-15 Compass One

Opens at: 11 am

Pizza Hut:

Location: Blk 501 W Coast Dr, #01-264

Opens at: 11 am

Checkout more locations of Pizza hut here :https://www.pizzahut.com.sg/find-a-hut

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