Tim Ho Wan Menu Price Singapore (Updated 2024)

Welcome to Tim Ho Wan’s Menu Singapore is a delicious dishes with guide. Tim Ho Wan is an excellent restaurant in Singapore, and its menu is like a treasure chest full of tasty surprises. There’s something for everyone, from yummy BBQ pork buns to mouthwatering dim sum.


If you want to know how much each dish costs and see cool pictures, check out article at Tim Ho Wan. We got all the info straight from Tim Ho Wan, so you can be sure it’s accurate. It’s like having a food map to guide you through the tasty wonders of Tim Ho Wan’s menu. Whether you’re a Tim Ho Wan expert or trying it for the first time, Tim Ho Wan guide is here to make your food adventure easy and fun.

NameTim Ho Wan
CategoryAsian And Fusion
Delivery OptionsFoodpanda, Grabfood
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Tim Ho Wan Singapore Menu 2024

Tim Ho Wan Singapore menu is categorized as: Nation’s Favorites Menu | Super Delivery Deals | Sharing Platters | Boxes Menu | Signature Dishe | Steamed | Fried | Rice & Congee | Noodles Dishes | Sharing Slides | Sweet Treats | Beverages

Tim Ho Wan Nation’s Favorites Menu

DishesPrice In SGD
Chilli Crab Meat Bun (Fried)10.00
Chili Crab Meat Bun (Steamed)10.00
Bake dAbalone Chicken Pie9.80
Fried chili Crab Meat Spring Roll8.80

Tim Ho Wan Super Delivery Deals

DishesPrice In SGD
Noodles Set Meal19.90
Steamed Rice Set Meal18.90 
Congee Set Meal17.90
Happiness Dim Sum Set42.90 

Tim Ho Wan Menu – Sharing Platters

DishesPrice In SGD
Supreme Steamed Platter39.30 
Heavenly Platter31.30

Tim Ho Wan Singapore Boxes Menu

DishesPrice In SGD
Yang Zhou Fried Rice + Vegetable + Pork Rib16.80 
Yan Zhou Fried Rice + Egg Tart +Fried Beancurd14.80 

Tim Ho Wan Signature Dishe Price

DishesPrice In SGD
Baked BBQ Pork Buns9.30 


DishesPrice In SGD
Pork Rib With Yam and Black Bean7.00 
Pork Rib With Yam and Black Bean7.30 
Pork Shrimp Dumplings7.30
Shrimp Dumplings7.50
Beancurd Skin With Pork and Shrimp7.50 
Mushroom and Vegetable Rice Rolls8.00
Shrimp Rice Rolls9.00 
BBQ Pork Rice Rolls8.00 

Tim Ho Wan SG Menu – Fried

DishesPrice In SGD
6.80Deep -fried Garlic Pepper pork Chop8.50 
Pan – fried radish Cake6.80 
Fried Beancurd Skin with Shrimp8.30 
Shredded Chicken Spring Roll7.00 

Tim Ho Wan Rice & Congee

DishesPrice In SGD
Flat Fish, Meatballs and Peanut Congee9.00 
Pork Congee With Century and Salted Eggs9.00 
Mushroom, Cordycep Flower, and Chicken with Rice8.80 
Glutinous Rice Wrapped in Lotus Leaf8.50 
Yangzhou Fried Rice w Shrimp11.30 
Hong kong Chop Rice13.50 

Noodles Dishes

DishesPrice In SGD
Pork Dumplings In Hot and Spicy Scallion Noodle (4pcs)11.00 
Hong Kong Style Wonton Noodle Soup11.30 
Hong Kong Braised Beef Noodle (Dry)13.30
Hong Kong Braised Beef Noodle (Soup)13.30 

Tim Ho Wan Sharing Slides Price

DishesPrice In SGD
Poached Fresh Lettuce8.00 
Braised Phenix Claw in Abalone Sauce6.80 
Pork and Shrimp Dumplings in Hot and Spicy Sauce (pcs)8.80 
Wok-fried Radish Cake w Shrimp12.80 

Sweet Treats

DishesPrice In SGD
Mango Sago6.80 
Hong Kong Style Egg Tarts (2pcs)6.30 
Steamed Sponge Cake6.50 
Steamed Golden Lava Salted Egg Buns (3pcs)7.00 

Tim Ho Wan Beverages Menu

DishesPrice In SGD
Bottled Water2.50 
Soft Drinks3.80 
Homemade Iced Lemon Tea3.80 
Homemade Barley (Cold)3.50 
Soursop Juice4.80 
Hong Kong Style Milk Tea4.50 

popular choices at Tim Ho Wan Singapore

  • Baked BBQ Pork Buns: This is the special dish everyone loves and should try if they’re new. The buns are soft with a sweet, crumbly top and have tasty BBQ pork inside.
  • Steamed Egg Cake: This is a light and fluffy cake that’s cooked. It tastes a bit sweet and is an excellent start to your meal.
  • Pan-Fried Carrot Cake: This is different from the usual carrot cake you might know. It’s made with grated radish and rice flour and fried until crispy outside and soft inside.
  • Shumai: These are dumplings with pork, shrimp, and veggies inside, steamed and open-faced.
  • Cheung Fun (Rice Noodle Rolls): You can choose from lots of fillings, such as BBQ pork, shrimp, and veggies. The rice noodle rolls are smooth, and the fillings are tasty.
  • Golden Lava Salted Egg Buns: This is a new favorite on the menu. The buns have a center of molten salted egg yolk that’s really yummy.

Nutrition Table For Tim Ho Wan Menu Singapore

Item Name Calories Total Fat (g) Saturated Fat (g) Cholesterol (mg) Sodium (mg) Total Carbohydrates (g) Dietary Fiber (g) Sugars (g) Protein (g)
Chili Crab Meat Bun 320 12 4 50 800 45 2 10 15
Fried Chili Crab Spring Roll 280 10 3 40 700 35 3 5 12
Steamed Rice Set Meal 400 8 2 20 600 60 1 0 10
Congee Set Meal 350 6 1 15 500 40 2 5 8
Heavenly Platter 600 20 8 80 1200 55 4 15 30
Supreme Steamed Platter 550 18 6 70 1000 50 3 10 25
Shrimp Dumplings 240 5 1 30 500 30 2 0 12
Shrimp Rice Rolls 280 6 2 35 600 40 3 5 10
Braised Beef Noodle 450 15 5 60 900 50 4 8 20
Wonton Noodle Soup 380 10 3 40 700 45 2 3 15

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Tim Ho Wan is not certified halal, but they do have vegetarian options on their menu. It’s always good to check with the staff if you have specific dietary requirements.

Outlets are places where you can find Tim Ho Wan restaurants. Think of them as different branches or locations where you can enjoy their delicious food.

Tim Ho Wan is open for business during the opening hours. It’s like a schedule, so you know when you can visit and enjoy your favorite dishes.

Some popular dishes people like are the Steamed Rice Set Meal, Hong Kong Style Wonton Noodle Soup, and Shredded Chicken Spring Roll. They’re tasty choices that many people enjoy.

Pick Your Favorite Meal

As a machine learning model, I don’t have personal preferences or the ability to taste food. However, I can help answer questions, provide information, or assist with anything else. Feel free to ask if you have specific inquiries about the menu or need recommendations. 

Tim Ho Wan Singapore Location & Opening Hours

Tim Ho Wan Hong Kong

Location: Hong Kong, Jordan, B1 M-1, Railway Station, West Kowloon

Opening Hours: Monday To Sunday (9:00 am To 9:00 pm)

Tim Ho Wan Menu Singapore Review

Tim Ho Wan
Based on 194 reviews
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Alyssa OhaiAlyssa Ohai
04:14 13 Feb 24
I've grown up eating dim sum overseas, and have eaten at a lot of Michelin star restaurants. This spot is severely overrated. It's not even as good as some of the dim sum in Seattle, let alone some of the other spots in Hong Kong. The people who think it's good are probably not Asian.I got 4 basic dishes and the only one that stood out was the bbq pork bun, which has a crispy and sweet outer layer, juicy and flavorful filling and a really light bread.The chili wontons were lackluster in flavor, the har gao filling lacked flavor, don't have a great bite in the shrimp and are pretty lackluster.Service is pretty standard for a Chinese restaurant, so don't expect being catered to the level of Japan or the West. You have to be aggressive and ask for what you want.
Adrià OlomíAdrià Olomí
05:28 06 Feb 24
The cheapest Michelin-star restaurant in the world! Tim Ho Wan was the first culinary experiencie during my Chinese trip. So, being the first contact, it was quite nice though.I took some dim sum, all of them correct. Specially, the contrast between the bread of the baked bread (sweety) and pork (salty) was really interesting [3rd-4th photo]. Three dishes + unlimited tea = 120 HK$. I can recommend this restaurant!
Anthony MakAnthony Mak
11:44 25 Dec 23
As a chain dim sum restaurant, they did quite good quality control. The dishes were quite good among all branches. Usually restaurant in a train station means expensive and low quality but this one is an exception. HKD 80 per pax for a dinner is quite a reason price in the district. Worth a visit.
Houyhnhnm UnicornHouyhnhnm Unicorn
07:22 24 Nov 23
Conveniently located at the link between Kowloon west and AirPort Express Kowloon station, the Food is fantastic. The char Siew bun is awesome and feels juicier and bigger. The prawn dumpling is wrapped in a chewy coat that add sophistication to the texture. Awesome experience.
Shanti Chiang MaiShanti Chiang Mai
05:48 01 Jul 23
Extremely busy on a Saturday lunchtime but in reality it was only a 20 minute wait to be seated. Good quality and reasonably priced dim sum (by HK standards). The shrimp dumplings were packed with tasty fat shrimp. Apparently the steamed chicken feet in black bean sauce were delicious (or so I’m told by my partner) and the fried bbq pork buns were really light and tasty. It’s on the top floor of a busy mainline train station.

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