Paul Menu Price Singapore (Updated 2024)

Welcome to the Paul Café’s menu. It’s known for its tasty French-style food and cozy vibes. From delicious pastries to tasty chicken dishes, they’ve got it all.


In SGeats, we’ll walk you through the Paul Menu. We’ll show you all the tasty dishes, like their famous pastry chicken, and give you the latest prices. Plus, we’ve got pretty pictures of each dish! And don’t worry, all the info comes straight from the restaurant, so it’s reliable. Let the Paul Menu be your foodie guide if you love food or want a good meal.

Paul Menu Singapore 2024

The complete menu of Paul with a price list has fifteen categories:| Breakfast Menu – All day breakfast | Side Dishes | Main Course | Tart & Tartlet | Millefeuille & Eclair | Macaron | Cakes & Flan | Coffee | Tea | Chocolate & Hot Milk | Iced Teas | Juices | Paul Ice Blended | Mineral Water | Soft Drinks | Bottled Juices.

Breakfast Menu – All day breakfast

DishesPrice In SGD
Eggs Benedict21.49
Cheese Omelette Complete24.73
Scrambled Eggs Tartine20.41
Breakfast Eggs22.57
Salmon Benedict24.73
Breakfast Steak & Egg27.97
Avocado Brioche21.49
Ham & Cheese Crepe21.49
Croque Madame20.41
Croque Monsieur19.33
Breakfast waffle22.57

Side Dishes

DishesPrice In SGD
Truffle & Parmesan Fries16.09
Classic French Fries13.93
Sausage & Potato Poutine17.17
Salt & Pink Pepper Fries13.93

Main Course

DishesPrice In SGD
Fish & Chips26.89
Beef Stroganoff Pasta32.29
Steak & Fries37.69
Chicken & Spinach Roulade27.97
King Prawn & Scallop Pasta36.61
Gourmet Beef Burger29.05
Duck Confit36.61
Salted Egg Soft Shell Crab Pasta32.29
Beef Short Ribs38.77
Sausage & Mash26.89

Tart & Tartlet

DishesPrice In SGD
Tarte Aux Myrtilles9.72
Tartelette Multifruit8.96
Tarte A La Rhubarbe9.29
Tartelette Au Citron Meringuee8.64
Tartelette Au Citron8.21

Millefeuille & Eclair

DishesPrice In SGD
Millefeuille Nature8.64
Eclair Aux Fraises9.29
Eclair Au Chocolat8.64


DishesPrice In SGD
Pistachio Macaron8.53
Chocolate Macaron8.53
Mini Macaron (Box of 12 pcs)26.89
Raspberry Macaron8.53

Cakes & Flan

DishesPrice In SGD
Moelleux Au Chocolat8.53
Flan Nature8.42


DishesPrice In SGD
Cafe Americano6.59
Shakerato Glace – Original8.75
Grand Cafe Creme8.32
Cafe Latte7.24
Cafe Viennois8.32
Cafe Moka8.75
Cafe Medici8.75
Cafe Latte Glace7.67
Petit Creme4.86
Cafe Miel8.75
Cafe Moka Glace9.18
Espresso Mandorla Glace8.75
Americano Glace7.02


DishesPrice In SGD
Green Tea8.10
Peppermint Green Tea8.10
Earl Grey8.10

Chocolate & Hot Milk

DishesPrice In SGD
Iced Chocolate9.61
Steamed Milk5.40

Iced Teas

DishesPrice In SGD
Lemon Iced Tea8.53
Peppermint Iced Tea8.53


DishesPrice In SGD
Green Apple & Celery Juice9.18
Orange Juice8.53
Orange, Carrot & Ginger Juice9.18
Tomato, Orange & Carrot Juice9.18
Carrot Juice8.53

Paul Ice Blended

DishesPrice In SGD
Old-Fashioned Mint Lemonade9.72
Old-Fashioned Lemonade9.72
Avocado Banana Smoothie9.72
Chocolat Mint Banana Frappe9.72
Hazelnut Chocolate Frappe9.72
Tropical Frappe9.72
PAUL Macaron Frappe10.48
Matcha Frappe9.72

Mineral Water

DishesPrice In SGD
Still Water7.02
PAUL Bottled Water2.70
Sparkling Water7.56

Soft Drinks & Bottled Juices

DishesPrice In SGD
Coca Cola5.94

Frequently Asked Questions.

Unfortunately, Paul Menu in Singapore is not Halal certified.

Breakfast,Salads,Sandwiches,Main Courses.

Yes, though limited compared to non-vegetarian options. 

Yes, Paul offers catering services for events and corporate functions. Contact your nearest Paul location for more information and pricing.

Pick Your Favorite Meal

Have you tried all the tasty dishes on the Paul Menu? If not, now’s your chance! Take advantage of popular picks like the Chocolate Macaron or Eclair Aux Fraises. Visit your nearest Paul Menu Singapore outlet today and enjoy a delicious meal.

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