Zamas River Valley Menu Price Singapore (Updated 2024)

Welcome to the Zamas River Valley Menu in Singapore. If you’re a fan of tasty Italian dishes, Zamas River Valley is the place to be. Their menu includes yummy options, from delicious pasta to tasty seafood. It’s the go-to spot for anyone who loves good food with an Italian twist.


Now, let’s talk about the Zamas River Valley Menu at SGEats. We’ve got the latest prices straight from the official sources of Rosso Vino, so you know it’s reliable info. Plus, we’ve added colourful pictures of each dish so you can see exactly what you might be craving. We aim to make this easy for all food lovers and ensure search engines can find it, too. So, get ready to discover the delicious world of Zamas River Valley Menu and plan your next tasty meal.


Zamas River Valley Menu Singapore 2024

Zamas River Valley menu can be categorised as: Biryani | Set Meal | Roti John | Murtabak | Nasi Goreng (Fried Rice) | Noodles | Telur (Eggs) | Sayur (Vegetables) | Ikan (Fish) | Sup (Soup) | Prawn | CuttleFish | Chicken | Beef | Western Food | Ice Creams | Milkshake And Blend | Beverages Hot / Cold | Prata


DishPrice in SGD
Mysore Mutton Biryani (Boneless)12.00
Mutton Biryani11.00
Fried Chicken/Fried Fish Biryani9.50
Chicken/Fish Biryani9.50

Set Meal

DishesPrice in SGD
Mutton Meal8.50
Chicken Meal8.00
Fish Meal7.50
Vegetarian Meal5.00

Roti John

DishesPrice in SGD
Mutton With Cheese9.00
Chicken With Cheese8.50
Sardine With Cheese7.80


DishesPrice in SGD
Mix (chicken + mutton)15.00
Mutton Keema11.90

Nasi Goreng (Fried Rice)

DishesPrice in SGD
Nasi Goreng Butter Prawn12.90
Nasi Goreng Butter Chicken10.90
Nasi Goreng (Special Zamas)10.50
Nasi Goreng U.S.A10.00
Nasi Goreng Tomyam Seafood9.60
Nasi Goreng Daging (Beef)9.50
Nasi Goreng Seafood9.50
Nasi Goreng Pattaya9.50
Nasi Goreng Ayam 3 Rasa9.50
Nasi Goreng Ikan Masin (Salted Fish)8.80
Nasi Goreng Thai (Thai Style)8.50
Nasi Goreng Mutton Merah8.20
Nasi Goreng Ayam Merah8.20
Nasi Goreng Kampung (Belacan)7.90
Nasi Goreng Chili Padi (Spicy)7.90
Nasi Goreng Cina (Chinese Style)7.90
Nasi Goreng Ikan Bilis7.00
Nasi Goreng Egg6.00


DishesPrice in SGD
Maggi Goreng Pattaya8.50
Mee Tomyam8.50
Maggie Goreng Thai8.50
Mee Seafood Soup8.20
Mee Bandun8.50
Mee Goreng Thai8.20
Bee Hoon Goreng Mutton8.20
Bee Hoon Goreng Ayam8.20
Mee Goreng Ayam Merah8.20
Maggi Goreng Mutton Merah8.20
Bee Hoon Goreng Ikan Bilis7.00
Bee Hoon Goreng Egg6.00

Telur (Eggs)

DishesPrice in SGD
Hot Plate Beancurd16
Telur Dadar5.50

Sayur (Vegetables)

DishesPrice in SGD
Beef Kailan12.90
Campur (Capcay)12.90
Kangkung (Belacan)8.90
Baby Kailan8.90

Ikan (Fish)

DishesPrice in SGD
Siakap 3 Rasa (3 Taste)34.90
Siakap Kicap (Black Soya Sauce)34.90
Siakap Masak Manis (Sweet & Sour)34.90

Sup (Soup)

DishesPrice in SGD
Soup Beef10.90
Tomyam Seafood10.90
Tomyam Beef10.90
Tomyam Campur10.90
Soup Chicken9.00
Tomyam Chicken8.90
Soup Sayur6.50


DishesPrice in SGD
Prawn Cereal Oat (Nestum)17.20
Prawn Sambal17.20
Prawn Fritter (Tepung)17.20
Prawn 3 Rasa17.20
Prawn Paprik17.20
Prawn Sweet Sour17.20
Black Pepper Prawn17.20
Prawn Turmeric (Kunyit)17.20


DishesPrice in SGD
Fried CuttleFish Tepong16.90
Fried Cuttlefish Sambal10.80
Fried CuttleFish Paprik10.80


DishesPrice in SGD
Lemon Chicken12.90
Chicken Sambal10.90
Chicken Black Pepper10.90
Chicken 3 Rasa10.90
Chicken Paprik10.90
Chicken Ginger10.90
Fried Chicken Turmeric (Kunyit)10.90


DishesPrice in SGD
Fried Beef Sambal12.90
Fried Beef Black Pepper12.90
Fried Beef 3 Rasa12.90
Fried Beef Paprik12.90
Fried Beef Turmeric (Kunyit)12.90

Western Food

DishesPrice in SGD
Whole Spring Chicken17.90
Lamb Chop15.90
Chicken Chop13.90
Fish & Chips12.90
Chicken Cutlet12.90
Half Spring Chicken11.90
Satay (Chicken / Mutton /Beef) (Min 10 Order)10.00 / 12.00
Zamburg (Chicken)9.90
Chicken Wing (Min 3Pcs) with Fries8.50
Chicken Nuggets (in 6pcs)8.00
Burger (Chicken / Fish / Beef)7.90
Cheese Fries7.50
Onion Rings6.50
French Fries6.00

Ice Creams

DishesPrice in SGD
Banana Split6.40
Tissue Prata Honey5.90
Tissue Prata Chocolate5.90
Kulfi (Amon Badam)4.00
Ice Cream (Chocolate / Strawberry)4.00
Banana Prata3.90

Milkshake And Blend

DishesPrice in SGD
Oreo Milkshake6.40
Mango Milkshake6.40
Vanilla Milkshake6.40
Chocolate Milkshake6.40
Strawberry Milkshake6.40
Banana Milkshake6.40
Lassi Mango6.40
Lassi Strawberry6.40
Lassi Plain4.90

Beverages Hot / Cold

DishesPrice in SGD
Teh / Coffee (Tea)1.80
Teh O / Coffee O (Black Tea)1.50
Teh Halia (Ginger Tea)2.20
Teh O Halia1.90
Milo / Nescafe2.20
Teh C (Tea C)2.00
Cham (Tea Mix Coffee)2.00
Limau (Lemon)1.70
Teh OW / Limau2.20
The Cino / Coffee Cino3.00
Bru Coffee2.50
Susu Halia (Ginger Milk)2.40
Halia O1.60
Teh Pandan3.00
Teh O Pandan2.60
Teh Halia Pandan2.80
Longan Soda4.90
Lychee Soda4.90
Mango Float5.50
White Spider5.60
Black Spider5.60
Mocha Ice4.50
Blueberry Soda4.90
Green Line Soda4.90
Apple Mojito4.90
Soda Gembira4.90
Teh ICE2.80
Teh O Limau2.90
Teh O2.40
Teh Cino3.90
Coffee O2.50
Coffee Cino3.90
Nescafe O3.50
Halia O2.30
Halia Susu3.50
Limau O Halia3.00
Milo Godzilla4.50
Milo Dinosaur5.20
Horlicks Dinosaur4.40
Horlicks Godzilla5.50
Bandung Godzilla5.00


DishesPrice in SGD
Prata Tomado10.00
Prata W/ Mutton Set8.50
Prata Tsunami6.00
Coin Prata W/ Mutton Set8.20
Mushroom Egg Prata5.00
Choco mtEIE rats4.30
Cheese Mushroom4.90
Petes Prota4.30
Cheese Egg Prata4.90
Cheese Prata3.80
Egg Onion Prata3.70
Butter Prata3.60
Egg Prata2.60
Plain Prata (Min 2pcs)1.60
Onion Prata2.40

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes,Zamas River Valley restaurants are halal in Singapore as they serve halal menu items.

Our prices are designed to offer value for money, with various options to suit different budgets. We believe in providing quality vegetarian dishes at affordable prices.

Zamas River Valley has only one restaurant in Singapore. We are located on River Valley Rd, Singapore.

The Zamas River Valley restaurant operates 24 hours a day.

Pick Your Favourite Meal

Have you checked out all the delicious Zamas River Valley menu options? Have you discovered your go-to meal for today? Some top favourites among diners are the mouthwatering pasta carbonara, the flavorful Margherita pizza, and the indulgent tiramisu dessert. Visit your closest Zamas River Valley menu outlet and treat yourself to a delightful dining experience with these delicious choices.

Zamas River Valley menu Singapore Location

River Valley Rd


429 River Valley Rd, Singapore 248328

Opening Hours:

Monday To Sunday, 24 Hours open

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