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KFC East Point, located at 3 Simei Street 6, #01-02/03/K3, Eastpoint Mall, 3 Simei Street 6, Singapore 528833, is a fantastic spot to enjoy delicious food. I recently visited, and the place left a positive impression on me. Their signature dishes’ welcoming atmosphere and inviting aroma made my experience enjoyable. Many seats were available, making it easy to find a comfortable spot to relax and enjoy the delicious food without any trouble.


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KFC @ Eastpoint Mall
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Hong QirongHong Qirong
09:03 14 Jan 24
Had a great experience dinning here. Excellent quality services by night shift manager Michelle. It was the last few orders for the night back in December, holiday season. Pardon my procrastination :(She will take our orders with such bright smile even towards closing time that made our time makaning worthwhile. She delivered more than just our meal. This courtesy made me and mum had a hearty meal. This got us to order takeaways thereafter.Also she, without hesitation, willing to treat me another coleslaw when i ask to swap and top up my mashed potatoes for coleslaw. I have it with me for a long while and haven't thought much about it, i felt embarrassed and warm heartened at the same time for such graciousness.After our makan, i got ourselves a pocket meal set, to have it on other days. She made hot for me despite past closing time to my ignorance and that it was told that i have it the next day.Still, i couldn't resist and ate it past an hour after midnight as it smelled too delicious :')These series of gestures motivate me to write in. To bring forth a positive experience; a very rare occurrences for me and my mum that we cherish and something for me to think about and to get me and my mum to perform our duties as well as she did.And it is not just her who deliver. The cashier auntie and duty chef were also prompt with their services and would clean up the place without prompting after every diners experience.Once again, thank you ms Michelle and the crew for their hospitality, genuine gestures and cosiness experience.Thanks you so much. I will frequent your outlet whenever possible.
Jess LauJess Lau
03:26 23 Nov 23
The tall lady with the cap at Eastpoint KFC served me very well and talked very delightfully. I am very happy with her service and friendliness. To the management, please notice my feedback!
Edwin PohEdwin Poh
05:22 11 Nov 23
Take away order, ordered 2 times 3 pc meal. Ask for special request on chicken parts, the request was accepted. When I collected my item, I asked the manager again whether my special request for thigh and drum has been completed. The Manager assured me that it was packed by her. End up, I receive a wing. Wth!!!!! Utterly disappointing.Call Eastpoint line for 5 times and nobody pick up
h wlh wl
16:11 25 Jun 23
Consistentently good food quality, courteous service staffs, and clealiness. One of the best KFC outlets in sg.
Ronnie YeoRonnie Yeo
09:48 20 Mar 22
The food order today at this outlet is especially delicious.From the first bite into the fried chicken drumstick, i just want to continue eating more. The waffles harsh brown was as good as fresh out from the oven. The overall counter service experience was pleasing and nice.

Now, let’s talk about the food. KFC East Point has something for everyone where you can enjoy tasty food at affordable rates. The Original Recipe Burger Meal is a classic choice with that familiar and delicious KFC flavour. If you’re up for some spice, the Zinger Stacker Meal is a perfect choice, delivering a satisfying crunch. The BBQ Cheese Zinger Meal is a delightful option for those who enjoy a cheesy twist. And, of course, the 2pcs Chicken Box provides the perfect combination of crispy and succulent chicken pieces. 

East Point KFC Menu

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KFC East Point Location

KFC East Point

KFC East Point

3 Simei Street 6, #01-02/03/K3, Eastpoint Mall, 3 Simei Street 6, Singapore 528833

Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday ( 7 AM to 10:30 PM )


This outlet operates under different hours depending on the day.

  • Monday-Sunday: 07:00 AM – 10:30 PM

Original Recipe Chicken, BBQ Cheese Zinger Meal, Chicken Boxes, and Twister Wraps are top favorites.

Yes, KFC East Point is certified Halal.

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