McDonald’s Gek Poh (JW75)

McDonald’s Gek Poh, located at 762 Jurong West Street 75, #02-250 Gek Poh Shopping Centre, Singapore 640762, is a fantastic spot to enjoy delicious food. I went there and liked it. The food is super yummy, and the place is comfy with lots of seats. It’s not just a fast food spot. It’s like a cozy spot to chill and enjoy good food. People who love food often choose it because it’s a great place to eat and relax.


Review for McDonald’s Gek Poh

01:52 23 Nov 23
noticed this since awhile ago this branch doesn't make use of the collection system well, why would you indicate an order as ready to serve when you still let them wait for 20 over minutes, restaurant is barely filled in the morning, pathetically empty in fact yet with 5 staff members service can still be so ridiculously slow? seems like there's even a priority for mobile orders and table orders? readying of food doesn't even go by order. Even told the staff yet couldn't bother to be apologetic in the slightest way. you have your staff having friendly banter around the counter yet barely anyone is helping out in the preparing of order
03:48 20 Nov 23
Food was just like how every other McDonald's tastes likeHowever manpower is very little and it took 25 minutes for me to collect my food on a Friday evening!!
Benjamin BenjaminBenjamin Benjamin
00:29 17 Nov 23
If can I rate not even a star. Waited more than 20mins in the early morning. Approach the staff and manager. Give me impatient attitude and told me they only had 2 people working. I understand and waited but This is your business not mine. Even worst It’s a fast food restaurant. When serve the food culinary and condiments didn’t even give. I had to go to counter and ask. Most funniest part staff even ask and said I didn’t give?
Patrick KamPatrick Kam
14:57 14 Oct 23
Attending the birthday celebration of frens daughter. Helpful staff n standard food.
Chloe ThioChloe Thio
10:22 12 Dec 22
Ordered from the kiosks at 12.50pm and only got my food at 2.13pm, even with reminders at the 40 min and 60 min marks. People who came and ordered in-store after me finished their meals while I was still there waiting.Food was at room temperature at best. Chocolate drink came in a half full cup. 2x ice cream cones given with no carriers even though it's a takeaway order.Overall, would not recommend waiting in-store during peak periods. Order through their app 30 min earlier or just get delivery.

McDonald’s Gek Poh has the best food that’s both tasty and doesn’t cost too much. They have yummy things like Chicken Muffins, Breakfast Wraps, Fillet-O-Fish, McChicken, Big Mac. I got this info from the official sources, so it’s all correct! McDonald’s Gek Poh ensures you can enjoy your favorite food without spending too much money. It’s a great place to have tasty meals without worrying about your wallet.

McDonald’s Gek Poh Menu

Mcdonald's Jewel Menu

McDonald’s Gek Poh Location

McDonald's Gek Poh

McDonald’s Gek Poh

762 Jurong West Street 75, #02-250 Gek Poh Shopping Centre, Singapore 640762

Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday ( 7 AM to 12:00 AM )

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This outlet operates under different hours depending on the day.

  • Monday-Sunday: 07:00 AM – 12:00 AM

Chicken Muffins, Breakfast Wraps, Fillet-O-Fish, McChicken, Big Mac are top favorites.

Yes, McDonald’s Gek Poh is certified Halal.

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