The Coffee Club Menu Price Singapore (Updated 2024)

Welcome to the Coffee Club Menu, your go-to guide for yummy food at Coffee Club Seletar Mall. Coffee Club is the perfect choice if you’re looking for a cozy place with great food. The menu has a mix of tasty coffees and delicious dishes for everyone. Whether you love coffee or tasty meals, Coffee Club Seletar Mall has something special. 


We discuss tasty food, share the latest prices, and show pictures of each dish. Whether you’re sipping coffee at Coffee Club Roastery Jewel or enjoying a meal at Seletar Mall. We’ve got all the info straight from the official restaurant sources. This guide is here to help you explore the delicious world of Coffee Club with price details and mouthwatering pictures.


The Coffee Club Menu Singapore 2024

Coffee Club Singapore Menu categorize as: Smoothies | Snacks | Cereal | Boba Milk Teas | Iced Fruit Teas | Hot Drinks | Signature Drinks | Espresso | Cold Drinks | Frappes Coffee Club | Dessert.


DishesPrice in SGD
Passion Fruit Smoothie$4.50
Strawberry Smoothie$4.50
Mucho Chocolate Smoothie$4.50
Avocado Smoothie$4.50
Pina Smoothie$4.50
Oreo Blast Smoothie$4.50
Mango Macho Smoothie$4.50
Peanut Butter Smoothie$4.50
Peach Smoothie$4.50
Taro Smoothie$4.50
Saigon Smoothie$4.50
Coconut Smoothie$4.50
Bangkok Smoothie$4.50


DishesPrice in SGD
Hello Kitty Biscuits$2.75
Jamaican Veggie Patties$4.25
Jamacian Beef Patties$4.25
Panda Cookies$3.35
Cookies$ 2.50
Ramen Noodles$2.95
Nori Seaweed$2.50


DishesPrice in SGD
Honey Nut Cheerios$2.95
Lucky Charms$2.95

Boba Milk Teas

DishesPrice in SGD
Honey Dew Milk Tea$5.00
Thai Tea$5.00
Club Classic Milk Tea$5.00
Almond Milk Tea$5.00
Taro Milk Tea$5.00
Hokkaido Milk Tea$5.00
Coconut Milk Tea$5.00
Chocolate Milk Tea$5.00
Vietnamese Cafe$5.00

Iced Fruit Teas

DishesPrice in SGD
Strawberry Fruit Tea$4.50
Pineapple Fruit Tea$4.50
Peach Fruit Tea$4.50
Mango Fruit Tea$4.50
Passion Fruit Fruit Tea$4.50

Hot Drinks

DishesPrice in SGD
Hot Tea Bag$2.00
Hot Chocolate$3.00
Loose Leaf Tea$3.75
House Coffee$2.00
Mexican Hot Chocolate$3.25

Signature Drinks

DishesPrice in SGD
Viet Drip Pleiku Blend$4.50
Coffee Club Ice Tea$3.25
Luwak Drip Blend$11.00
Viet Drip Dak Lak Blend$4.50


DishesPrice in SGD

Cold Drinks

DishesPrice in SGD
Redbull Jet Lag Remover$5.25
Red Bull$3.75
Krating Daeng Thai RedBull$5.75

Frappes Coffee Club

DishesPrice in SGD


DishesPrice in SGD
Cake Pops$3. 25

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

While not all dishes are Halal-certified, O Coffee Club can accommodate most dietary restrictions. They offer several Halal options.

Nasi Lemak: Fragrant coconut rice with crispy fried chicken, anchovies, egg, peanuts, and sambal. (Halal option available)

Beef Rendang: Slow-cooked beef in rich gravy, served with fluffy rice. (Not Halal)

Yes, Coffee Club offers several vegetarian and vegan options.

Yes, Coffee Club offers delivery and takeaway options through various food delivery platforms like Delivery, GrabFood, and Foodpanda. You can also order directly from their website for takeaway.

Pick Your Favorite Meal

Have you checked out all the yummy Coffee Club Menu choices? Whether you like tasty Kaya Toast, tangy Mee Siam, or flavorful Beef Rendang, there’s something tasty for you. Visit the closest place and enjoy trying out the different and delicious options at Coffee Club.

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