Plain Vanilla Menu Price Singapore (Updated 2024)

Welcome to Plain Vanilla Menu in Singapore, where the food is fantastic and straightforward. Located in Orchard, Plain Vanilla has tasty pastries and brunch options. Whether you live nearby or visit, Plain Vanilla Orchard is the best place for delicious food with good ingredients. It’s the place to be for a fancy yet simple dining experience.


Check out SGeats to the Plain Vanilla Menu, where we show you pictures of yummy food and the latest prices. We got all the info straight from the official restaurant sources. From Tiong Bahru to Orchard, we’ve got you covered. This article is like a food tour for your eyes and a handy menu guide for your tummy. Discover the tasty dishes of Plain Vanilla Tiong Bahru and Orchard with clarity about the prices. Join us in the world of Plain Vanilla, where delicious meets affordable.


Plain Vanilla Menu Singapore 2024 

We can categorize the Plain Vanilla Singapore Menu into the following:

Cupcakes | Sweet Bakes | Brunch | Beverages.


DishesPrice In SGD
Box of 420.67 
Box of 629.53 

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Sweet Bakes 

DishesPrice In SGD
Cookies and Shortbread4.31 
Sweet Tarts8.61 
Loaf Slice6.15 
Teacake Slice10.46 

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DishesPrice In SGD
Mixed Berries French Toast22.15 
Smashed Avocado Toast27.07 
Granola Bowls14.77 
Roasted Stone Fruit Tartine27.07 
Banana Nutella Toast17.23 
Grilled Sourdough Toast8.61 
Fresh Fruit Bowl9.84 

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DishesPrice In SGD
Coconut Water7.38 
Iced White8.00 
Flat White6.15 
Iced Tea8.61 
Long Black6.15 
Hot Chocolate10.46 
Hot Tea7.38 
Tea Latte10.46 

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Plain Vanilla doesn’t have a dedicated halal section on their menu, they do offer several options suitable for those seeking halal friendly dishes.

Plain Vanilla offers a delightful mix of classic, homemade comfort food with a modern twist. Enjoy sandwiches, quiches, and salads made with fresh, seasonal ingredients.

Absolutely. Plain Vanilla caters to various dietary needs with several vegan and vegetarian options.

Yes, you can order your favorite Plain Vanilla treats online for delivery 

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Pick Your Favorite Meal

Have you checked out all the tasty choices on the Plain Vanilla Menu? Yummy muffins, a delicious Roasted Stone Fruit Tartine, and a warm cappuccino are waiting for you. Find your favorite meal and visit the hot and roll outlet nearby to enjoy these tasty treats.

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