Platform 1094 Menu Price Singapore (Updated 2024)

Welcome to Platform 1094 Menu in Singapore; they have a special menu with yummy dishes like Mushroom Soup & Jasmine Bliss. But here’s the exciting part: when you step inside, the whole place is filled with magical things like broomsticks, cauldrons, owls, and potions. It’s like being in a real wizard’s earth.


So, if you love Harry Potter or want to feel some magic, Platform 1094 is the place to go. It’s not just about eating tasty food; it’s like going on a magical adventure in Singapore. Get ready for a yummy and enchanting time at Platform 1094.

Platform 1094 Menu Singapore 2024

We can categorize the Ginza Sushi Ichi Singapore Menu into the following: Soups | Salad | Tapas | Mains | Desserts | Tea by Lupicia

Platform 1094 Soups Menu

Mushroom Soup$11.99
Carrot and Beetroot Soup$10.90
Roasted Roma Soup$10.90

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Platform 1094 Singapore Salad Menu

Chicken Caesar Salad$17.44
Crabmeat Avocado Salad$18.53
Smoked Salmon Caesar Salad$17.44

Platform 1094 Tapas

French Fries$10.90
Truffle Fries$13.08
Platform Wings$13.08
Spam Fries$11.99
Battered Mushroom$11.99
Dragon Milk Cheese Sticks$11.99

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Crab Meat Aglio Olio$21.80
Double Da Bomb Burger$21.80
Fish and Chips$21.80
Fireball Whiskey Half-Chicken$25.07
Charing Cross Road Prime Rib-Eye$35.97
Beef Pasta Of The Great Hall$20.71
Paddington Station Classic Chicken Burger$20.71
House-Elves Special Pork Ribs$27.25
Sous-Vide Chicken Breast with Pesto Cream Pasta$20.71
Welcoming Feast’s Lamb Shoulder$27.25

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Platform 1094 Menu Desserts

Lychee Cake$9.27
Sleeping Draught Chocolate Blackout$9.27

Tea by Lupicia

Anti-Stress (Caffeine Free)$8.72
Jasmine Bliss$8.72
Lychee Fiesta$8.72
Eternal Garden$8.72

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

No, Platform 1094 in Singapore is not a halal-certified restaurant.

Platform 1094 is a wizard-themed bistro featuring a magical dining experience. Think potions, spells, and enchanting decor alongside delicious food.

While the theme is prominent, the menu offers a more general selection of European-inspired dishes, catering to a broader audience.

The menu features a mix of savory and sweet options, including main courses (pasta, steaks, burgers), salads, soups, snacks, and desserts. There are also vegetarian and kid-friendly choices.

Yes, Several dishes and drinks have playful names like “Bewitched Prawn Bruschetta,” “Stinking Smoky Salmon Canapé,” and “Hocus Pocus Cheesy Bacon Potato.” Some desserts like “Golden Blood Mousse” and “Chocolate Frogs” also tie into the theme.

Reservations are recommended, especially on weekends and holidays. You can book a table through their website or phone number.

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Pick Your Favorite Meal

Have you seen all the yummy food on the Platform 1094 menu? They’ve got tasty choices like Mushroom Soup & Jasmine Bliss, which people like. Visit the nearest Platform 1094 Singapore place and enjoy a yummy meal today.

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Delivery OptionsFoodpanda, Grabfood
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