Tanyu Menu Price Singapore (Updated 2024)

Are you looking for a tasty meal in Singapore? You’ve got to try the Tanyu Menu. Tanyu is famous for its yummy grilled fish dishes and many other delectable options on the menu. People love coming here because the food is delicious and there’s something for everyone.


At SGeats, you will see all the tasty dishes and get the latest prices straight from the restaurant’s official sources. Plus, we’ve included colorful pictures of each dish so you can see what they look like before you order. Whether you’re in the mood for grilled fish or Grilled Honey Toast or want to try something new from the Tanyu menu, we’ve got you covered for a delicious dining experience at Tanyu.


Tanyu Menu Singapore 2024

Tanyu Menu can be categorized into the following:

  • Tanyu Barbecue Skewer Menu 
  • Executive Set Meal 
  •  Tanyu Dry Pot 
  • Flavors 
  • Snack 
  • Add-Ons
  • Cold Dishes 
  •  Drinks. 

Tanyu Barbecue Skewer Menu 

DishesPrice In SGD 
Grilled Lamb /3pcs9.80
Grilled Honey Toast   2.90
Grilled Shiitake Mushroom with Minced Garlic  4.90
Grilled Eggplant  8.90
Roasted Bullfrog  5.90
Grilled Beef Cube with Pineapple  7.90
Grilled Chicken Mid Wing  5.50
Grilled XL Squid  7.80
Roasted Scallop   4.90

Executive Set Meal

DishesPrice In SGD 
Chongqing Grilled Fillet with Beancurd Executive Set  25.90
Executive Set Buddy Meal  45.90
Fresh Green Pepper Grilled Fillet Executive Set  24.90
Soy Sauce Grilled Fillet Executive Set  24.90

Tanyu Dry Pot

DishesPrice In SGD 
Baby Lobster with Fresh Green Pepper  33.90
Green Pepper Bullfrog  62.90


DishesPrice In SGD 
Grilled Fish with Garlic Flavor  54.90
Grilled Fish with Soy Sauce Flavor  51.90
Chongqing Grilled Fish With Beancurd Flavor  54.90
Grilled Fish with Green Pepper Flavor  51.90
Grilled Fish With Saukeruat Flavour  51.90
Hot Spicy with Pepper Flavor  51.90
Spicy Sauce Flavor  51.90


DishesPrice In SGD 
TanYu Spring Roll  8.90
Noodles with Onion Oil  7.50
Chicken Nugget with Crispy Garlic  16.80
Rice  1.50
Fried Mantou  5.50
Dumpling With Chili  5.50
Lychee Shrimp Ball  10.80


DishesPrice In SGD 
Lotus Root  5.50
Potato  5.50
Sweet Potato Noodles  5.50
Beancurd Stick  5.50
Golden Combination  17.90
Bamboo Shoots  5.50
Long Cabbage  5.50
Tofu Skin  5.50
Frozen Beancurd  5.50
Shrimp Paste and Fishball Platter  10.90
Seaweed  5.50
Black Fungus  5.50
Konjac Noodles  5.50
Crab Stick  6.50
Luncheon Meat  6.50
Cheese Tofu  6.50
Golden Mushroom  5.50

Cold Dishes 

DishesPrice In SGD 
Cucumber with Minced Garlic  5.90
Hot and Sour King Oyster Mushroom  6.90
Chongqing Cold Noodles with Shredded Chicken  10.90


DishesPrice In SGD 
Lemon & Passion Fruit Drink  5.90
Mineral Water  2.20
Lemon & Lime Drink  5.90
Water Chestnut  3.50
Plum Drink   5.90
Coke Cola Zero with Lemon  3.20
Thunder Grape Drink  6.50
Tangerine Hawthorn Drink  6.50
Sprite with Lemon  3.20
Brown Sugar Ice Jelly  3.50
Coca Cola with Lemon  3.20

Frequently Asked Questions

No, it’s not received its Halal certification yet.

It’s popular because of its grilled dishes, flavor, and diverse food items with delicious combinations. 

Tanyu specializes in authentic Japanese cuisine, offering a diverse range of dishes that include sushi, sashimi, ramen, tempura, and more.

Yes, Tanyu offers several vegetarian and vegan options on their menu, including vegetable sushi rolls, tofu-based dishes, and vegetarian ramen.

While Tanyu does not have a dedicated gluten-free menu, they do offer some gluten-free options such as sushi rolls made with rice and fish, as well as sashimi.

Pick Your Favorite Meal

Have you seen all the tasty foods on Tanyu’s menu? Did you find what you want today? Many people love chicken nuggets with crispy garlic and sweet potato noodles. Visit the Tanyu restaurant closest to you in Singapore.

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