Hashida Menu Price Singapore (Updated 2024)

Welcome to Hashida Menu Singapore, where food is an art, and every dish is a classic. At Hashida, we’re all about creating unique dining experiences. Their Menu is carefully crafted to blend standard Japanese flavours with exciting new twists. Whether you’re a foodie looking for something new or love good food, Hashida Singapore is the place to be.


But our guide isn’t just about showing off delicious food. We’ve also got the latest costs straight from the restaurant itself. So, as you browse through our article, you’ll see mouthwatering images of each dish and know exactly what to expect regarding cost. From sushi to wagyu beef, Their Menu guide has everything you need to plan your next culinary adventure. Converge us at Hashida Singapore and taste the difference for yourself.

Hashida Menu Price updated 2024

Hashida Singapore can be categorized as Sushi Rolls | Sets | Speciality Boxes | A La Carte and Takeaway.

Hashida Price Sushi Rolls Menu

DishesPrice in SGD
Saba Sushi Roll95.00+
Anago Sushi Roll65.00+
Futomaki Roll130.00+


DishesPrice in SGD
Hashida Special B220.00+
Hashida Special A220.00+

Speciality Boxes Hashida Menu Price 

DishesPrice in SGD
Nigiri Sushi Boxes150.00+
Chirashi Sushi Box150.00+

A La Carte Menu

DishesPrice in SGD
Cream Awabi Pie40.00+
Dessert Set35.00+


DishesPrice in SGD
Japanese Sweet Corn Chawanmushi
Fried Ayu Fish w/ Rice Crackers
Grilled Black Cod Fish
Grilled Eel
Signature Ankimo
Abalone & Uni

Signature Fish Noodle & Pumpkin Noodle
Pickled Lotus Root

Frequently Asked Questions

 No, Rolling Rice Restaurant is not Halal Certified.

Experience the essence of Japanese culinary artistry with the Hashida Hassun, a tantalizing selection of seasonal delicacies available for takeaway at Hashida Singapore.

Hashida Singapore’s mostly features seafood and fish dishes, with some vegetarian options available as side dishes or appetizers.

 There are more than 5 Rolling Rice locations spread across Singapore.

At Hashida Singapore, you can enjoy a luxurious dining experience with a chef-selected Omakase menu, featuring premium dishes for a special treat.

pick your Favorite meal

Have you seen the Hashida Menu? It’s packed with delicious options. Whether you want the Futomaki Roll, the creamy goodness of Cream Awabi Pie, or the sweet delights of the Dessert Set, there’s something for everyone. Visit a Menu outlet in Singapore and treat yourself to a tasty adventure today.

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