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Welcome to the Ji De Chi desserts in Singapore. The Ji De Chi Menu is a treat for your taste buds, featuring delightful options like the famous Ji De Chi Dessert. With a menu that caters to all dessert cravings, Ji De Chi is the top choice for those seeking sweet satisfaction. From traditional favorites to innovative creations, there’s something for everyone.


Check out the SGeats menu guide. Our guide takes you on a tour of Ji De Chi’s delicious offerings and gives you the lowdown on the latest prices and vibrant images of each mouthwatering dish. All the information is straight from Ji De Chi’s official sources, ensuring accuracy. Dive into the sweet world of Ji De Chi, explore treats like the Golden Milk Cubes Ji De Chi, and enjoy a delightful and transparent dessert experience. This guide is here to make your dessert journey in Singapore a true joy.


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NameJi De Chi Dessert Menu
CategoryAsian & Chinese
Delivery OptionsFoodpanda, Grabfood
Social Media LinksInstagram, Facebook

Ji De Chi Dessert Menu 2024

We can easily categorize the Ji De Chi Dessert Singapore Menu into the following: Tropical Fruit | Sweet in Heart Snowy Ice | Oriental Flavours | Snacks | Beverages

Ji De Chi Dessert Tropical Fruit Menu

Almond Tofu SnowflakeSGD 6.90 
Durian Pomelo SagoSGD 8.90 
Durian Snowflake with Black Glutinous RiceSGD 7.90 
Honeydew SorbetSGD 6.90 
Honeydew Sweet-in-Heart SagoSGD 5.90 
Mango Pomelo SagoSGD 5.90 
Mango Pomelo Sago with Grass JellySGD 5.90 
Mango Pomelo Sago with Honeydew SnowSGD 6.90 
Mango Snowflake with Black Glutinous RiceSGD 6.90 
Mango SorbetSGD 6.90 
Matcha Tofu SnowflakeSGD 6.90 
Mixed Fruit Ice JellySGD 4.90 
Yam SorbetSGD 6.90 
Yam Sweet-in-Heart SagoSGD 5.90 

Ji De Chi Sweet In Heart Snowy Ice Menu

Black Sesame Snowy IceSGD 7.40 
Chendol Snowy IceSGD 7.40 
Durian Snowy IceSGD 8.40 
Honeydew Snowy IceSGD 8.40 
Mango Passion Fruit Snowy IceSGD 8.40 
Matcha Snowy IceSGD 7.40 
Milk Snowy IceSGD 7.40 
Mocca Snowy IceSGD 7.40 
Strawberry Snowy IceSGD 7.40 
Yam Snowy IceSGD 8.40 

Ji De Chi Dessert Menu – Oriental Flavors

Almond PasteSGD 3.90 
Almond Paste with Glutinous RiceSGD 4.90 
Boiled Hashima with Dates and Lotus seedSGD 9.90 
Boiled White Fungus with PapayaSGD 3.90 
Double Skin MilkSGD 3.90 
Double Skin Milk with Ginger SoupSGD 4.90 
Double Skin Milk with Red BeanSGD 4.90 
Double Skin Milk with Walnut PasteSGD 4.90 
Egg Drop Water Chestnut PasteSGD 3.90 
Grass Jelly with HoneydewSGD 4.90 
Grass Jelly with LonganSGD 4.90 
Grass Jelly with MangoSGD 5.90 
Grass Jelly with WatermelonSGD 4.90 
Green Bean Soup with Lily BulbSGD 3.90 
Herbal JellySGD 3.90 
Herbal JellySGD 3.90 
Herbal Jelly with HoneydewSGD 4.90 
Herbal Jelly with LonganSGD 4.90 
Herbal Jelly with MangoSGD 5.90 
Herbal Jelly with WatermelonSGD 4.90 
Red Bean Soup with Lotus SeedSGD 3.90 
Sesame PasteSGD 3.90 
Sesame Paste with Tang YuanSGD 4.90 
Tang Yuan in Ginger SoupSGD 3.90 
Walnut PasteSGD 4.90 
Yam PasteSGD 4.90 
Yin-Yang PasteSGD 3.90 

Ji De Chi Dessert Singapore Mneu – Snacks

Durian Crepe CakeSGD 6.90 
Durian Sticky Rice RollSGD 6.90 
Golden Milk CubesSGD 5.90 
Mango Sticky RiceSGD 5.90 
Mango Sticky Rice RollSGD 6.90 
Matcha Crepe CakeSGD 6.90 
Mixed Fruits Sticky RiceSGD 7.90 
Osmanthus CakeSGD 3.90 
Pumkin MochiSGD 4.90 
Pumkin Pan CakeSGD 4.90 
Rice RollSGD 6.90 
Sticky RiceSGD 6.90 
Waffle with Matcha Almond TofuSGD 8.90 
Waffle with Mixed FruitsSGD 8.90 
Yam Sticky Rice RollSGD 5.90 

Ji De Chi Dessert Beverages Menu 

Canned BeverageSGD 2.50 
Mineral WaterSGD 2.50 

Nutrition Table For Ji De Chi Menu Singapore

Item Name Calories Sugars (g) Protein (g)
Almond Tofu Snowflake 150 15 2
Honeydew Sorbet 120 25 1
Mango Pomelo Sago 180 35 2
Mixed Fruit Ice Jelly 130 20 1
Yam Sorbet 140 30 1
Black Sesame Snowy Ice 160 10 3
Durian Snowy Ice 200 40 2
Mocca Snowy Ice 170 20 2
Yam Snowy Ice 150 25 1
Double Skin Milk 180 10 4
Egg Drop Water Chestnut Paste 210 35 3
Herbal Jelly 160 25 2
Sesame Paste 170 15 3
Walnut Paste 190 20 4
Yin-Yang Paste 200 25 5
Item Name Total Carbohydrates (g) Fat (g) Cholesterol (mg)
Almond Tofu Snowflake 20 6 0
Honeydew Sorbet 30 0 0
Mango Pomelo Sago 40 1 0
Mixed Fruit Ice Jelly 25 0 0
Yam Sorbet 35 0 0
Black Sesame Snowy Ice 15 5 0
Durian Snowy Ice 45 7 0
Mocca Snowy Ice 25 4 0
Yam Snowy Ice 30 3 0
Double Skin Milk 15 8 10
Egg Drop Water Chestnut Paste 40 6 20
Herbal Jelly 30 4 0
Sesame Paste 20 7 0
Walnut Paste 25 9 5
Yin-Yang Paste 30 10 0

Frequently Asked Question (FAQS)

Ji De Chi Dessert Singapore is a halal-certified restaurant, so Muslims can go there as they do not serve pork.  

Ji De Chi is open from 11:00 AM to 10:00 PM.

 Ji De Chi is located at 33 Smith Street, Singapore 058947.

Ji De Chi places emphasis on fresh, high-quality ingredients. They use real fruits, premium milk, and homemade syrups to create their desserts.

The Brown Sugar Boba Milk Tea is undoubtedly Ji De Chi’s most popular item. It’s a creamy milk tea with chewy boba pearls, topped with a generous drizzle of caramelized brown sugar.

Mango Snow Ice with Pomelo, Taro Q Taro Ball with Grass Jelly, Strawberry Smoothie with Cheese Foam, Matcha Latte with Red Bean

Ji De Chi offers some vegan and dairy-free options like their soy milk-based desserts and fruit-only snow ice. However, their menu is primarily dairy-based.

You can order in person at any of their stores or through online delivery platforms like Deliveroo and Foodpanda.

Pick Your Favorite Meal

Have you tried all the delicious options on Ji De Chi’s menu? You may have found your new favorites, like the tasty Yam Sticky Rice Roll, the rich Walnut Paste, or the refreshing Herbal Jelly with Mango. Don’t wait – head to your nearest Ji De Chi outlet in Singapore and savor these tempting choices today.

Ji De Chi Dessert Singapore Location & Opening Hours

Address1 Jurong West Central 2, #02 – 38, Singapore 648886

Opening Hours:  Monday To Sunday, 10:30 AM To 10:00 PM

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