Tai Er Menu With Price Singapore (Updated 2024)

Tai Er Menu Singapore is a Chinese restaurant that opened in 2015. It presently has three locations in Singapore, all of which serve delectable cuisine. Its best-selling dish, Chinese Sauerkraut Fish, might be considered its signature dish. If you want to learn more about the Tai Er menu, you’ve come to the correct place.


We have included Taier Singapore’s most recent menu as well as prices, so you don’t have to go elsewhere. Tai er太二酸菜鱼menu restaurant has a laid-back vibe and is popular with both residents and visitors. It serves lunch and supper. Continue reading to discover more about Tai Er Singapore’s cuisine. 


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NameTai Er Menu
CategoryAsian & Chinese
Delivery OptionsFoodpanda, GrabFood
Social Media LinksInstagram, Facebook

Tai Er Menu Singapore 2024

Tai Er Singapore Menu has lots of tasty food for you to try. Our menu has dishes from Sauncai & Fish, New Sichuan Cuisine, and Tai Er Starters. You can start your meal with yummy appetizers. Then, you can enjoy delicious noodles with amazing flavours. We also have tasty sides to go with your meal. If you like rice or desserts, we have those too! And remember to try our yummy drinks. Come and join us for a great meal at Tai Er Menu.

Sauncai & Fish

Sauncai & Fish5 Persons = SGD 88.00
1 to 2 Persons = SGD 48.00
3 to 4 Persons = SGD 68.00

New Sichuan Cuisine

Poached Sliced Beef In Hot Chili OilSGD 26.00
Spicy Serial PrawnSGD 26.00

Tai Er Starters Menu

Sichuan Bean JellySGD 8.00
Spinach SaladSGD 8.00
Sliced Beef In Chili SauceSGD 12.00
Pork Slices With Mashed Garlic SauceSGD 10.00
Spicy Cold Dish SquidSGD 9.00
Steamed Chicken With Chili SauceSGD 10.00
Abalone And Shrimp In Spicy SauceSGD 12.00


Hot & Sour Rice NoodlesSGD 8.00
Sliced Braised Beef NoodlesSGD 10.00
Sichuan Dan Dan NoodlesSGD 9.00

Tai Er Popular Sides Menu

Pepper Studded Little Crispy PorkSGD 11.00
Tasty Fried Chicken WingsSGD 11.00
Seaweed Roll With Salted Egg YolkSGD 6.00
Fried Crispy Prawn Topped With MustardSGD 13.00
Egg Coated Glutinous Rice Rolls With Brown SugarSGD 10.00

Tai Er Rice

Half a Bowl Of RiceSGD 0.80
A Bowl Of RiceSGD 1.50

Tai Er Desserts & Beverages

Ice Jelly With Coconut MilkSGD 3.00
Coconut Flavor Ching Bo LeungSGD 4.00
Chilled Mango Sago Cream With PomeloSGD 4.00
Tiger Crystal BeerSGD 9.00
Lemon Tea With Passion Fruit JuiceSGD 5.00

Latest Tai Er Menu Singapore 2024

Tai er Menu Singapore

Nutrition Table For Tai Er Menu Singapore

Item Name Calories Sugars (g) Protein (g)
Chinese Sauerkraut Fish (Suan Cai Yu) 320 5 20
Mapo Tofu 280 3 15
Steamed Rice 200 0 5
Kung Pao Chicken 350 8 25
Egg Fried Rice 400 2 10
Chow Mein 320 5 12
Desserts 250 20 3

popular choices at Tai Er Singapore

  • Sauerkraut Fish (酸菜鱼 Suan Cai Yu): This is their best dish, and you should definitely try it! It’s a whole fish cooked in a tasty and tangy sour cabbage soup.
  • Truffle-infused Lobster Fried Rice: This fancy dish mixes lobster with the rich flavor of truffle mushrooms. It’s great for a special celebration.
  • Szechuan Peppercorn Beef Stir-Fry: If you like spicy food, you’ll enjoy this dish. The Szechuan peppercorns make your mouth feel tingly, and the beef and veggies are delicious.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

No, Tai Er is not a halal restaurant, as it serves pork meat dishes on its menu.

Reservations for Tai Er restaurant may be made by phoning the restaurant directly.

Yes, Tai Er offers takeaway and delivery. You can order online or by calling the restaurant directly.

Pick Your Favorite Meal

Lots of tasty options waiting for you. Some popular ones that people really like are the yummy Tai Er Noodles, the tasty Fried Rice, and the delicious Chicken Dumplings. If you haven’t tried them yet, go to your closest Tai Er outlet and discover your new favorite meal today. Have fun exploring the menu and finding the perfect treat for you.

Tai Er Reservation

Tai Er Reservation Singapore, go to their website or Inline and booking a table up to 30 days before. Pick when and where you want to eat (JEM, Jewel Changi, 313@Somerset, or Suntec City). This way, you won’t have to wait, especially when it’s busy. Remember, you need to spend at least S$50 per person. You can easily change or cancel your booking. So, book a table and get ready to enjoy tasty Sichuan food at Tai Er.

Tai Er Singapore Outlet Address & Opening Hours

Location: 3 Temasek Blvd, #B1-108, Singapore 038983

Opening Hours: Monday – Sunday (11.30 – 9.00)

Tai Er Singapore Reviews

We have collected some of the most popular Tai Er outlet reviews.

Based on 831 reviews
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04:50 02 May 24
Anyhow cancel out my seaweed roll, when it wasn’t delivered…had to wait very long for the item to arrive…told waiter about it later, wasn’t even apologetic
Deng HuaDeng Hua
15:16 01 May 24
The seating system is so confusing. I went to the store to get my number at 2:55 pm, and waited in line at the store door at 5:00. I kept saying that the next table is for you, and the next table is for you, and then I watched the tables come in. We weren't allowed in until 5:50. Speechless! I will never come again, and I won’t eat dragon meat again.Later comment: Later, the clerk told me that I had to wait for a long time and offered a free dish worth $12. I chose glutinous rice cake, and the result! It's still white and cold inside. As a Chongqing native, I still have a say in Sichuan cuisine. The pickled fish is just okay. Needless to say anything else, just look at the photos. Let’s talk about it! Don’t order the white meat with garlic paste. The fish order is for two people and comes with two other dishes. first! This is also the last time I go to eat Tai Er! This name is so well chosen, it’s really great.
15:27 27 Apr 24
Super nice fish!!!!!! Sauerkraut fish was rlly bomb, spicy, tangy, sour 👍🏻 fish was fresh and soft.The beef was super tender also!!! Goes well tgt with the wood ear mushroom and luffa? Not sure what veggie, good spicy kick.Enjoyed the fried pork too. Just thought that the price point was high for the small portion size.Salted egg seaweed was just average, nothing too special, snack platter is also your usual tater tots, chicken wing and fried pork. They have this shaker box where you shake until a stick falls off and tells u your fortune haha quite cool. Love the self service DIY drink station with orange peel and roselle, add as many as you like to adjust the taste of the drink.
Alex LimAlex Lim
04:31 18 Apr 24
Almost perfect! Got here early 11.15am and there probably 5 tables ahead of me. Was a non busy weekday.I can see how they have been successful. The food is consistent while i observed the kitchen operation. There's no masterchef skill required as every portion and ingredients were all pre-prep. 2 cooks just needed to put the soup and fish together and serve.For the 酸菜鱼, there's really nothing to complain about about. It's flavorful and the fish was fresh.Free tea is available at our own service.Didn't grant 5 stars on a couple of things i observed:1. While I was seated at the 2pax table nearest to the kitchen, I couldn't help but get quite disturbed with the jokes and small talks the waiters were having consistently2. They didn't put on their masks until (it seems like) i took out my phone taking pictures and videos.This 1 star drop really is the level of service. Be a little more genuine in your business, especially for the store manager.
11:24 16 Apr 24
This is not delicious 👎 Don’t order it
Kelvin LimKelvin Lim
15:08 13 Feb 24
highly recommended if you wanna have 酸辣魚. worth a try if the queue is in your favour.
08:48 11 Feb 24
The delicious pickled fish will come again next time👍The service is very considerate and the tangerine peel and roselle tea is also delicious.
jennyou tanjennyou tan
15:05 04 Feb 24
Super delicious👍🏻Friends who like strong flavors can come and try it
14:58 04 Feb 24
Taier's service is very good. It was very ceremonial to take us in. The glutinous rice cakes are particularly delicious. The tangerine peel and Luoshen flower tea is also very delicious. Worth a visit
huanxin wanghuanxin wang
09:29 04 Feb 24
The dandan noodles are very chewy, highly recommended 👍;Both hot and sour noodles and hot and sour jelly are very satisfying;Other snacks and two desserts are above par;The humble white rice is unexpectedly delicious;Finally, the service and atmosphere are quite good.This pickled fish restaurant is amazing! Fresh fish paired with sour and delicious sauerkraut has a very unique taste.Bring your family here to eat. Although there are not many dishes, one pickled fish is enough for the whole family to share. The recommended side dishes are fish tofu, served with fragrant rice, and an order of glutinous rice cakes, which are soft and glutinous with peanut powder and brown sugar, 👍 ,, 40 SGD per person, free hibiscus tea. You can make a reservation online in advance. After eating, you can pack the pickled fish soup and go back to cook a pot of pickled cabbage hot pot. It’s spicy, sour and delicious👍
Treenuch V. HuangTreenuch V. Huang
09:14 02 Jan 24
Food is soo good
JH LeeJH Lee
07:33 24 Dec 23
Their rice come only when all the dishes have cold.
Stephanie ChewStephanie Chew
16:34 21 Dec 23
Anson YeeAnson Yee
11:09 21 Dec 23
Siaomafan ♡Siaomafan ♡
04:34 10 Dec 23
Jewel at Changi Airport has many restaurants and food. This time I chose to dine at "Tai Er Pickled Fish". As soon as I entered the restaurant, the waiter shouted "Eat fish to save the world" in a loud and enthusiastic voice. 'Come and welcome the guests.The cutest thing is that as long as you point two fingers, the waiter will come over and ask what service you need. The tangerine peel and roselle hot drink provided in the store is also very delicious. This time I had a good dining experience at Taier Pickled Fish. 😊{The content is for personal reference only}DEC 2023
Rin SakumaRin Sakuma
14:16 09 Dec 23
Raihan HossainRaihan Hossain
07:45 08 Dec 23
Iyner NilIyner Nil
19:14 06 Dec 23
From the DIY tea (Recommend 1 roselle to 4 orange peel) to the main dish, the flavours here are unique and satisfying. Don't forget your fortune to cap off your experience.
Tsai LoomaTsai Looma
08:12 06 Dec 23
Zyin WZyin W
03:42 02 Dec 23
Brother treated us family for a meal here. Thought it was like grilled fish hot pot but it’s more like malatang. But this one is with sauerkraut soup. Aside from this main bowl, they have other sides too just like most Chinese restaurants. The highlight is their free-flow tea station whereby we get to customise our own Roselle Orange Peel Tea!
22:58 15 Nov 23
Their suan cai yu tends more towards the peppery side than spicy, and the fish is fresh, tender yet firm. Can’t remember which rice they used but even the rice is good as well. We also tried their cabbage, suan la fen, tantan noodles, fried pork fritters and white pork with cucumber, all pretty decent but portion sizes were quite small as well.It gets very crowded on weekends so go early (around 5pm) to get a queue number.
Charlene PayCharlene Pay
04:53 25 Oct 23
We visited tai er on a weekday evening, no crowd & no queue.We tried the sauerkraut fish for 1-2pax, the portion was quite big to us. The soup was very flavourful. Also we tried the side dishes like Sliced beef in chili oil & fried platter, they were nice but not wow-ed.The overall dining experience was good, we liked the presentation of the dishes and the self made tangerine & roselle tea.For food wise, we still prefer the Chinese restaurant in Chinatown area, more authentic
juzcrap hamjuzcrap ham
07:19 19 Oct 23
We did a walk in on a weekday evening at about 6pm. While the restaurant was crowded, there was no wait time for a table.Orders are done by scanning a QR code on the table. The menu is largely in Chinese.. might not be too suitable for foreigners who are not literate in Chinese.After order, food is served quickly. There was little wait time.Here, we ordered the signature Chinese Sauerkraut fish with vermicelli. It was a large serving, for 3 pax. Additionally, we ordered a side dish of fried chicken wings and 2 bowls of white rice.Overall, the food was flavourful. Dining experience was also pleasant. Except for the repetitive jingle overhead.
10:03 04 Sep 23
Highly recommended if you have not tried. I have been there multiple time and the quality of the food is consistent and never fail each time.Aside from the fish, the Poached Sliced Beef In Hot Chili Oil is definitely worthy of a try if you like beef.The other plus point is of course the free flow of orange peel and flower hot drink.
Zhi LinZhi Lin
14:24 22 May 23
Went at a fairly late time after the dinner crowd and didn’t have to queue that long. The fish was fantastic and I totally get the hype. The cold chicken’s so yummy too! Our favourite was the Spinach Salad as it really helped to cut the spice from the other dishes. Portions are great for sharing and service was pretty decent too! Generally enjoyed our meal here and will be back!

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