Hua Yu Wee Menu With Prices Singapore (Updated 2024)

Welcome to Hua Yu Wee Menu Singapore, where you can indulge in various delectable seafood and meat dishes. The Hua Yu Wee Menu offers various flavorful options, including the renowned Hua Yu Wee Crab Menu. Known for its fresh ingredients and authentic taste, Hua Yu Wee is the go-to choice for an exceptional dining experience.


Check out our SGeats guide, which highlights the mouth-watering selections on the Hua Yu Wee Menu, providing the latest prices and vivid images from the restaurant’s official sources. Discover the variety on the Hua Yu Wee Meat Menu and more. Whether planning your next meal or just curious about their specialties, this article contains all the necessary information.

Hua Yu Wee Menu With Prices 2024

Hua Yu Wee Menu Menu can be categorized into the following:

  • Cny Set
  • Crab 
  • Shell & Crayfish 
  • Lobster & Prawns 
  •  Meat 
  • Vegetables 
  • Fried Rice 
  • Rice Noodles 
  •  Side Dish 
  • Soups 
  • Desserts 
  • Beverages 

Hua Yu Wee Cny Set Menu

3 to 4 PAXFatt Choy Raw FishSGD 228.00
2 to 3 PAXFatt Choy Raw FishSGD 168.00
5 to 6 PAXFatt Choy Raw FishSGD 348.00
7 to 8 PAXFatt Choy Raw FishSGD 698.00
7 to 8 PAXFatt Choy Raw FishSGD 468.00
9 to 10 PAXFatt Choy Raw FishSGD 588.00
9 to 10 PAXFatt Choy Raw FishSGD 758.00
9 to 10 PAXFatt Choy Raw FishSGD 1188.00

Hua Yu Wee Singapore Crab Menu

Crab with Ketchup & Chili SauceSGD 80.80
Black Pepper CrabSGD 80.80
Deep Fried butter CrabSGD 80.80
White Pepper CrabSGD 80.80
Steamed CrabSGD 80.80

Hua Yu Wee Shell & Crayfish Menu

Black Pepper CrayfishSGD 33.25
Sambal LaLa ShellSGD 17.80
Butter CrayfishSGD 33.25
Chili Crab Sauce CrayfishSGD 33.25
Ginger and Garlic LaLa ShellSGD 17.80

Lobster & Prawns

BUtter Prawn 6 pcsSGD 21.00
Cereal Prawn 6 pcsSGD 22.57
Italian Herb Sauce Prawn 6 PcsSGD 22.57
Prawn with Chili Crab Sauce 6 pcsSGD 22.57
Italian Herb Sauce Lobster – WholeSGD 49.90

Hua Yu Wee Meat Singapore Menu Price

Black Pepper Beef CubeSGD 28.50
Venison Meat with Ginger & Spring OnionSGD 23.75
Sliced Beef with Ginger & Spring OnionSGD 21.38
Black PorkSGD 33.25
Sweet & Sour PorkSGD 16.60
Coffee RibsSGD 16.60
Pork RibsSGD 16.60


Stem Lettuce with Hei BeeSGD 16.60
Qing Long with GarlicSGD 16.60
Broccoli with GarlicSGD 16.60

Fried Rice

Yang Zhou Fried RiceSGD 11.88
Silver Fish Fried RiceSGD 11.88
Steamed Rice BowlSGD 0.95
Olive Fried RiceSGD 11.88

Hua Yu Wee Rice Noodles

Seafood Hor Fun with GravySGD 11.88
Braised Bee Hoon with ClamSGD 17.80
Seafood Mee GorengSGD 14.25
Yi Fu NoodleSGD 14.25
La La Hor FanSGD 17.80

Side Dish

BBQ PorkSGD 15.40
Seafood Roll 5 pcsSGD 14.25
Fei Cui TofuSGD 16.60
Thai Style TofuSGD 16.60
Banana ScallopSGD 11.85
Sotong You TiaoSGD 14.25
Deep Fried baby SquidSGD 16.60
Prawn Roll 10 pcsSGD 14.25

Soups Dishes

Fish Maw w Crab Meat Thick Soup (2~4 Pax)SGD 28.50
Sweet Corn w Crab Meat Thick Soup (2~4 Pax)SGD 17.80
Fish Maw w Crab Meat Thick Soup (2~4 Pax)SGD 28.50
Pumpkin SoupSGD 17.80
Shark’s Fin w Crab Meat Thick Soup (2 ~4 Pax)SGD 47.50

Desserts Dishes

Ice JellySGD 2.95
Yam Paste with Gingko NutSGD 5.35

Beverages Dishes

Tonic WaterSGD 2.97
Green TeaSGD 2.97
Lemon TeaSGD 2.97
Soda WaterSGD 2.97
Mineral WaterSGD 1.88
Thai CoconutSGD 6.50
Coke/Coke Zero/SpriteSGD 2.97

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Popular dishes at Hua Yu Wee include Chili Crab, Black Pepper Crab, Salted Egg Prawns, and Hainanese Chicken Rice.

Yes, Hua Yu Wee specializes in seafood dishes such as crabs, prawns, and various fish preparations.

Hua Yu Wee does offer vegetarian options like stir-fried vegetables and tofu dishes, but the menu primarily focuses on seafood and meat dishes.

Yes, Hua Yu Wee offers both delivery and takeout services for customers who prefer to enjoy their food at home.

Hua YuWee’s operating hours may vary, but typically, they are open from late morning to late evening, catering to lunch and dinner crowds. It’s advisable to check their current hours before planning a visit.

Pick Your Favorite Meal

Have you explored all the tempting choices on the Hua Yu Wee menu? Popular picks include BBQ Pork, Yang Zhou Fried Rice, and Thai Style Tofu. Head to your nearest Hua Yu Wee Singapore outlet and pick your favorite meal today!

Hua Yu Wee Singapore Location And Opening Hours

462 Upper E Coast Rd, Singapore 466508

Opening Hours:

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