Red Sparrow Menu With Prices Singapore (Updated 2024)

Welcome to the Red Sparrow Menu Singapore, which has tasty choices, including the famous Red Sparrow Pizza Melbourne Menu. Red Sparrow is a top choice for a delicious meal. Whether you want a yummy pizza or a hearty dish, Red Sparrow has something for everyone.


This guide will show you the Red Sparrow Menu and the latest prices. You’ll also see colorful pictures of each dish, all from the restaurant’s official sources. From the Red Sparrow Dempsey Menu to other delicious options, this guide helps you know what to expect at Red Sparrow.

Red Sparrow Menu With Prices 2024

  • Fresh Rolls
  • Sandwiches
  • Seafood
  • Poultry
  • Pork 
  • Classic Dishes
  • Salad
  • Vegetables
  • Rice
  • Noodles 
  • Soup
  • Desserts
  • Beverages

Red Sparrow Menu Fresh Rolls

SGD 18 Sharing BundleSGD 18.00
Chicken McCrispy® Spicy (6pc)SGD 19.50
6pc McCrispy® Spicy Meal Value BundleSGD 22.95
McWings® 4pcSGD 6.40
Happy Sharing Box A Chicken McNuggets® (12pc) + McWings® (8pc)SGD 16.70
Chicken McNuggets® (20pc)SGD 14.85
Happy Sharing Box B Chicken McNuggets® (6pc) + McWings® (4pc)SGD 10.30


Banh Mi ThitSGD 15.00
Banh Mi Cha BoSGD 15.00
Banh Mi ChaySGD 14.00
Banh Mi Op LaSGD 14.00
Banh Mi Ga NuongSGD 17.00
Banh Mi Bo NuongSGD 18.00

Red Sparrow Seafood menu

Cha ca La VongSGD 30.00
Ca kho ToSGD 30.00
Ca Keo Nuong Muoi OtSGD 23.00
Tom NuongSGD 24.00
Ca Nuong Da GionSGD 30.00
Tom Rang MuoiSGD 24.00


Laga Ga NamSGD 22.00
Ga NuongSGD 25.00
Ga Hun KhoiSGD 32.00

Red Sparrow Menu Pork 

Thit Kho TauSGD 26.00
Thit Lon NuongSGD 28.00
Nem NuongSGD 26.00
Bung Lon NuongSGD 25.00
Suon KhiaSGD 32.00
Suon Heo Nuong Sa OtSGD 32.00

Classic Dishes

Banh XeoSGD 18.00
Banh XeoSGD 19.00
Banh KhotSGD 17.00
Dau Hu Nhoi Thit Sot Ca ChuaSGD 18.00
Bo La LotSGD 16.00
Bap XaoSGD 14.00
Chao TomSGD 17.00

Red Sparrow Salad Menu

Goi Du DuSGD 17.00
Goi Vit Bap CaiSGD 18.00
Goi Bap ChuoiSGD 17.00
Banh Trang TronSGD 16.00


Tom Xao Bong Thien LySGD 19.00
Thit Bo Xao Bong BiSGD 16.00
Xao Bong HeSGD 16.00
Xao Bong Kim ChamSGD 15.00
Rau XaoSGD 16.00
Nam Rom Kho TieuSGD 15.00
Dau Bap NuongSGD 15.00
Dau Hu Chien SaSGD 13.00


ComSGD 3.00
Chao Hai SanSGD 18.00
Com ChienSGD 18.00
XoiSGD 5.00


Dau Hu CuonSGD 12.00
Ca CuonSGD 15.00
Phan AnSGD 25.00
Bi CuonSGD 14.00
Goi CuonSGD 15.00
Cuon Nem ChuaSGD 14.00
Bo BiaSGD 14.00
Cha GioSGD 16.00


Canh Ca Nau Bong Thien lySGD 16.00
Canh ChuaSGD 16.00
canh tom bong Kim ChamSGD 18.00
Canh ThaiSGD 18.00
Canh Ca Thi LaSGD 16.00


Ca Phe Banh RanSGD 13.00
Sa FlanSGD 14.00
Chuoi Nuong Nuoc DuaSGD 13.00
Che ChuoiSGD 14.00
Che Long Nhan Hat SenSGD 13.00


Sergio SojuSGD 16.00
Lady Sai GonSGD 15.00
Gin Old QuartersSGD 16.00
Hue To GoSGD 15.00
A my MojitoSGD 16.00
Hoa BlossomSGD 15.00
Darby MartiniGin Old QuartersSGD 15.00
Ho Chi MinhSGD 16.00
TraSGD 16.00
Chuoi Me If You CanSGD 16.00
Sin To VNSGD 15.00

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Maybe. Red Sparrow might have dishes without meat, like noodles or veggie spring rolls. The best way to find out is to ask a grown-up to call the restaurant and ask what they have for kiddos who don’t eat meat.

The price depends on what you get. But Vietnamese food is affordable, so it should not cost too much for your whole family.

Maybe. Sometimes, restaurants have specials or deals, but we need to know about Red Sparrow. An adult can check the restaurant’s website or call to ask if any special deals are happening.

Pick Your Favourite Meal

“Thank you for exploring the Red Sparrow menu with us. Each dish offers a special story and delicious Russian flavours. Whether you enjoyed their soups, stews, or desserts, They hope you loved trying something new. They are glad you joined us, and They can’t wait to see you again at Red Sparrow.”

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