OG Lemak (Newton Food Centre)

Welcome to OG Lemak, one particular place you should visit in Newton Food Centre. It’s a fantastic spot where you can taste and enjoy the authentic flavors of Singaporean food. Chef Shen, who learned to cook independently, is back, selling OG Nasi Lemak at Newton Food Centre. He said that Newton is the original hawker centre, where people used to go after partying 25 years ago. On the Menu are Beef Rendang Set, Vegan Set, Chicken Rendang Set, OG Lemak Set, and OG Lemak Chicken Thigh Set.


Moreover, The main attraction of the show is the OG Nasi Lemak rice. Chef Shen says it’s made using the recipe from her old stall, Madam Tan’s, which is no longer open. The tasty rice is cooked carefully by steaming it two times over four hours. This makes it fluffy and gives it a delicious taste that isn’t too rich.

OG Lemak Menu with Prices

DishesPrice In SGD
Beef Rendang Set$9.90
Vegan Set$9.90
Chicken Rendang Set$9.90
OG Lemak Set$7.90
OG Lemak Chicken Thigh Set$9.90

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQS)

No, OG Lemak is not Halal-certified

OG Lemak opens its doors from Monday to Sunday(11:00AM to 3:00PM, 5:00pm to 8:30pm), making it convenient for you to enjoy our delicious offerings throughout the day.

OG Lemak stands out for its unique fusion of OG Nasi Lemak rice flavors, combining traditional recipes with a modern twist. Our dishes are crafted with care, blending authenticity with creativity.

Did you choose your favorite food from the menu?

My favorite dish is OG Nasi Lemak rice because it is cooked with 11 yummy things, like onions, ginger, lemongrass, and pandan leaves. After that, it’s soaked in coconut milk and fenugreek and then cooked again. The result after four hours is rice that tastes good with lots of flavors in every bite. It smells nice, but it could be more oily. This is one of the best nasi lemak I’ve ever had. So the next time you visit Newton Food Centre, try this. You will always be satisfied. Please also look at our Newton Food Centre Best Stall for tasty food at the famous Hawker Centre.

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Stall NameOG Lemak
Cuisine Chinese, Asian
Meals TypesBreakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Available FeaturesFamily style,Delivery, Outdoor Seating,Digital Payments, Cash Only, Parking Available, Street Parking

OG Lemak Location and Opening Hours

Location: 500 Clemenceau Ave N, Unit 01-16, Singapore 229495

Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday(11:00AM to 3:00PM, 5:00pm to 8:30pm)

At: Floor 1

OG Lemak Reveiws

OG Lemak
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Xian You LimXian You Lim
05:28 31 Jul 22
The reviews seemed polarizing, likely because this was recommended by a popular Singaporean YouTube channel.My experience was great. Went on Sunday noon and there was no queue. Ordered the OG Lemak set with crispy chicken. The chicken serving was really generous (3 large pieces) with a unique batter and sweet sauce that made an interesting experience; it's not the crispy type however, so be open minded for a different experience. Rice was sufficiently fragrant though not the best. There were two types of sambals - the redder one was sweet and the darker one was spicy. $7.90 which initially seemed overpriced, but worth it considering the chicken servings. Overall I enjoyed it, recommended!
Nicole YeongNicole Yeong
01:25 31 Dec 21
I had the vegan set just for fun, not because I’m vegan. Hubby had the fried chicken set. The most unique part was the rice. It’s very “lemak” but had something additional that also reminds me of lemang. The vegan set was disappointing because it was bland. Other than some sweetness there’s no flavour. Perhaps they forgot the salt today. They aren’t the usual pasty sweet sambal (which I don’t like) but they are not fantastic either.
Kejia LuKejia Lu
11:25 06 Nov 21
Tried the nasi lemak with fried chicken. Unfortunately, the chicken was mostly composed of fried batter that was too hard to bite through (see image) and the chicken meat was pretty bland. The rice was fluffy but lacked fragrance and even felt a bit overcooked. The dish was heavily reliant on the chili for flavour, but even then, the chili was mediocre and not spicy enough for my taste. Hope they'll take some effort to look into negative customer feedback!!
Zac YeowZac Yeow
13:04 16 Oct 21
Rice is great, fluffy, soft and fragrant. Chicken is like japanese karaage on the sweet side so, I don't find it suited for nasi lemak, the chilli is good, egg is good. I would probably say it's worth $6 for the $7.90 set. Chef opened but not chef run.
Angeline NeoAngeline Neo
08:41 14 Sep 21
What defines a good plate of nasi lemak is the fragrant rice. Here it's made the traditional kukus style - steamed not boiled. It can be tricky cause if you don't do it well, the rice can go either way, either hard because it's undercooked, or mushy. OG Lemak thankfully doesn't have this problem. The rice here is soft and fluffy, and infused with the fragrant and rich coconut flavours so characteristic of this local favourite. Another difference is the addition of fennel seeds which gives the rice a nutty bite and lovely textural contrast.There are four sets to choose from, one of which is a vegan set ($9.90) - a rarity in itself and good news for vegetarian friends.The three meat-laden sets are all served with a sinful fried egg, crispy ikan bilis, a couple of cucumber slices and two types of chilli.The Orginal ($7.90) comes with savoury fried chicken; while the Chicken or Beef Rendang sets are priced at $9.90.This is clearly not your $2 nasi lemak and for good reason. It's restaurant-quality food at hawker prices, which actually makes the $9.90 you pay a steal. The portions are extremely generous - we had food coma after each visit because it is a very enjoyable, and filling meal. The chicken is succulent and meaty, while the beef rendang is tender, earthy and robust - the way rendang should be.Another thing I really like is the choices of sambals served. The sambal belachan is unlike a Peranakan sambal belachan that can be raw and biting because of the way it is made. Here the fiery sambal belachan is more mellow (read smooth, not biting), and has a subtle sweetness. The sambal tumis served is also different from the Malay-style sambals that are heavy on sweetness. The OG Lemak sambal tumis, again has gone in the right direction, by easing up on the sweetness. Because when you have that natural sweetness going on with the coconut rice, you want a sambal that is more savoury than sweet to complement it.

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