Al Amin Food Paradise (Newton Food Centre)

Welcome to Al Amin Food Paradise in Singapore. Al Amin Food Paradise restaurant serves delicious Seafood, Nasi Goreng Sardine, Tulang,Mamak Goreng,Ikan Bilis. In the middle of the food centre, the al-amin serves a massive amount of dishes of Indian food cuisine with tasty flavours. It’s a special place with yummy and unique flavours.


Al Amin Food Paradise Menu with Price

DishesPrice In SGD
Mamak Pack$35.00
Western Pack$35.00
SeafoodPrice In SGD
Nasi/Mee/Kuey Teow/Bee Hoon/Maggi (Small)Nasi/Mee/Kuey Teow/Bee Hoon/Maggi (Medium)Nasi/Mee/Kuey Teow/Bee Hoon/Maggi (Large)$6.00
Nasi Goreng Paprik$8.00
Nasi Goreng Kampung$7.00
Nasi Goreng Sardine$8.00
Fried Noodles (Veg/Chicken/Mutton) (Small)Fried Noodles (Veg/Chicken/Mutton) (Medium)Fried Noodles (Veg/Chicken/Mutton) (Large)$6.00$10.00$12.00
Nasi Goreng Pattaya$7.00
Mamak GorengPrice In SGD
Nasi/Mee/Kuey Teow/Bee Hoon/Maggi$6.00(S),9.00(M),12.00(L)
Ikan BilisPrice In SGD
Nasi/Bee Hoon$6.00(S),10.00(M),12.00(L)
ComboPrice In SGD
Nasi/Mee/Kuey Teow/Bee Hoon/Maggi$10.00
Mutton SoupPrice In SGD
Mutton Meat Soup (Small)Mutton Meat Soup (Medium)Mutton Meat Soup (Large)$6.00$10.00$12.00
Mutton Leg Soup (Small)Mutton Leg Soup (Medium)Mutton Leg Soup (Large)$7.00$10.00$12.00
TulangPrice In SGD
Power Tulang Merah (Small)Power Tulang Merah (Medium)Power Tulang Merah (Large)$10.00,$15.00$20.00$30.00 (Plus)
KuahPrice In SGD
Mee Kuah (Small)Mee Kuah (Large)$6.00$9.00
Mee Kuah Tulang$9.00
Roti John (Small)Roti John (Medium)Roti John (Large)$6.00$10.00$15.00
Omelette (Small)Omelette (Large)$5.00$9.00
PrathaPrice In SGD
Plain Paratha (Minimum 2pc)$3.00
Egg Paratha$5.00
Egg with Onion Paratha$3.00
Cheese Paratha (Small)Cheese Paratha (Medium)Cheese Paratha (Large)$5.00$8.00$10.00
Kothu Paratha$12.00
MurtabakPrice In SGD
Power Murtabak (Chicken,Mutton,Sardine,Veg,Cheese)$10(S),15(L)
NaanPrice In SGD
Plain Naan 1 Piece$2.00
Chicken Naan 1 Piece$4.00
Garlic Naan 1 Piece$3.00
Butter Naan 1 Piece$3.00
Curry MasalaPrice In SGD
Chicken (Small)Chicken (Medium)Chicken (Large)$8.00$12.00$15.00
Mutton (Small)Mutton (Medium)Mutton (Large)$8.00$12.00$15.00
Butter Chicken (Small)Butter Chicken (Large)$12,17
TikkaPrice In SGD
Chicken Tikka (Small)Chicken Tikka (Large)$12.00$22.00
FriesPrice In SGD
French Fries (Small)French Fries (Large)$8.00$12.00
BriyaniPrice In SGD
Add Nacho Cheese$1.00

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQS)

Yes, Al-Amin Food Paradise is a halal eatery.

Al-Amin Food Paradise opens its doors all day in a week. Monday to Sunday (11:00 AM to 10:00 PM)

Al-Amin Food Paradise stands out for its delicious halal cuisine, friendly service, and cozy atmosphere.

Yes, we provide comfortable seating arrangements for our customers to enjoy their meals.

Did You Choose Your Favourite From The Menu?

As you take a bite of the cheese paratha, you’re greeted with a delightful burst of cheesy goodness that melts in your mouth. The combination of the soft, flaky paratha and the gooey, tasty cheese creates a yummy taste. Each bite is a perfect balance of flavours, leaving you craving for more. It’s a comfort food classic that never disappoints you.

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Stall NameAl Amin Food Paradise
Good ForChild-friendly, Groups, Indian cuisine
Meals TypesAfter-hours, Dinner, Lunch, Breakfast, Takeout
Available FeaturesParking Available, Validated Parking, Cash Only, Takeout, Outdoor Seating, Seating, Wheelchair Accessible

Al Amin Food Paradise Location and Opening Hour

Location: 500 Clemenceau Ave N, #01-26, Singapore 229495

Opening hours: Monday to Sunday (11:00 AM to 10:00 PM)

At: Floor No 1


Al Amin Food Paradise Review

Al-Amin Food Paradise
Based on 22 reviews
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Choong Huei SeowChoong Huei Seow
05:07 21 Mar 23
My go to place for mutton soup on the weekends (sup tulang / sup gearbox)
Nicole NgNicole Ng
11:45 05 Apr 22
Disgusting. Rice and chicken microwaved before my eyes. Cocky and arrogant merchant. I ordered on grab food pick up. Arrived there at the time stipulated. He didn’t even know what I ordered even though he clicked order ready. 5 grab drivers waiting ahead of me. Downright poor character to match poor food
U. X.U. X.
12:48 26 Feb 22
We ordered mutton murtabak, not so much mutton in it unfortunately, but the crispy skin and the taste of curry sauce attached was really nice.
Chantale RenaudChantale Renaud
12:28 29 Apr 21
The chicken Tikka I ordered was cheap and the serving size large, but the quality was not here. It was dried and hard as stone, possibly leftover from the day. I confused Al-Ameen, where the chicken Tikka is excellent, and Al-Amin...it will only happen once.
00:42 12 Jul 20
I have never eaten such a terrible Chicken Briyani Rice but unfortunately I ate one today. The rice is reheated by oven, no hard-boiled egg, no acar, there are only RICE and CHICKEN that cooked for whole day long till the meat taste like nearly decomposed.I also noticed the environment is quite unhygienic.Stay away from the tourist trap.

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