Goodman BBQ Seafood (Newton Food Centre)

Welcome to Goodman BBQ Seafood in Singapore. Goodman BBQ Seafood is known for yummy Steamed Fish, Calamari, and Kang Kong. The stall serves dishes that contain fresh crabs covered in a sweet and spicy sauce.


Moreover, The seafood is cooked perfectly with just the right amount of spices and herbs to make it taste perfect. They also have other yummy foods like fried buns and veggies. Once you taste this menu, you will always remember the taste.


Goodman BBQ Seafood Menu with Price

DishesPrice In SGD
BBQ Tiger Prawn (100g)$9.00
Cockies (Small)
Cockies (Large)
Kang Kong (Small)
Kang Kong (Medium)
Kang Kong (Large)
Steamed Fish$7.00
Baby kai Lan (Small)
Baby kai Lan (Medium)
Baby kai Lan (Large)
Mee Goreng (Small)
Mee Goreng (Medium)
Mee Goreng (Large)
Chilli Crayfish (100g)$6.00
Cereal Prawn (Small)
Cereal Prawn (Medium)
Cereal Prawn (Large)
Calamari (Small)
Calamari (Medium)
Calamari (Large)
Lemon Chicken (Small)
Lemon Chicken (Medium)
Lemon Chicken (Large)
Sweet & Sour Chicken (Small)
Sweet & Sour Chicken (Medium)
Sweet & Sour Chicken (Large)
Baby Squid (Small)
Baby Squid (Large)
Chilli Squid (Small)
Chilli Squid (Medium)
Chilli Squid (Large)
BBQ Stingray (Small)
BBQ Stingray (Medium)
BBQ Stingray (Large)
La La (Small)
La La (Medium)
La La (Large)
Gong Gong (Small)
Gong Gong (Medium)
Gong Gong (Large)
Black Pepper Crab(Market Price)
Chilli Crab(Market Price)

Frequently Asked Question (FAQS)

Yes, Goodman BBQ Seafood is a halal eatery.

Goodman BBQ Seafood is open all days a week.  Monday to Sunday  (5:00 PM to 2:00 AM)

Stalls have comfortable seating arrangements for customers to enjoy their meals conveniently.

Goodman BBQ Seafood stands out for its delicious seafood dishes grilled to perfection, offering a unique dining experience for seafood lovers.

Did You Choose Your Favourite From The Menu?

BBQ Stingray is a great dinner choice. The stingray here tastes good. The chili sauce isn’t too spicy, and the meat is soft and comes off the bones easily. It’s fresh. I enjoy the tangy sauce they serve with the stingray. Yummy, I will have this again.

Stall NameGoodman BBQ Seafood
Cuisine Barbecue, Seafood, Steakhouse
Meals TypesDinner, Takeout
Available FeaturesParking Available, Validated Parking, Cash Only, Takeout, Outdoor Seating, Seating, Wheelchair Accessible

Goodman BBQ Seafood Location and Opening Hours

Location: 500 Clemenceau Ave N, #01-61 Newton Food Centre, Singapore 229495

Opening hours: Monday to Sunday  (5:00 PM to 2:00 AM)

At: Floor No 1


Goodman BBQ Seafood Reviews

Goodman BBQ Seafood
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Goh Nai ShinGoh Nai Shin
08:31 23 Jan 24
So far they have the best stingray in newton. Chili is spicy (and not too sweet) and fish meat is bouncy and great texture
Ng Shu WangNg Shu Wang
12:24 16 May 23
Saw alot of people ordering from their stall so decided to give it a try. Their Sambal Kang Kong is super bland and tasteless and does not have a single bit of sambal taste. Definitely will not order from the stall again
Lin KLin K
13:23 23 Oct 22
I visited Newton Hawker Centre on Saturday night as my friend from overseas missed our local food. I thought that all newton centre food stalls sell tasty food but it turned out to be a bad experience for both of us. My friend ordered fried rice. the shrimps weren't fresh and there was not much ingredients in the rice other than the shrimps. The vegetable kai lan was fine. The fried baby squid was a let down. The stall assistant who recommended it said it was sweet and spicy. Nothing spicy in it. It was a little sweet but mostly sour (strange vinegar sour). My friend was craving mantou with chilli crab sauce so he ordered 1 chilli crab. It was the worst chilli crab we ever tasted. 1stly, I think the stall ran out of chilli that day. (I have low tolerance for spicy food so i am sure there was no chilli! It was weaker than Mcdonalds chilli sauce) 2ndly, the sauce was so salty we couldn't eat it. We couldn't even dip the mantou into the sauce cos the sauce tasted so bad. In the end we decided that I would pack the chilli crab home and fix the taste the next day. So i went back to the stall with the plate of chilli crab (served on a Styrofoam). The stall was closing and to my shock the 3 or 4 men at the stall insisted that the crab dish wasn't theirs. They insisted they did not serve their food with Styrofoam and used only plates with green coloured based. I told them i dont know why the aunty served the crab to us on a Styrofoam. I also told them our table no was 237 but they said they had no such order even after i rattled the dishes we ordered. They also didnt want to come to our table to check our dishes to verify or check the other plates. They shooed me away to check other stalls! I returned to our table and passed the crab to my friend. He went to the stall and asked them again to pack the crab for u and he asked for the aunty who had left. They finally packed the the crab for him but still insisted it wasn't theirs. Now it was my turn to walk back to the stall and showed them the baby squid plate which had a green base. Clearly it was their stall! One of the men still said but we don't use Styrofoam. However I could hear another man speaking on the phone asking the person on the other line if she (I assume it was the aunty) who had served us using Styrofoam! They had Styrofoam! I would guess that the cook would be the one who placed the crab from the wok onto a styrofoam no? not the aunty who was only serving. I told them the reason we couldn't eat the crab was cos the the taste was too salty to consume. They just shrugged their shoulders! So while the food was bad, their service was worse.The next day I took the crab out from the fridge. added water and 7-up to sweeten the gravy. Crab wasnt that fresh. But it wasn't a total waste. However, we will not return again to this stall.
Ron NgRon Ng
04:47 19 Jul 22
You have to try new things at some point in your food career.. Sambal Stingray is the dish that I tried and it usually gives a good indicators of similar sambal dishes.First and foremost, I would like to select 3.5 stars which is not available.What I appreciate is the portion, sambal and the cooking method. For $14 worth, it made to the acceptable price point similar to many of its neighbours (I had smaller in other neighbourhoods). The sambal is pretty balanced, not too sweet or salty, but the spicy level is mild to my taste buds. I have to highlight the way the stingray is cooked. For an intro of Singapore stingray servings (kindly pardon me), there is usually a slab with softbones and another just flesh. The slab with bones is the best that I've had in any so far (includes my causeway folks) . If you enjoy the crisp, char and cruchieness, you are in the right alley.However the corners that they didn't score was 2 that they missed:1. The slab was thick but not as juicy. Definitely not dry but I hope it is juicier.2. One traditional ingredient is missing, Chincalok. Some sambal seafood eaters really prays on a good side with their sambal seafood.Overall very pleasant with my find. I love the BBQ char on the seafood.
Peter YehPeter Yeh
00:23 11 Jan 21
Newton is a food center all Singaporeans know growing up. What we also know is that there are countless seafood stalls to confuse you. My preference is for 61 Goodman, though be aware that for almost all stalls, quality varies to which day you visit, and how busy it is that day.

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