Milksha Menu Price Singapore (Update 2024)

Welcome to Milksha Menu in Singapore. Enjoy a world of delicious drinks and snacks prepared just for you. From creamy Milksha Oolong Latte to refreshing Foam Green Tea, there’s something for everyone. Check the best in bubble tea at Milksha Menu today.


Check out this guide SGeats shows you all the tasty options and provides the latest prices straight from the restaurant. With colorful images of each drink, you can confidently choose your next favorite treat. Whether you’re a bubble tea expert or just looking for something new, Milksha Menu has something to enjoy in Singapore.

Resturant NameMilksha Singapore Menu
Delivery OptionsNA
Opening And Closing HoursTuesday To Monday, 12–10:30 PM Friday & Saturday, 12–11 PM
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Milksha Menu Singapore 2024

Milksha Menu Price – Fresh Milk Tea Latte Series

DishesM (Price)L (Price)
Green Tea LatteSGD 3.80SGD 5.10
Earl Grey LatteSGD 3.80SGD 5.10
Oolong latteSGD 3.80SGD 5.10
Light Roasted Oolong LatteSGD 3.80SGD 5.10
Roasted Wheat Tea LatteSGD 3.80SGD 5.10

Milksha Singapore – Fresh Milk Series

Fresh Taro MilkSGD 5.60
Hojicha MilkSGD 5.60
Brown Sugar MilkSGD 4.60
Fresh Milk with Honey PearlsSGD 5.20
Hojicha Jelly FrostSGD 5.60
Izuma Matcha MilkSGD 5.60
Valrhona 100% Cocoa MilkSGD 4.80
Azuki Matcha MilkSGD 5.60
Azuki Sesame MilkSGD 4.80
Black Sesame MilkSGD 4.80

Milksha Singapore Menu – Special Concoctions

DishesM (Price)L (Price)
Orange FrosteaSGD 4.20SGD 5.00
Zesty Lemon Green TeaSGD 4.20SGD 5.00
Lemon FrosteaSGD 4.20SGD 5.00
Refreshing Orange Green TeaSGD 4.20SGD 5.00

Milksha – Premium Tea Series

DishesM (Price)L (Price)
Green TeaSGD 2.60SGD 3.40
Earl Grey TeaSGD 2.60SGD 3.40
Light Roasted Oolong TeaSGD 2.60SGD 3.40
Roasted Wheat TeaSGD 2.60SGD 3.40
Oolong TeaSGD 2.60SGD 3.40

Milksha Menu with Price – Fresh Milk Foam Series

Milk Foam Green TeaSGD 3.80
Milk Foam Earl Grey TeaSGD 3.80
Milk Foam Light Roasted Oolong TeaSGD 3.80
Milk Foam Roasted Wheat TeaSGD 3.80
Milk Foam Oolong TeaSGD 3.80

Milksha Singapore – Ice Cream

Fresh Taro Milk/Earl Grey Latte/ Black Sesame MilkSGD 4.20

Milksha Menu – Toppings

DishesM (Price)L (Price)
Taro BallSGD 1.20SGD 1.20
Honey PearlSGD 1.00SGD 1.20
PuddingSGD 1.00SGD 1.20
Grass JellySGD 1.00SGD 1.20

Nutrition Table For Milksha Menu Singapore

Item Name Calories Sugars (g) Protein (g)
Roasted Wheat Tea Latte 150 20 3
Oolong Latte 180 25 4
Milk Foam Roasted Wheat Tea 160 22 3
Milk Foam Oolong Tea 190 27 4
Roasted Wheat Tea 50 8 1
Light Roasted Oolong Tea 60 9 1
Orange Frostea 120 18 2
Zesty Lemon Green Tea 100 12 1
Fresh Taro Milk Ice Cream 250 30 5
Item Name Total Carbohydrates (g) Fat (g) Cholesterol (mg)
Roasted Wheat Tea Latte 25 5 10
Oolong Latte 30 6 15
Milk Foam Roasted Wheat Tea 28 6 12
Milk Foam Oolong Tea 35 7 18
Roasted Wheat Tea 10 2 5
Light Roasted Oolong Tea 12 2 6
Orange Frostea 20 4 8
Zesty Lemon Green Tea 15 3 6
Fresh Taro Milk Ice Cream 40 10 20

popular choices at Milksha singapore

  • Fresh Taro Milk Tea: This special drink mixes fresh taro with creamy milk tea to make a smooth and comforting drink that’s both familiar and exciting. Taro root or water chestnut adds a nice sweetness and a bit of chewiness to the drink.
  • Pearl Milk Tea: Try Milksha’s famous bubble tea, where soft tapioca pearls mix with creamy milk tea for a yummy treat.
  • Azuki Matcha Milk: This drink blends matcha green tea’s earthy taste with azuki beans’ sweetness for a unique and satisfying flavour.
  • Black Sesame Red Bean: For something new, give the Black Sesame Red Bean a try. It’s made with black sesame paste and red beans, giving it a rich, nutty taste.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

No, Milksha Menu in Singapore is not Halal certified.

Yes, you can order delivery or takeout from Milkshake Menu. Check their website or contact the restaurant for delivery and takeout options. 

Yes, Milksha sometimes offers special promotions and deals on their menu. Check out for discounts and combo deals by checking their website or social media channels. 

Milksha has several outlets in Singapore.

Yes, we take satisfaction in serving freshly prepared beverages made to order. We use high-quality ingredients and carefully prepare each drink to ensure the best taste and quality for our customers.

Yes, we understand that everyone has different tastes and preferences. You can customize your beverages by choosing the sweetness level, ice level, and toppings according to your liking.

Pick Your Favorite Meal

Have you checked out all the delicious options on the Milksha menu yet? Whether you’re craving something refreshing like Roasted Wheat Tea or indulging in the creamy goodness of the Milk Foam Oolong Tea, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Stop by your nearest Milksha Menu Singapore outlet today for a delightful beverage experience.

Milksha Menu Singapore Locations And Opening Hours

Milksha Suntec City

Location: 3 Temasek Blvd, #02-375, Singapore 038983

Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday, 11:00 AM – 10:00 PM

Milksha Menu Singapore Reviews

Based on 31 reviews
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Cassandra LimCassandra Lim
10:18 11 Dec 23
had the taro fresh milk drink with taro ball topping. tasted good 👍🏻 sweetness was appropriate and balls texture were soft and abit chewy.
12:31 17 Nov 23
I would rate NO star of there is a option. I placed order thru their app to save time. However turned up they overlooked my order food & beverage haven’t prepare. So then they prepare my food. 10mins later I got my order and leaving. My hand holding the pack can tell me the food is not hot, and I saw my crispy chicken sticks with cooked rice around! Apparently they mixed unwanted/ not collected food into my food. So sick! I couldn’t stand with their way handle food and not hygiene sense at all. Be aware of this BBT brand!
Emily LekEmily Lek
15:52 18 Oct 23
Still open despite widespread renovation in Tampines One mall. The Valrhona 100% chocolate milk was a dark and silky treat. Had it with the recommended 30% sugar level. Did not make any special requests re ice level, and drank it when the ice were fully melted.
qing zzqing zz
06:55 20 Jun 23
My absolute favourite Milktea brand! The bentos are so worth! $4.90 onwards for a bowl of rice with veges, braised egg, some sausage slices, your choice of meat and preserved veges(and more if you pick the more expensive bentos!!) the Earl grey milk tea is to die for😥🥺 thank you for giving me economic lunch options, Milksha!!💖🧡
11:33 08 May 23
Forgot to take pic of my drink. For their beverage selection, meh. Boring. But I still patronise this BBT store because of their perfect honey pearls - sweet, super round and chewy. Yum.

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