Kuro Maguro Menu Price Singapore (Updated 2024) 

Welcome to Kuro Maguro Menu Singapore. Known for its unique dishes, like the famous Kuro Maguro foie gras, this menu is loved by food lovers. It’s all about top-notch ingredients and skilled cooking here.


SGeats walk you through the tempting dishes and give you the latest prices from the restaurant. From yummy options like Fried Tuna Cheek Hokkai Meshi to their specialties, our guide gives you a taste of what’s in store. Whether you adore seafood or want to savour fantastic food, our guide ensures you’re ready for a delightful dining adventure.

Kuro Maguro Menu Singapore 2024

We can categorise the Kaizenki Teppanyaki Singapore Menu into the following: Sides | Appetizers | Meshi 

Kuro Maguro Menu – Sides

DishesPrice in SGD
Fried Tuna Cheek18.80
Hoho Niku Karaage16.00
Kama Nitsuke34.00
DishesPrices in SGD
Chikuwa Isobe8.80
Satsuma Age7.80
Ana Kyu16.80
Kuro Maguro Menu – Meshi
DishesPrices in SGD
Toro Uni Meshi35.90
Heavenly King Meshi42.80
Hokkai Meshi35.80

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Kuro Maguro Menu FAQs:

What kind of cuisine does Kuro Maguro serve?

Kuro Maguro specializes in exquisite Japanese cuisine, focusing strongly on tuna (maguro in Japanese). They offer a variety of dishes featuring different tuna cuts, along with other Japanese staples like sushi, sashimi, and rice bowls.

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What are some menu highlights?

  • Specialties: Flame-grilled maguro cheek with citrus shoyu dressing, sushi with melt-in-your-mouth fatty tuna, Hokkaido sea urchin, and salmon roe.
  • Appetizers: Satsuma Age (fried fish cake), Chikuwa Isobe (grilled bamboo fish cake), Anakyu (sea eel and cucumber).
  • Shared Dishes: Hokkai Meshi (seafood rice bowl), Toro Uni Meshi (premium maguro, sea urchin, and ikura), Heavenly King Meshi (O-toro, sea urchin, and ikura).
  • Other notable dishes are Hohoniku Karrage (fried tuna cheek), Kama Nitsuke (braised tuna collar with egg), and Kama Yaki (grilled tuna collar).

Does Kuro Maguro offer vegetarian options?

While their specialty is tuna, Kuro Maguro has a limited selection of vegetarian and vegan-friendly dishes like edamame, salads, and vegetable-based rice bowls. It’s recommended to inquire about specific options when making a reservation.

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What is the price range for the menu?

Kuro Maguro leans towards the higher end of the price spectrum for Japanese cuisine in Singapore. Appetizers range from $7 to $18, shared dishes from $35 to $43, and sushi/sashimi can be expensive depending on the cuts and toppings.

Does Kuro Maguro offer a la carte or set menus?

Kuro Maguro primarily offers a la carte options, allowing you to customize your dining experience. However, they occasionally offer special set menus, so checking their website or social media for updates is worth checking.

Does Kuro Maguro have a dress code?

Kuro Maguro maintains a smart casual dress code. Avoid overly casual attire like sportswear or ripped jeans.

Do I need reservations?

Reservations are highly recommended, especially during peak hours and weekends. You can book through their website, Quandoo, or by phone.

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Is Kuro Maguro accessible to people with disabilities?

The restaurant is located on the ground floor and has wheelchair access. However, the restrooms might not be fully accessible.

Does Kuro Maguro offer takeaway or delivery?

Currently, Kuro Maguro does not offer takeaway or delivery services.

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 Pick Your Favorite Meal

Have you seen all the yummy choices on the Kuro Maguro menu? If you’re still deciding, take advantage of the popular Kama Nitsuke Chikuwa Isobe! Visit your nearest Kuro Maguro Singapore spot and enjoy a tasty meal today.

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