A Must-Try Dining Experience at KFC PAYA LEBAR

KFC PAYA LEBAR, located at 190 10 Paya Lebar Rd, #B1-14 PLQ Mall, Singapore 409057, is a fantastic spot to enjoy delicious food. I recently visited, and the place left a positive impression on me. Their signature dishes’ welcoming atmosphere and inviting aroma made my experience enjoyable. Many seats were available, making it easy to find a comfortable spot to relax and enjoy the delicious food without any trouble.



Manan AwasthiManan Awasthi
12:18 16 Mar 24
Food served was of extremely low quality and effort. 7 dollars for a zinger burger. What did they serve? A squished burger with barely any lettuce, 1 DROP of mayonnaise, and a chicken patty 3/4th the size of the patty. Food was cold too. 7 dollars can get me a good quality and sizable meal in a food court and even in McDonald’s. Don’t come here please. Other KFC outlets serve better.
Bob TeeBob Tee
02:36 06 Mar 24
To add on to the terrible service review - I was here few weeks ago for early lunch. There was already a crowd waiting at 11:10 so nonetheless I joined in the queue and ordered.Little did I know I had to wait until 11:45 to get my food. At 11:25 only, did the staff came to inform us that chicken will take another 15 minutes. Having lunch at 11am is not something new so I'm really disappointed that they serve like that. To make it worse, no queue management either - the last person to order got their chicken first! Imagine the face on everyone who were also waiting and ordered chicken.For the chicken itself, it was not cooked thoroughly either, as expected. But all in all, I hope they will improve as I stay near by...
Beet SaihaBeet Saiha
10:50 29 Feb 24
The service is horrible, they are always running out of menu items and when they do, they choose to hide it so you waste time queing instead of telling you.
13:15 25 Feb 24
When I say do not come to this place, I mean it. DO NOT EVER EAT AT THIS ESTABLISHMENT. The service is slow as hell, and the staff here don't even know what the hell they're doing! If you can't even make the order that quickly, especially when there's a lot of people, then what's the point? Plus, one of the staff is just sitting there on the table, not even communicating or helping out! Just sitting there, not even talking, what the hell is this even?! Can't even get good staff, good service, then why does this even exist?! Stop wasting people's time!
13:47 16 Jan 24
This store is a bit small and unsuitable for dine-in, but the meal quality, packaging, and service attitude are far superior to many other KFC outlets.
13:11 25 Oct 23
Ordered take away, waited 40min and not yet gotten my food and my number has not even appear on the queue TV. Asked the staff the estimated waiting time, she just looked at me and turned away without bothering to check. The whole store seems like full of customers that's same as me , sitting down and waiting forever for the food to be served. Fed up and went away without my food, Fast food is no longer fast lol. Hope that the service and the experience can be better, or even at least let us know the estimated waiting time so we don't need sit there and wait like idiots and can take that into consideration before ordering.
13:10 27 Sep 23
I thought this will be rice, but instead it was mash potato. The number of popcorn chicken was very little too.
Shuren LinShuren Lin
09:49 23 Nov 22
Ordered online for the discounted 2 Zhng plus 2 ashed potato. When I opened the zhng burger, there was no pickles and no cheese. Literally just zinger with onion rings. Asked the manager and he told me it is written outside that pickles ran out. Checked the storefront and there was no such notice. Besides, how would I have known if I ordered online. He did give me a replacement zhng burger for the screww up on the cheese, although it still didn't have pickles. Gave the extra one star for the manager
00:23 06 Apr 22
i can tolerate short-handed, long wait for food and sometime not as fresh chicken, overall the location is convenient and fried chicken - who doesn't love it?but i received a mashed potato with powder-like texture in more than a small-spoonful portion in my take away. accidentally tasted a little and it's very dry, not sure what is it and threw the whole bowl away.emailed, auto reply says 3-5 days to response, not yet responded.

Now, let’s talk about the food. KFC PAYA LEBAR has something for everyone where you can enjoy tasty food at affordable rates. The Original Recipe Burger Meal is a classic choice with that familiar and delicious KFC flavour. If you’re up for some spice, the Zinger Stacker Meal is a perfect choice, delivering a satisfying crunch. The BBQ Cheese Zinger Meal is a delightful option for those who enjoy a cheesy twist. And, of course, the 2pcs Chicken Box provides the perfect combination of crispy and succulent chicken pieces. 






10 Paya Lebar Rd, #B1-14 PLQ Mall, Singapore 409057

Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday ( 7 AM to 10 PM )


This outlet operates under different hours depending on the day.

  • Monday-Sunday: 07:00 AM – 10:00 PM

Original Recipe Chicken, BBQ Cheese Zinger Meal, Chicken Boxes, and Twister Wraps are top favorites.

Yes, KFC PAYA LEBAR is certified Halal.

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