McDonald’s Chinatown Point

McDonald’s Chinatown Point, located at 133 New Bridge Rd, #01-03 Chinatown Point, Singapore 059432, is a fantastic spot to enjoy delicious food. I went there and liked it. The food is super yummy, and the place is comfy with lots of seats. It’s not just a fast food spot. It’s like a cozy spot to chill and enjoy good food. People who love food often choose it because it’s a great place to eat and relax.


Review for McDonald’s Chinatown Point

Chee wai kuenChee wai kuen
10:03 04 May 24
puteri and shi jie good
Young JuhnYoung Juhn
03:16 03 May 24
Only place open late and also provide wifi. You need to use separate entrance at night as mall entrance close by 10:30pm
Benoit Le GoffBenoit Le Goff
13:19 30 Apr 24
Do not respond to Grab orders, more than an hour of waiting, lazy and incompetent, shame!
Tsai MrTsai Mr
04:46 30 Apr 24
Therese KjølTherese Kjøl
08:38 24 Apr 24
Dont bother ordering extra bits for your McFlurry. Won’t get much anyways. Also ice cream was kind of warm.
Mike LokMike Lok
10:32 27 Dec 23
With a McDonald's there usually isn't much to report unless it's a bad experience.This McDonald's in Chinatown Point was busy, they only take orders online or by the kiosks inside the restaurant, and people line up to hey their take away orders or you can order them to bring it to your table.This McDonald's is busy, it's pretty clean when we went and they turned around the orders in a reasonable amount of time. I ordered a McCrispy Sandwich and my wife ordered McWings. When we got our order my wife realized they gave her McNuggets when we ordered McWings, I showed the person at the counter the receipt and they quickly corrected the error.
Muhammad HabeebMuhammad Habeeb
16:49 19 Nov 23
Filet-O-Fish burger! I was shocked to find half a cheese on it. I mean is MacD’s really that stingy already? You guys get the biggest share among all the fastfood chains.This is really very low of you’ll. It’s after some time that I ordered this burger as I usually order McSpicy. Wow, it’s really appalling! It definitely alters the taste it a bad way that is…
cai yong juncai yong jun
01:26 30 Aug 23
30 Aug, 08:13am.Poor customer service and management service (especially restaurant manager).Ordered big breakfast on the stated day and time. Restaurant did not on the television that reflect the order number.Check my order at 830, service counter brushed off my enquiry about my order by saying that they are still processing.At 832, restaurant manager announced that big breakfast requires an additional 10 mins of waiting time. Told restaurant manager that I waited for 15 mins. Restaurant manager did not de-escalate the issue, instead she mentioned that they are processing the orders and asked if I wanted to refund my order in an unfriendly tonality. I told them that there are many others that have gotten their big breakfast order, she brushed it off that none of those orders were big breakfast.At 840, there was a mobile order with big breakfast, I checked it's order time was 831.Restaurant manager only willing to check my order after I mentioned that this order was made at 831 and this person have already gotten their order. In order to fulfil my order, they gave me one toasted muffin and one without.Shift manager failed to provide proper customer service, ensuring food quality standards, and poor restaurant management. There are no proper order sequence that the restaurant follow despite having system. From my observation, the order numbers were stacked above one another. How can the service crew ensure that those order sequences will not be jumble up when they are processing those orders.
CheShin ChewCheShin Chew
11:21 22 Aug 23
Big Mac should be called as Mini Mac. The burger just looked pathetic. Milo from the meal had no taste at all.
11:11 03 Aug 23
Always love mcdonald's in other countries with their expansive menus. You need to try the Mcspicy burger. So succulent and juicy, and has a spicy kick. It's made from chicken thigh instead of chicken breast, very delicious.

McDonald’s Chinatown Point has the best food that’s both tasty and doesn’t cost too much. They have yummy things like Chicken Muffins, Breakfast Wraps, Fillet-O-Fish, McChicken, Big Mac. I got this info from the official sources, so it’s all correct! McDonald’s Chinatown Point ensures you can enjoy your favorite food without spending too much money. It’s a great place to have tasty meals without worrying about your wallet.

McDonald’s Chinatown Point Menu

Mcdonald's Jewel Menu

McDonald’s Chinatown Point Location

McDonald's Chinatown Point

McDonald’s Chinatown Point

133 New Bridge Rd, #01-03 Chinatown Point, Singapore 059432

Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday ( 7 AM to 12:00 AM )


This outlet operates under different hours depending on the day.

  • Monday-Sunday: 07:00 AM – 12:00 AM

Chicken Muffins, Breakfast Wraps, Fillet-O-Fish, McChicken, Big Mac are top favorites.

Yes, McDonald’s Chinatown Point is certified Halal.

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