Beloved Aroma Cafe (Newton Food Centre)

Welcome to Beloved Aroma Cafe in Singapore. The stall serves drinks such as Thai iced milk tea, premium Thai coconut, and Lychee drinks, all of which taste good and are affordable. Prices Depend Upon Stall Location. Come and enjoy your favorite beverages.


Beloved Aroma Cafe Menu with Price

Thai Ice Milk Tea
Sugar Cane Lemon
Soya and Grass Jelly Drinks
Soursop Drink
Sour Plum Drink
Premium Thai Coconut
Milo dinosaur
Lychee Tea
Lychee Drink
Lengan Drink
Ice Nescafe Coffee
Ice Milk Tea
Ice Lemon Tea
Honey lemon Drink
Aroma Coffee/Tea

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQS)

Is Seating Arrangements available at Beloved Aroma Cafe?

Beloved Aroma Cafe offer comfortable seating both indoors and outdoors, so you can choose where you’d like to enjoy your meal or beverage.

What makes Beloved Aroma Cafe unique?

Beloved Aroma Cafe is unique because they serve blended natural drinks to create our delicious menu items, ensuring a fresh and flavorful experience for our customers.

Did You Choose Your Favourite From The Menu?

My favorite drink is Thai iced milk tea, which tastes delicious. Thai Tea is made from strongly brewed black tea, often spiced with ingredients such as star anise, crushed tamarind, cardamom, and occasionally others (often making this beverage a favorite among masala chai tea fans). This brew is then sweetened with sugar and sweetened condensed milk and served over ice.

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Beloved Aroma Cafe Location and Opening Hour

Location: Newton, #18, Newton Food Centre, Newton Food Centre, Singapore

At: Floor No 1

Beloved Aroma Cafe Review

Beloved Aroma Cafe
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Daryl OhDaryl Oh
05:06 20 Feb 24
$3 for a cup of bandung?? that’s ridiculousjust buy from marn cafe which is just beside.
Ixifini IxifiniIxifini Ixifini
23:41 07 Oct 23
Prices inconsistent, paid $2 in the day vs $2.5 in the evening for the same drink . Seller said $2 is a discounted price in the day, $2.50 is the normal price in the evening. Seems like prices depends on seller’s whims, unethical seller. Drinks were also diluted. I will not patronise this stall again.
Shaun LeowShaun Leow
13:26 02 Oct 23
Ice lychee jumbo cup 8.50 . Canned lychee . The ice is full until the brim . Drink 4 mouth bye bye
Marcus TMarcus T
10:37 31 Jul 23
Teh O ice limao big cup surcharge at night 5.50sgd. longan drink big cup also surcharge at night 8sgd. Dine in. What a rip off. Beware! What a joke!
11:53 23 Jun 23
Sugar cane was OK.Would have preferred if it was not served in disposables even for dine-in. E-payment available.

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