TKR Satay (Newton Food Centre)

Welcome to TRK Satay in Singapore. TKR Satay started in 1998 and is well-loved at this food centre. They’re known for delicious Satay sticks, BBQ chicken wings, and Otah. TKR Satay also offer Prawn Satay if you want to try something new. Satay sticks with pork, chicken, or mutton cost $0.80 each.


Moreover,It’s the best stall for chicken wings and Satay fans. These have lots of delicious dishes on our menu and a comfy atmosphere. You’ll have a memorable time eating here and want to come back for more.

 TKR Satay Menu with Price

DishesPrice In SGD
Minimum 10 Pcs (Pork,Chicken,Mutton Satay Sticks) $8.00
(3 Pcs) BBQ Chicken Wings$4.50
BBQ Prawns$2.00
Yummy Chicken Wings$1.50
BBQ chicken wings$1.50
Satay Stick (Pork,Chicken,Mutton)$0.80
Prawn Satay$0.80

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQS)

Yes, TRK Satay is a Halal-certified eatery. 

TKR Stay only closes once a week. Wednesday to Monday (4:00 PM to 12:30 PM), Closed Tuesday.

At TKR Satay, we take pride in our unique blend of traditional flavors and innovative twists.

Did you choose your meal from the menu?

My favorite dish is TRK Satay Satay, which consists of skewers with perfectly grilled meat, typically chicken or beef. I had never tasted such a satay, which is too delicious and never forgettable. Please also look at our Newton Food Centre Best Stall for tasty food at the famous Hawker Centre.

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Stall NameTKR Satay
Cuisine Chinese , Asian, Singaporean
Meals TypesLunch, Dinner, After-hours
Available FeaturesFriendly,Cash only,Parking Avaliable

TKR Satay Location and Opening Hours

Location: 500 Clemenceau Ave N, #01-33 Food Centre, Singapore 229495

Opening Hours: Wednesday to Monday (4:00PM to 12:30PM),Closed Tuesday

At: Floor No 1 or 2

TKR Satay Review

12:16 24 Apr 24
Worst Satay ever.... Do NOT come. Please look by yourself
Henry BancHenry Banc
13:24 07 Apr 24
They got my order wrong, prawns changed to chicken wings. The satay meat was sour.
Alvin TehAlvin Teh
14:24 05 Apr 24
This is the place if you want cold chicken wings. Absolutely terrible.
Choong Huei SeowChoong Huei Seow
08:51 31 Mar 24
My usual place for chicken wings takeaway.
14:23 27 Jan 24
The price of satay per piece is now $0.90, but unfortunately, the size is not consistent despite the price increase.
Yuri UeharaYuri Uehara
15:53 26 Oct 23
Chicken wings were just average. I guess I was expecting more due to the fame.Also I paid with cash and the guy gave me the wrong change! So double check it!
06:23 11 Jul 23
Chicken wing is grilled and marinated really well! This store is the one featured in the Crazy Rich Asian and surprisingly good and not just gimmicky and relying on thw show popularity. There are other satay and chicken wing kiosk in the food centew but this one is labelled SATAY 33.I personally prefer the satay to be grilled a bit longer but overall its good. Minimum order for the satay is 10 and minimum order for chicken wing is 3 pieces so do come with more people to share them.
03:56 23 Apr 23
Overcooked chickens wings + pork satays got gamey smell. Even though they did manage to replace a new batch of chicken wings after our feedback. But I don’t think this is the standard for a chicken wing & satay specialist stall.The satays were also very lean.We should’ve checked the rating before we ordered from them. Will not make the same mistakes next time
Flo YeowFlo Yeow
08:57 10 May 22
It's just like any other chicken wing and satay hawker stall here at Newton Food Centre. They have a good location, facing the inside of the food centre, and close to the carpark entrance. Attitude ain't the best either, but that's with many stalls here at Newton FC.If you're having some satay or chicken wing cravings, or just want to experience the Singapore hawker culture, this is definitely good enough. Beyond that, it's just pretty average.
Tea DrinkerTea Drinker
13:38 13 Aug 21
Not sure what went wrong but the satay were served cold and hardly anyone in the queue. Food quality just taste average because they were cold. Satay sauce is good. Looking at the fierce competition for Satay and BBQ chicken wings, there are definitely room for improvements.

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