Song Kee Teochew Fish Porridge (Newton Food Centre)

Welcome to Newton Authentic Song Kee Teochew Fish Porridge in Singapore. Newton Authentic Song Kee has tasty Sliced Fish Porridge, Thick Bee Hoon, and Vermicelli. The clear soup is very tasty and has limited MSG, so you won’t feel thirsty after eating the porridge. The Batang fish is fresh, but there needs to be more tipo (deep-fried sole fish), making the porridge a bit plain. I wish there were more condiments like fried garlic or tips to make it tastier. However, if you prefer clear soup porridge, this stall is good.


Song Kee Teochew Fish Porridge Menu with Price

DishesPrice In SGD
Fish Head Bee Hoon$8.00
Fish Porridge (Small)
Fish Porridge (Medium)
Sliced Fish Porridge (Small)
Sliced Fish Porridge (Medium)
Sliced Fish Porridge (Large)
Mee Pok Dry (Small)
Mee Pok Dry (Medium)
Vermicelli Soup (Small)
Vermicelli Soup (Large)
Kway Teow Noodles (Small)
Kway Teow Noodles (Medium)
Fish Ball Soup (Small)
Fish Ball Soup (Medium)
Fish Head Bee Hoon (Small)
Fish Head Bee Hoon (Medium)
Fish Head Bee Hoon (Large)
Thick Bee Hoon (Small)
Thick Bee Hoon (Medium)
Thick Bee Hoon (Large)
Mee Sun (Small)
Mee Sun (Medium)
Mee Sun (Large)
Bee Hoon (Small)
Bee Hoon (Medium)
Bee Hoon (Large)
Vermicelli (Small)
Vermicelli (Medium)
Vermicelli (Large)
Ee Main (Small)
Ee Main (Medium)
Ee Main (Large)

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQS)

Newton Authentic Song Kee Teochew Fish Porridge is not a halal eatery.

Newton Authentic Song Kee Teochew Fish Porridge closes once a week. Monday to Saturday (10:30 AM to 8:00 PM)  Closed, Sunday

Newton Authentic Song Kee Teochew Fish Porridge stall offers both indoor and outdoor seating arrangements. You can choose to dine comfortably indoors or enjoy your meal in the fresh air outside.

Did You Choose Your Favourite From The Menu?

My favorite dish is stalled famous fish porridge cooked in the Teochew style. They use fresh fish and cook it just right. You can eat the porridge with pickled veggies, chili, and garlic. They also have other tasty dishes like pork, steamed fish, and veggies cooked in a pan. Once you taste this menu, you will always remember the taste.

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Song Kee Teochew Fish Porridge Location and Opening Hours

Location: 500 Clemenceau Ave N, #01-37, Singapore 229495

Opening hours: Monday to Saturday (10:30 AM to 8:00 PM)  Closed,Sunday

At: Floor No 4

Ph: +6598282122

Song Kee Teochew Fish Porridge Reviews

Jeffery HooJeffery Hoo
15:39 16 Nov 23
Admittedly I was highly suspicious when I first ordered from the stall but as i watched the uncle’s technique, the confidence rose. There is something about the way he just flick the fish slices in, caresses the rice in the pot, pouring in more stock as the flame blazes… it’s mesmerizing and next thing you know, an excellent bowl of fish porridge is out - arguably, this is better than the Michelin (gourmand) brethren in the same hood.
Valentina KYLValentina KYL
05:34 09 Sep 23
I only eat batang fish soup. This is the best clear, light tasting soup I have tried! With my favourite noodle mee sua; piping hot and perfect after some rain.Only 2 dishes here: fish slice soup and fish head with choice of carb - porridge / rice / thick or thin bee hoon, mee sua, vermicelli (冬粉) and ee mian. And no garlic sauce here. Only chilli in soy sauce.My fish slice mee sua soup was only $6, cheaper than the other stall with similar name behind selling fishball noodles. Fish soup $6, add carbs $0.50 there. Don't be confused like some other previous reviews.Uncle was rearranging the fish slices on the ice. Not much left when I arrived for late lunch on Sat afternoon. Fried shallots, sour vegetables and coriander / parsley are self service (add as much as you like).Dish is served in reusable bowl but still with disposable chopsticks and spoon.Not much lunch options here on weekend as most stalls do dinner / supper crowd.
Marc WangMarc Wang
04:43 09 Sep 23
THIS is the real deal. Freshly sliced Batang, great mouthfeel, tasty broth. But due to renovations 15 years ago he had to give up the corner stall. Forget what Michelin thinks. This is the Teochew Fish Porridge worth queuing for. Only gripe is that it runs out too soon.
Clifford YapClifford Yap
15:16 29 Apr 23
You will have a hard time finding better quality slice fish than Stall 37 at Newton. Both Bee Hoon & Mee Sua are divine.
Case WooCase Woo
13:56 10 Feb 22
One of the better classic no nonsense sliced fish and fish roe soup around downtown. I like that the perfectly balanced clear broth is not too salty and does not leave you with a dry throat like some other overly savory variety. Feel free to slurp the bowl dry. Consistently great year after year. Shiok.

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