Sbcd Korean Tofu House Menu With Price Singapore (Updated 2024)

Welcome to the SBCD Korean Tofu House Menu in Singapore. where offer yummy Korean tofu dishes. Sbcd Korean Tofu House lunch menu uses fresh ingredients. Enjoy a tasty meal with us whether you’re a tofu lover or new to Korean food.


Check out our SGeats guide, which explores the menu’s delights and provides the latest prices and vivid images of each dish. There’s plenty of tasty food at the Tanjong Pagar Centre or somewhere else. From dine-in options to kimchi jjigae delivery services, this article contains all the info you need.

Sbcd Korean Tofu House Menu With Price 2024

Sbcd Korean Tofu House Menu can be categorized into the following:

  • Popular
  • Tarters
  • Soon Tofu
  • Mains
  • Packed To Go
  • Set Menu
  • Beverages


Original Beef SoontofuSGD 26.05
LA GalbiSGD 43.49
Original Pork SoontofuSGD 26.05
Seafood SoontofuSGD 26.05
Korean Seafood Pancake SGD 30.41
Assorted SoontofuSGD 26.05


Fried Dumpling SGD 16.24
Korean Seafood Pancake SGD 30.41
JabchaeSGD 26.05
Kimchi PancakesSGD 30.41


Original Beef SoontofuSGD 26.05
Original Pork SoontofuSGD 26.05
Assorted SoontofuSGD 26.05
Seafood SoontofuSGD 26.05
Ham and Cheese SoontofuSGD 26.05
Dumpling SoontofuSGD 26.05
Fishcake SoontofuSGD 26.05
Kimchi PorkSGD 26.05
Sesame SoontofuSGD 23.87


LA GalbiSGD 43.49
Bulgogi SGD 32.59
Spicy BBQ Pork SGD 32.59
Spicy Grilled Chicken SGD 30.41
Teriyaki Chicken SGD 30.41
Cockles BibimbapSGD 27.14
Spicy Baby OctopusSGD 32.59
UnagiSGD 40.22

Packed To Go

KimchiSGD 16
Pickled CucumberSGD 15

Set Menu

Couple SetSGD 60.81
Family SetSGD 115.09
Party SetSGD 196.52


Coke SGD 3.27
Coke Zero SGD 3.27
Sprite SGD 3.27
Ayataka Green TeaSGD 3.27
Pokka Green TeaSGD 3.27
Seasons Lemon TeaSGD 3.27
Mineral WaterSGD 1.63
Pororo Apple DrinkSGD 3.27
Pororo Strawberry DrinkSGD 3.27

Frequently Asked Questions

SBCD specializes in Korean soft tofu stew (soon tofu or sundubu jjigae) and other Korean favorites.

The menu includes tofu stew in various flavors, Korean barbecue, bibimbap, and traditional Korean side dishes (banchan).

Yes, SBCD offers vegetarian versions of the tofu stew and accommodates gluten-free and other dietary needs.

You can adjust spiciness levels and add ingredients to your tofu stew. Other dishes may also be customizable.

Look for SBCD Korean Tofu House in urban or Korean dining areas, offering authentic Korean cuisine in a cozy setting.

Pick Your Favorite Meal

Have you checked out all the yummy foods on the SBCD Korean Tofu House menu? There are lots to pick from, like the tasty Original Beef Soon Tofu, the yummy Kimchi Pancakes, and the refreshing Ayataka Green Tea. Swing by the SBCD Korean Tofu House nearest you in Singapore and find your new favorite dish today.

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