Seoul Garden Menu Price Singapore (Updated 2024)

Welcome to the Seoul Garden Menu in Singapore, which is like taking a yummy journey to Korea. People love Seoul Garden because it’s not just a restaurant; it’s an exciting place to grill your barbecue or enjoy a bubbling hot pot. The food is so yummy, making Seoul Garden the go-to choice for those who want a taste of authentic Korean flavors right in Singapore.


The Seoul Garden Menu features yummy dishes, the latest prices, and pictures. All the info comes straight from the official sources of the restaurant, so you can trust it. Whether you’re curious about the Seoul Garden buffet or want to know about specific menu items, we at SGeats have everything you need to plan your Korean food adventure. Get ready to check and enjoy the tasty treats Seoul Garden has for you.

NameSeoul Garden Menu
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Seoul Garden Menu Singapore 2024

Seoul Garden Singapore menu we can enjoy tasty Korean food at this restaurant. Seoul Garden menu has lots of yummy dishes for you to try. You can start with small snacks called Table Appetizers. Then, you can try our soups and stews, like Soft Tofu Soup, which is warm and comforting. If you need help deciding what to pick, try our Chef’s Special Choice, which is something special our chef recommends. You can cook your meat at your table with Korean BBQ for a fun meal. Or, you can share a big pot of soup with a friend with a Korean Hot Pot. We also have delicious noodles and dishes with teriyaki sauce. Everything is cooked fresh and served hot.


Steamed Soy Bean & Fried Dumplings (5 pcs)SGD 7.00
Steamed Soy BeansSGD 8.00
Shumai (6 pcs)SGD 5.50
Boiled Dumplings (8 pcs)SGD 5.70

Soup and Stew

Galbi TangSGD 18.00
Woo Guh Ji TangSGD 15.00
Kimchi JigaeSGD 13.00
Mandu GukSGD 13.00
Yuk Gae JangSGD 15.00
Doenjang JjigaeSGD 13.00
Duk Guk LunchSGD 13.00
Duk Mandu GukSGD 13.00

Soft Tofu Soup

Soft Tofu Combination SoupSGD 13.00
Soft Tofu Kimchi SoupSGD 13.00
Soft Tofu Seafood SoupSGD 13.00
Soft Tofu Vegetable SoupSGD 13.00

Chef’s Special Choice

Haemul PajeonSGD 15.00
Galbi JjimSGD 32.00
Tang Su Yuk (Beef)SGD 16.00
JapchaeSGD 14.00
Duk Bok KiSGD 13.00
A Gu JhimSGD 33.00
Eun Dae Gu JorimSGD 33.00
Kimchi JunSGD 14.00
Tang Su Yuk (Pork)SGD 17.00
Chicken KatsuSGD 14.00
Kimchi Jeyuk BokkeumSGD 17.00
Jae Yuk BossamSGD 18.00/SGD 32.00
Maewoon Galbi JjimSGD 32.00

Korean BBQ

GalbiSGD 32.00
Saeng GalbiSGD 33.00
Pork SamgyupsalSGD 26.00
Chicken Bulgogi (Spicy or Mild)SGD 25.00
Jumuluk GalbiSGD 32.00
Beef BulgogiSGD 26.00
Pork Bulgogi (Spicy)SGD 25.00
Shrimp GuiSGD 25.00

Korean Hot Pot (serves 2)

Haemul JeongolSGD 38.00
Yumso JungolSGD 38.00
Gopchang JeongolSGD 38.00

Korean Noodles

ChamPongSGD 14.00
Bibim Naeng MyunSGD 13.00
Mul Naeng MyunSGD 13.00
Ja Jang MyunSGD 12.00


Chicken TeriyakiSGD 15.00
Salmon TeriyakiSGD 17.00

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Stir-fries (Served on a hotplate)

Chulpan BokkeumUdon noodle or rice cakesSGD 19.00
Haemul Udon BokkeumUdon noodle or rice cakesSGD 21.00

Korean Soups

Daegu Maewoon TangSGD 18.00
Al TangSGD 17.00
A-gu Mae Woon TangSGD 17.00

Grilled Fish

Jogi GuiSGD 16.00
Go Dung Uh GuiSGD 16.00

Korean Rice Bowls

BibimbapSGD 14.00
Haemul Dolsot BibimbapSGD 16.00
Dolsot BibimbapSGD 15.00

Fried Rice

Fried Rice (Beef, Shrimp, or Chicken)SGD 13.00
Kimchi Fried RiceSGD 13.00


Garden SaladSGD 7.00
Garden Salad with AvocadoSGD 8.00

Nutrition Table For Seoul Garden Menu Singapore

Item Name Calories Sugars (g) Protein (g)
Ginseng Black Chicken Hot Pot 350 5 30
Soon Dubu Seafood Hot Pot 280 3 25
Kimchi Salmon Hot Pot 400 8 35
Kimchi Chicken Hot Pot 380 6 32
Duyu Chicken Hot Pot 320 4 28
Duyu Salmon Hot Pot 360 7 30
Chicken Army Stew Hot Pot 420 9 40
Beef Army Stew Hot Pot 450 10 45
Item Name Total Carbohydrates (g) Fat (g) Cholesterol (mg)
Ginseng Black Chicken Hot Pot 25 15 80
Soon Dubu Seafood Hot Pot 20 10 60
Kimchi Salmon Hot Pot 30 20 90
Kimchi Chicken Hot Pot 28 18 85
Duyu Chicken Hot Pot 22 12 70
Duyu Salmon Hot Pot 26 15 75
Chicken Army Stew Hot Pot 35 25 100
Beef Army Stew Hot Pot 40 30 120

popular choices at Seoul Garden Singapore

  • Beef Bulgogi: Beef Bulgogi is a thin, tasty beef dish from Korea. It’s made by marinating the beef in soy sauce, garlic, ginger, and sesame oil.
  • Spicy Bulgogi Chicken: This dish is a bit like Beef Bulgogi, but instead of beef, it uses chicken. The sauce has a tangy taste.
  • Black Pepper Beef: This dish features beef marinated in a sauce made with black pepper. It has a strong, peppery flavor that’s really delicious.
  • Wagyu Beef: Wagyu beef is a special kind of beef from Japan. It’s famous for its marbled texture, making it very tender and tasty.
  • Kimchi Beef Hot Pot: This hot pot includes kimchi, beef, and veggies. Kimchi is spicy and sour fermented cabbage from Korea.
  • Bibimbap: Bibimbap is a Korean dish made with rice topped with veggies, meat, and a fried egg. It’s super yummy.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Seoul Garden Singapore Menu is a halal-certified restaurant, so Muslims can go there.

Seven branches of Seoul Garden Menu grace Singapore, spread across Bugis Junction, Marina Square, Tampines Mall, Northpoint City, HarbourFront Centre, Jurong Point, and The Clementi Mall. Happy hunting.

Some of their popular dishes include Bulgogi (marinated beef), Samgyeopsal (pork belly), Kimchi Jjigae (kimchi stew), and Japchae (glass noodles stir-fry).

Online Seoul Garden orders? Not a thing. But delivery platform heroes like Foodpanda or Deliveroo got your back. Track your feast – open their app, find your order, and witness real-time magic.

In Singapore, Seoul Garden is usually open from 11.00 AM To 3:59 PM on weekdays and from 5.00 PM to 11.00 PM on weekends, but the exact times differ a bit depending on the place.

Have you picked your favorite menu item?

Some tasty choices are the Ginseng Black Chicken Hot Pot and the Bulgogi Lamb Hot Plate. Go to the nearest Seoul Garden restaurant and enjoy a yummy meal. Check out the menu to find more tasty treats. If you’re unsure what to choose, ask the friendly staff—they’re happy to help. Don’t miss the chance to try the delicious options at Seoul Garden. See you at the closest place for a tasty meal.

Seoul Garden Singapore Location & Opening Hours

Location: 200 Victoria St, #02 – 52, Singapore 188021

Opening Hours: Monday – Sunday (11.30 – 9.45)

Seoul Garden Menu Singapore Reviews

Bugis Junction
Based on 15608 reviews
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Aishwarya PisharodyAishwarya Pisharody
07:42 27 May 24
Imam FirmansyahImam Firmansyah
10:43 26 May 24
Hendra WidjajaHendra Widjaja
10:03 26 May 24
Nikko OuanoNikko Ouano
08:13 26 May 24
14:06 25 May 24
A lot of people. A good place for shopping.
Irene LimIrene Lim
11:12 29 Jan 24
veerasiva1974 sankarveerasiva1974 sankar
10:22 29 Jan 24
Judy YehJudy Yeh
07:36 29 Jan 24
Various dining options, clean environment, and friendly service.
irwan joharirwan johar
00:40 29 Jan 24
Last it open walk way now it covered and nice strolling around
John SimonJohn Simon
11:23 28 Jan 24
Vũ Hải NamVũ Hải Nam
08:34 22 Dec 23
Bugis Junction is unlike any other shopping destination I've encountered. Its blend of open-air shopping streets and a glass-covered shopping complex creates a shopping experience that's truly distinctive.When you step into Bugis Junction, you'll immediately notice the vibrant atmosphere and the fusion of modernity with tradition. Here are some tips to make the most of your visit:Stroll the Open-Air Streets: Begin your journey by exploring the open-air shopping streets. You'll find a diverse range of street stalls selling everything from fashion to souvenirs.Explore the Complex: Venture inside the glass-covered shopping complex for a more traditional mall experience. It's air-conditioned and houses numerous stores and dining options.Haggle at the Street Stalls: Don't be shy to haggle at the street stalls for a better deal. Bargaining is a common practice here.Try Local Eats: Bugis Junction offers a variety of local and international cuisines. Sample some Singaporean delights at the food court or try out trendy cafes.Art and Culture: Keep an eye out for art installations and cultural performances that occasionally take place in the complex.Weekend Bazaars: If possible, visit on weekends when additional bazaars pop up, offering even more shopping opportunities.
Amrin JofriAmrin Jofri
13:29 17 Dec 23
Very nice and crowded, but we were there for dinner at a Halal Teppan yaki outlet at B1. The outlet was very busy and had to wait for seating but regretted to have to wait for some time, as the service and food was terrible and not appertising at all.The soup not miso but chicken soup, the meat was over cooked and the veggie tasteless.We were upfront in the queue but the food served was back of the line. We have to ask for the soup and rice, incidently the rice not to expectation.The price for the meal is moderate. The place is a bit tight and crowded.Service staff not attentive, we have to call them for service.As a halal outlet we give it a plus but will not be going back unless they improved on the above.We had to make a quick stop at Subway as the kids didnt really eat much...
Joshua FooJoshua Foo
09:27 16 Dec 23
The Liquor Shop is here till 31 Dec! Great place to buy all sorts of liquor though their main mode of business is online.
Beary BearyBeary Beary
08:36 13 Nov 23
A Unique Open Concept MallSituated right next to the Bugis Junction Mall, this is a fairly large mall close to town. It is set in an old meets new area of Singapore, where the shops and eateries across the road from it are old and the mall is new.This mall appears to be two buildings enclosed inside a glass canopy and air-conditioned. Thus, it gives the mall a spacious and airy feel.The are many food outlets with numerous cuisine types available. The flagship challenger IT store is also situated there.There are numerous reasonably priced clothing and other retail outlets throughout the mall. The unique shops do differentiate it from other bigger malls in town in this way.This mall is joined to the Intercontinental Hotel. Tourists who want convenient access to an MRT and a mall would be pleased with the amenities offered here.
Indradeep RoyIndradeep Roy
03:51 18 Sep 23
A shopping paradise over thousands of square feet of retail space to pick up goods across all budgets. For a shopaholic even a whole day might be less here. Importantly a great place for tourists to pick up me onto and gift back home.The best part is the availability of various cuisines as per one’s taste bud to satisfy the stomach after thousand of steps of walking around

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