Kopi fellas Menu With Price Singapore (Updated 2024)

Welcome to Kopi Fellas Menu Singapore Enjoy many delicious and authentic dishes. Their menu has a lot of choices, including the famous Kopi Fellas Popular Menu. Known for its rich flavors and traditional recipes, Kopi Fellas is the best choice for food lovers who want a great dining experience.


Check out our SGeats guide, which highlights the mouth-watering options on the Kopi fellas Menu and provides the latest prices from the restaurant’s official sources. Discover the tasty selections on the Kopi fellas Noodleholic Menu and more. Whether you’re planning your next meal or just curious about their offerings, this article contains all the info you need.

Kopi fellas Menu With Price 2024

Kopi fellas Menu can be categorized into the following:

  • Popular
  • Noodleholic
  • Foodaholic – Set
  • Foodaholic – Ala Carte
  • Caffeine Addict
  • Caffeine Phobic
  • Teaholic – Black Tea
  • Teaholic – Earl Grey Tea
  • Teaholic – Oolong Tea
  • Teaholic – Green Tea
  • Teaholic – KF Specials


Minced Meat Noodle7.41
Lor Mee7.41
Fishball Noodle6.95
Abalone Noodle9.27
Kaya Butter Toast Set5.18


Smoked Duck Lor Mee9.27
Lor Mee7.41
Minced Meat Noodle7.41
Abalone Noodle9.27
Fishball Noodle6.95
Fish Ball Soup 6.95
Signature Prawn Laksa9.27

Foodaholic – Set

Matcha Milk Toast Set5.56
Earl Grey Milk Toast Set5.56
Kaya Butter Toast Set5.18
Peanut Butter Toast Set 5.18
Butter Sugar Toast Set5.18
Egg Mayo Sandwich Set5.18
Tuna Mayo Sandwich Set5.18
Peanut Butter Jelly Sandwich Set5.18

Foodaholic – Ala Carte

Matcha Milk Toast3.25
Kaya Butter Toast2.87
Peanut Butter Toast2.87
Butter Sugar Toast2.87
Egg Mayo Sandwich2.87
Tuna Mayo Sandwich
Peanut Butter Jelly Sandwich
Soft Boiled Egg (2pcs) 2.32
Earl Grey Milk Toast3.25

Caffeine Addict

Kopi O2.69
Kopi C2.87
Teh O2.69
Teh C2.87
Yuan Yang2.97
Black Cold Brew6.03
White Cold Brew7.04

Caffeine Phobic

Honey Lemon 3.15
Honey Lime3.15
Honey Lemon Sour Plum 3.61
Honey Lime Sour Plum3.61
Honey Yuzu3.61
Honey Lemon Yuzu4.08

Teaholic – Black Tea

Honey Black Tea2.87
Lemon Tea2.87
Lime Tea2.87
Lychee Black Tea4.54
Honey Lemon Tea3.33
Honey Lime Tea3.33

Teaholic – Earl Grey Tea

Earl Grey Tea2.87
Earl Grey Milk Tea3.33
Earl Grey Lemon Tea3.33
Honey Earl Grey Tea3.33
Honey Earl Grey Milk Tea3.80
Honey Lemon Earl Grey Tea3.80

Teaholic – Oolong Tea

Oolong Tea2.87
Oolong Milk Tea3.33
Honey Oolong Tea3.33
Honey Oolong Milk Tea 3.80

Teaholic – Green Tea

Green Tea2.87
Honey Green Tea3.33
Lychee Green Tea4.54
Honey Lemon Green Tea3.80
Yakult Green Tea 5.18
Yuzu Green Tea4.08

Teaholic – KF Specials

Kopi fellas  Thai Milk Tea4.54
Kopi fellas Thai Green Milk Tea4.54

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Kopi Fellas offers a variety of traditional and modern beverages. These include classic kopis, teas, and specialty drinks like espresso-based coffee, fruit, and flavoured sodas.

Yes, Kopi Fellas offers a selection of snacks and light meals on its menu. These include traditional kaya toast, assorted pastries, and local favourites like mee siam and nasi lemak.

Yes, Kopi Fellas serves breakfast items such as toast sets with kaya or peanut butter, half-boiled eggs, and various local-style breakfast sets, including nasi lemak and mee siam.

Kopi Fellas offers vegetarian options such as vegetarian mee siam, vegetarian nasi lemak, and vegetarian kaya toast. These options cater to customers with dietary preferences or restrictions.

Yes, Kopi Fellas is known for its signature kopi (local coffee) blends, such as Kopi C and Kopi O, as well as their Teh Tarik. Additionally, their kaya toast set and nasi lemak are popular choices among customers and are recommended for a taste of local flavours.

Pick Your Favorite Meal

Have you explored all the tempting choices on the Kopi fellas menu? Popular picks include the Egg Mayo Sandwich, Laksa, and Abalone Noodle. Head to your nearest Kopi fellas Singapore outlet and pick your favourite meal today!

Kopi fellas Singapore Location And Opening Hours

30 Raffles Pl, #B1-22, Singapore 048622

Opening Hours:

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