Fat Bird Chicken HotPot Menu With Price Singapore (Updated 2024)

Welcome to Fat Bird Chicken HotPot Menu Singapore, where you can enjoy tasty and filling hotpot dishes. The menu has many delicious choices, including the popular Fat Bird Chicken HotPot (Liang Seah). Rich broths and quality ingredients make it an excellent place for a satisfying meal.


Check out our SGeats guide for the tasty Fat Bird Chicken HotPot (Liang Seah) Menu dishes. It shows the latest prices and pictures from the restaurant. Learn about the popular menu items and more. Whether you are planning your next meal or just curious, this article has all the necessary information.

Fat Bird Chicken HotPot Menu With Price 2024

Fat Bird Chicken HotPot Menu can be categorized into the following:

  • Popular
  • Double Happiness Pot
  • Limited Time Promotion
  • Signature Pots
  • Value Set Menu
  • 2 Pax Bundle Deal
  • Claypot
  • Appetizer
  • Meats
  • Seafood
  • Vegetables
  • Staple
  • Long Jiang Series
  • Beverages


Value Set For 1 16.80
Spicy And Fragrant Chicken Festive Pot 28.80
Beef With Beancurd15.80
Double Happiness Pot39.80
Deluxe Pig Trotter Rice 12.90
Classic Pig Trotter Rice 9.50

Double Happiness Pot

Double Happiness Pot 39.80

Limited Time Promotion

ChongQing Chicken With Taro Pot 36.80

Signature Pots

Warmer Kit Full Set3.00
House Special Chicken Festive Pot28.8
Spicy And Fragrant Chicken Festive Pot28.8
Mushroom Herbs Chicken Pot28.8
Numbing & Fiery Chicken Pot 28.8
Chicken Stew In Pig’s Stomach40.15
Beef Brisket Pot34.8
Mum’s Special Pork Trotter Stew (Small15.00
Mum’s Special Pork Trotter Stew34.80
Pork Trotter Pot34.80
HK Style Lamb Pot36.80
Mala Lamb Pot36.80

Value Set Menu

Value Set For 116.80

2 Pax Bundle Deal 

2 Pax Bundle Deal38.00


Guangzhou style sizzling pot with pork belly13.8
JJ Chicken 13.8
Mala Pig Intestines With Enoki Mushrooms 15.8
Pig Intestines With Beancurd15.8
Beef With Enoki Mushroom15.8
Beef With Beancurd15.8
Sliced Pork With Enoki Mushrooms13.8
Sliced Pork With Beancurd13.8
Chopped Pickled Chili Pig Intestine16.8
Mei Cai Pork Trotter15.8
Mapo Tofu Claypot 15.8
Cauliflower Claypot15.8


Pork Belly with Spicy Garlic Sauce9.30
Refreshing Jellyfish Salad10.45
Pestle Century Egg with Green Chilli & Brinjal 10.45
Cucumber Salad8.10


Lychee Pork16.40
Spicy Chicken Cube26.20


Salted Egg Fish Skin15.20
Special Stir-fried Lala 17.60
Spicy & Fragrant Spicy Stir-fried Lala17.60


Egg Yolk Coated Corn 12.80
Wok-fried Fragrant Yam 12.85
Chinese Spinach with Salted Eggs and Century Egg16.40
Handshredded Cabbage15.20
String Bean W Minced Pork 15.20


Fried Rice with Prawn12.85
Egg Fried Rice10.45
Golden Fried Mantou6.90
Meat Dumplings (8Pcs)8.80
Steam Rice1.80
Salted Egg Fried Rice with Shrimps 14.00

Long Jiang Series

Classic Pig Trotter Rice9.50
Deluxe Pig Trotter Rice12.90
Braised Platter 16.20
Braised Platter 19.70
Braised Platter 21.80
Braised Platter24.00
Braised Egg 1.70
Preserved Vegetables 3.20
Braised Pig Skin 3.60
Braised Beancurd3.60
Braised Peanuts 3.90
Braised Chicken Feet 7.90
Braised Pig Ear7.45
Braised Pig Intestine7.90
Golden Pork Coin (8 Pcs ) 6.80
Pig Trotter Whole 隆江猪原蹄全只21.90


Sprite 3.35
Coke Zero3.35
Mineral Water2.15
Peach With Four Season5.90
Orange With Passion Fruit Tea 5.90
Pineapple With Passion Fruit Tea 5.90
Kim Kuat Lemon Tea 5.90
Orange Earl Grey Tea 5.90
Green Lemon With Four Season Tea5.90
Lemon Earl Grey Tea5.90

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Fat Bird Chicken HotPot specializes in a unique dining experience. Diners can enjoy a variety of hotpot ingredients cooked in a rich chicken broth. The restaurant is known for emphasizing quality chicken and a wide selection of fresh ingredients.

Unlike traditional hotpot restaurants, Fat Bird Chicken HotPot focuses specifically on chicken broth as the base for their hotpot, offering a lighter yet flavorful alternative to other broth options. This choice sets them apart and appeals to those looking for a distinctive hotpot experience.

The restaurant offers a variety of chicken cuts and preparations, including sliced chicken, chicken balls, and other chicken-based specialties. These dishes are specially curated to complement the chicken broth and enhance the hotpot experience.

While the restaurant primarily focuses on chicken-based dishes, it also provides a selection of vegetarian ingredients such as assorted vegetables, tofu, and mushrooms. These options cater to vegetarians and individuals with dietary restrictions seeking a meat-free hotpot experience.

Fat Bird Chicken HotPot (Liang Seah) is conveniently located in Singapore’s city center, specifically at 1 Liang Seah St, #01-15/16, Singapore 189022. This central location makes it easily accessible for locals and tourists looking to enjoy a hearty chicken hotpot meal.

Pick Your Favorite Meal

Have you explored all the tempting choices on the Fat Bird Chicken HotPot (Liang Seah) menu? Popular picks include Egg Yolk-Coated Corn, special stir-fried lala, and Egg-Fried Rice. Head to your nearest Fat Bird Chicken HotPot (Liang Seah) Singapore outlet and pick your favorite meal today!

Fat Bird Chicken HotPot Singapore Location And Opening Hours

1 Liang Seah St, #01-15/16, Singapore 189022

Opening Hours:

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