Kim Dae Mun Menu With Prices Singapore (Updated 2024)

Welcome to Kim Dae Mun Singapore. Discover the delicious offerings on the Kim Dae Mun Menu, featuring a variety of mouth-watering dishes. From the popular Kim Dae Mun chicken menu, known for its succulent and flavorful chicken dishes, to other savory options, Kim Dae Mun stands out as the go-to choice for authentic Korean cuisine. With a reputation for quality and taste, it’s the perfect spot to satisfy your cravings.


Check out our SGeats guide, which explores the delightful dishes on the Kim Dae Mun Menu and provides the latest prices and vivid images of each dish. Whether interested in the Kim Dae Mun Soup menu or other offerings, this article gives you all the necessary information.


Kim Dae Mun Menu With Prices 2024

Kim Dae Mun Menu can be categorized into the following:

  • Kim Dae Mun Menu

Kim Dae Mun Menu

Spicy PorkSGD 12.00
Tender Sliced BeefSGD 13.50
Fried Saba FishSGD 11.00
Spicy Shredded ChickenSGD 11.00
Dumpling SoupSGD 8.50
Fried Glass NoodlesSGD 8.50
BibimbapSGD 11.00
Beanpaste SoupSGD 10.50
Beancurd SoupSGD 10.50
Kimchi SoupSGD 10.50
Beef SoupSGD 11.00
Chicken SoupSGD 11.00
Seafood SoupSGD 11.00
Rolled EggsSGD 4.60
Breaded PrawnsSGD 7.00
Fish SoupSGD 11.00
Fried DumplingsSGD 11.00

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Kim Dae Mun offers many authentic Korean dishes, including bibimbap, bulgogi, Korean fried chicken, kimchi, hot pots (jjigae), Korean barbecue (samgyeopsal), and more.

While Kim Dae Mun primarily serves traditional Korean dishes that often include meat or seafood, it may also offer vegetarian-friendly options such as vegetable bibimbap, tofu dishes, and kimchi that don’t contain fish sauce or seafood.

Kim Dae Mun has several branches in popular shopping malls and dining areas throughout Singapore, making it accessible for residents and visitors.

Kim Dae Mun typically offers takeout services where you can order your favorite Korean dishes at home. Some branches may also provide delivery services through food delivery platforms.

Pick Your Favorite Meal

Have you explored all the tempting choices on the Kim Dae Mun menu? Popular picks include the Tender Sliced Beef, Kimchi Soup, and Fried Saba Fish. Head to your nearest Kim Dae Mun outlet in Singapore and pick your favorite meal today!

Kim Dae Mun Singapore Location And Opening Hours

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