Koma Menu Price Singapore (Updated 2024)

Welcome to the Koma Menu Singapore. The Menu at Koma has super tasty stuff, especially the Koma dinner – a mix of classic Japanese flavors and new yummy surprises. Koma is the best place in Singapore if you want a special and modern meal. Each dish is made with care, making Koma the top spot for excellent food.


Koma menu guide at SGeats talks about each delicious. And guess what? We’ve got the latest prices from Koma’s official sources. We even put in pictures so you can see how fantastic everything looks. Whether you know much about food or want something tasty, we are here to help you understand the Koma Menu. Trust us to give you accurate info so you can plan your delicious adventure with a big smile.

NameKoma Menu
CategoryAsian & Fusion
Delivery OptionsFoodpanda, Grabfood
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Koma Menu Singapore 2024

Koma Menu, we have lots of yummy food for you to try. Start with small bites like sushi or other tasty starters. Then, you can have soups or salads if you like. We also have a special hibachi grill, where chefs cook before you. You can try different combinations there. Our wok and grill section has more tasty dishes, too. We have got those if you’re hungry for noodles or rice. Remember to try our delicious sushi and sashimi. Everything is made with care and lots of flavours.

Koma MenuSushi Bar Starters 

Sushi AppetizerSGD 10.95
Sashimi AppetizerSGD 10.95
Blacken TunaSGD 10.95
Tuna Tartaki SGD 10.95
Fuji Mountain SGD 10.95
Yellowtail Jalapeno AppetizersSGD 12.95
Escolar CarpaccioSGD 10.95
Seafood CevicheSGD 10.95
Miso Sesame TunaSGD 11.9

Koma – Kitchen Starters

GyozaSGD 6.95
Lettuce Wrap (Choice of Beef or Chicken)SGD 10.95
Beef NegimakiSGD 9.35
Edamame – 6 Shrimp ShumaiSGD 5.95
Satay ChickenSGD 7.95
Mini Beijing DuckSGD 10.95
Indian PancakeSGD 5.95
Vietnamese Summer RollSGD 5.95
Vegetable Spring RollSGD 5.95
Rock Shrimp & 6 Crab RangoonSGD 9.95
Garlic Chilean Sea BassSGD11.95
Thai Crispy Chicken WingsSGD 7.95
Shrimp & Vegetable Tempura (Appetizers)SGD 8.95
Fried CalamariSGD 9.95
Spicy Tuna GyozaSGD 9.95
Pork Short RibsSGD 9.95
Fried Dragon BallSGD 5.95

Koma Soup

Miso SoupSGD 3.00
Wonton Soup (Pork & Shrimp)SGD 3.45
Tom Yum SoupSGD 5.45
Seafood Soup (Shrimp & Scallop)SGD 5.95

Koma Salad

Green SaladSGD 2.95
Avocado SaladSGD 5.50
Japanese Seaweed SaladSGD 5.50
Spicy Crab Meat SaladSGD 5.95
Chicken SaladSGD 8.95
Mango Tuna SaladSGD 9.95
Steak SaladSGD 9.95

Koma Hibachi

Vegetable HibachiSGD 16.50
Chicken HibachiSGD 18.50
Shrimp HibachiSGD 22.50
Salmon HibachiSGD 22.50
Steak HibachiSGD 24.50
Scallop HibachiSGD 25.50
Filet Mignon HibachiSGD 29.50
Twin Lobster Tail HibachiSGD 33.50
Calamari HibachiSGD 23.50

Koma Hibachi Combination

Chicken & Steak Hibachi ComboSGD 25.50
Chicken & Calamari Hibachi ComboSGD 24.50
Chicken & Shrimp Hibachi ComboSGD 24.50
Chicken & Scallop Hibachi ComboSGD 27.50
Steak & Shrimp Hibachi ComboSGD 27.50
Steak & Calamari Hibachi ComboSGD 27.50
Shrimp and Scallop Hibachi ComboSGD 29.50
Shrimp & Scallop Hibachi ComboSGD 29.50
Shrimp & Calamari Hibachi ComboSGD 28.50
Filet Mignon & Chicken Hibachi ComboSGD 28.50
Filet Mignon & Shrimp Hibachi ComboSGD 31.50
Filet Mignon & Calamari Hibachi ComboSGD 30.50
Filet Mignon & Scallop Hibachi ComboSGD 31.50
Filet Mignon & Lobster Tail Hibachi ComboSGD 34.50
Lobster Tail & Chicken Hibachi ComboSGD 29.50 
Sea Sea Sea Hibachi ComboSGD 40.50 
Lobster Tail & Shrimp Hibachi ComboSGD 31.50
Lobster Tail & Calamari Hibachi ComboSGD 30.50
Lobster Tail & Steak Hibachi ComboSGD 30.50
Lobster Tail & Scallop Hibachi ComboSGD 32.50
Salmon & Calamari Hibachi ComboSGD 27.50
Salmon & Shrimp Hibachi ComboSGD 27.50
Salmon & Steak Hibachi ComboSGD 28.50
Salmon & Scallop Hibachi ComboSGD 28.50 
Salmon & Chicken Hibachi ComboSGD 24.50
Salmon & Filet Mignon Hibachi ComboSGD 30.50
Salmon & Lobster Tail Hibachi ComboSGD 29.50
Emperor’s Deluxe Hibachi Combo (Filet Mignon, Lobster Tail, Shrimp & Scallop)SGD 44.50

Wok and Grill

General Tso’s ChickenSGD 14.95
Szechuan Crispy Shredded BeefSGD 17.95
Basil BeefSGD 16.95
Basil ShrimpSGD 16.95
Crispy Peanut ChickenSGD 16.95
Grilled Garlic Miso ShrimpSGD 18.95
Orange Ginger DuckSGD 17.95
Pan Roasted Chilean Sea BassSGD 25.95
Miso Chilean Sea BassSGD 23.95
Filet Mignon XOSGD 23.95

Noodles and Rice

Lo MeinSGD 10.95
Pad ThaiSGD 10.95
Stir-fried Udon NoodlesSGD 10.95
Asian Fried RiceSGD 10.95

Sushi and Sashimi

TunaSGD 6.50
SalmonSGD 6.50
YellowtailSGD 6.50
Striped BassSGD 5.70
ShrimpSGD 5.70
Crab StickSGD 4.70
Super White TunaSGD 6.50
EelSGD 6.70
Spicy TunaSGD 6.25
Tamago (sweet egg omelette)SGD 4.25
Alaskan King CrabSGD 5.70
Sea ScallopSGD 4.70
Alaskan King CrabSGD 5.70
Sea ScallopSGD 4.70
Jumbo Sweet ShrimpSGD 4.70
IkuraSGD 3.70
Flying Fish RoeSGD 3.70
Surf Red ClamSGD 3.25

Popular items at Koma Singapore

  • Salmon Pillow: This dish is like a special sandwich with creamy salmon inside a crunchy rice cake and some fancy truffle oil on top.
  • D.I.Y. Spicy Tuna: This is an excellent dish where you get to choose how spicy you want your raw tuna. It’s like making your spicy snack.
  • A5 Wagyu Beef Tenderloin: If you love meat, you’ve got to try this super tender steak. It’s so soft and juicy!
  • Hobayaki Snow-Aged Niigata Wagyu Ribeye: Another yummy beef dish is the Hobayaki Snow-Aged Niigata Wagyu Ribeye. It’s cooked on a fire, so it has a pleasant smoky taste.
  • Crispy Barbecued Chicken: This dish mixes Japanese and Latin American flavors to make something special. The chicken is crispy and tasty, served with a salad of cherry tomatoes and a dip made with cilantro and lime.
  • Bonsai: For dessert, try the Bonsai. It’s a chocolate treat that looks like a tiny tree. It tastes fantastic and looks really cool.

Nutrition Table For koma Menu Singapore

Item Name Calories Total Fat (g) Saturated Fat (g) Cholesterol (mg) Sodium (mg) Total Carbohydrates (g) Dietary Fiber (g) Sugars (g) Protein (g)
Brown Sugar Milk Tea 250 10 5 20 100 35 0 30 5
Brown Sugar Caramel 280 12 6 25 120 40 1 35 6
Chocolate 200 8 4 15 80 30 2 25 3
Ovaltine Cheese 220 9 4.5 18 90 32 1.5 28 4
Matcha Croffle 180 6 3 10 60 25 1 20 2
Strawberry Croffle 200 7 3.5 12 70 28 1.2 22 3

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes, Koma is a halal restaurant in Singapore.

Koma actually only has one restaurant in Singapore,

Yes, Koma takes reservations. You can make a reservation online or by calling the restaurant.

Koma opens for lunch 11:30 AM-3 PM, dinner 5 PM-12 AM, Social Hour Tuesdays 6.00 PM-9.00 PM

  • Omakase: This chef’s choice tasting menu is a great way to try a variety of Koma’s most popular dishes.
  • KOMA Roll: This  signature roll is made with Wagyu beef, Hokkaido uni, king crab, and shiso leaf.
  • Spicy Tuna Maki: This maki roll is made with spicy tuna, mango, scallion, and crispy rice.
  • Truffle Unagi: This dish is made with unagi, avocado, sweet soy sauce, and cucumber.
  • Chicken Karaage: This Japanese fried chicken is a popular appetizer.

Pick You Favorite Meal

Have you checked out all the yummy choices on Koma’s menu? If you haven’t found your favorite yet, give the Chocolate Milo Coffee a try—it’s a crowd-pleaser. Visit your closest Koma outlet in Singapore for a delightful dining experience. Enjoy discovering and savoring the tasty options waiting for you.

Koma Singapore Location & Opening Hours

Koma Marina Bay Sands Singapore

Koma Singapore Reviews

KOMA Singapore
Based on 2096 reviews
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L ChanL Chan
02:58 02 Mar 24
Water- still & sparkling waters are on the menu- chill or warm table waters are in the service chargeTasting menu- 6 course chef’s selections at $380 is very expensive. Ingredients quality mid-low. Potions ok for us small built. Dessert were good. Not too sweet- Well drinks or cocktails were good. Smooth & rich in flavoursTable- only allowed 2 hours to dine- 6 courses Omakase servicing paces were long. Everything was a rushIn hindsight- go for ala carte. 1 main, 1 dessert & 1 cocktail. Better priced. More relaxed to enjoy the decor
Daniel TasaniDaniel Tasani
02:40 02 Mar 24
I recently had the pleasure of dining at Koma Restaurant, and the experience was nothing short of exceptional. From the moment I stepped through the door, the ambiance captivated me with its blend of modern elegance and traditional charm.The menu at Koma is a culinary masterpiece, offering a diverse selection that caters to various palates. The dishes are expertly crafted, showcasing a perfect balance of flavors, textures, and presentation. Each bite was a journey through a symphony of tastes that left a lasting impression.The staff at Koma deserves special commendation for their attentive and friendly service. They not only demonstrated a profound knowledge of the menu but also went above and beyond to ensure a seamless dining experience. Their passion for hospitality truly enhanced the overall atmosphere. Yes, im talking about you Ace, kate and maricris.
Tim JonesTim Jones
12:34 28 Feb 24
Unbelievablyover priced!! DO NOT GO HERE !!!
Jamie TanJamie Tan
16:05 25 Feb 24
Theresa LimTheresa Lim
10:18 25 Feb 24
Came here on a Sunday for a family birthday celebration and we really enjoyed the experience! The service was personal, ambience 10/10 and both the quality and portion of our meal was really great. We will definitely return again.
Han LeeHan Lee
07:21 31 Dec 23
Have walked past the restaurant many times and have always been wanting to take a picture at the “Tori gates”.Finally managed to get a booking and woah, the place was absolutely mind-blowing! Service was good, food was great as well. I requested for counter seats, as I personally felt that the view of the chef and the bridge and restaurant was great!I really like the desserts, the sushi, and everything served. Definitely not the cheapest but you are paying for great service, food and ambience. Wonderful date venue.I will be back.
Jo PatmanJo Patman
21:46 27 Dec 23
I had been once before and loved it, but loved it even more on this visit. The food was delicious and such a good variety it was hard to choose! Waiters were attentive and the setting itself is something to see. Beautiful surroundings to enjoy a beautiful meal. The build your own tuna cups were delicious. We also enjoyed the salmon roll, aubergine, chicken karage, cauliflower and a dessert to share that came out like a flower pot with bonsai trees - all edible! I would absolutely recommend a visit. It will be worth it.
leila bernardinoleila bernardino
10:50 21 Dec 23
From the moment I walked in Koma I feel amazed by the beauty of the restaurant.Then the food! Absolutely amazing. Every single dish was so good. Cristina recommended some dishes and beverages to us. Thanks to her we definitely love it. This place has a great set of people, they are attentive and friendly. It is also a very busy restaurant but they offer a top-notch service. I will definitely go back and try other dishes. Great place for couples and big groups.
Aditi GandhiAditi Gandhi
01:29 02 Dec 23
One of the Top-tier Japanese restaurants with impeccable service and a serene ambiance What a great dining experience we had here. From flavorful appetizers to mouthwatering main courses, each dish is a testament to the chef's skill. Good choice available for vegetarians friends also.Overall experience was excellent so definitely recommended to everyone.PS - A must try is there Bonsai Desert … keep some space for that n don’t miss it!
Bernard TayBernard Tay
04:41 21 Aug 23
Celebrated my wife birthday there recently, was a very nice place. Food was truly amazing and the staffs were very friendly and helpful in many ways..They will constantly come and check with you on the quality of food. Server was informative to know what kind of food to recommend.Had a wonderful time there. Just that the coziness can gets a bit sleepy because the lights were a bit dimmed.Overall, was a great experience and lovely place for a good dining.

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