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KFC West Mall, located at 1 Bukit Batok Central Link, #01-24/25/43, West Mall, Singapore 658713, is a fantastic spot to enjoy delicious food. I recently visited, and the place left a positive impression on me. Their signature dishes’ welcoming atmosphere and inviting aroma made my experience enjoyable. Many seats were available, making it easy to find a comfortable spot to relax and enjoy the delicious food without any trouble.


KFC West Mall Review

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Sheena BaekSheena Baek
14:18 02 Dec 23
Absolute joke of a "fast food" outlet who take orders they can't fulfill, much less send to the kitchen!
Siri noor ShakilaSiri noor Shakila
09:28 06 Nov 23
yesterday, my boyfriend went to get the cheesy zinger mealtz meal for me and for himself with some chicken and add on cheese fries which cost us around $24 . when he come home , i opened the cheese fries and i saw that the cheese they give us was so little that even i lost my appetite to eat . the cheese they give us was so little that i don’t feel like eating it anymore. the standard of how much you give your customer cheese is down like are you trying to feed a cat by giving that less cheese ???? like i paid $24 for the whole meal and the cheese you give us is so little ???
Kim Leong ChongKim Leong Chong
23:55 12 Sep 23
10/09/2023 Sun 1843 - S$4.95 with Trust Card S$6.10 normal, today last day. Tried same on 08/09/2023 Fri at KFC Hillion, was served with tatar sauce and napkin WITHOUT request. But this store nothing given, when asked for tatar sauce, only chilli given, forgot to ask for napkin. Different KFC standards at different outlets 👎🏼 S.O.Ps to review.. 11/09/2023 Mon 1204To: KFC R&D / Management, Please develop a healthy logo certified item in KFC Menu like Kopitiam, some stores have at least on healthy logo item. Benefits like family outings, enhanced KFC image, etc. 13/09/2023 Wed 0740
GY ChanGY Chan
00:08 13 Jun 23
This restaurant may not have a lot of space, but it's always packed during peak hours for a good reason. The standout dish here is their amazing fried chicken. Crispy on the outside, tender and juicy on the inside, it's simply irresistible. While the limited space can make it a bit crowded, the flavorful and well-executed food makes up for it. Don't miss the chance to try their mouthwatering fried chicken—it's the star of the show. Just be prepared for the bustling atmosphere during busy times.
23:26 17 Jun 22
Delivery:They prepared the wrong item.The receipt even states original chickenDine in:I love the convenience of ordering and paying thru the app. You don’t have to queue, just grab a table and place your order right away.Chicken tasted fresh and seasoned well.The only thing I don’t like is how much the breading absorbs the oil or at least they could have drained the excess oil well.

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West Mall KFC Menu

KFC West Mall Menu

KFC West Mall Location

KFC West Mall

KFC in West Mall

1 Bukit Batok Central Link, #01-24/25/43, West Mall, Singapore 658713

Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday ( 7 AM to 10 PM )


This outlet operates under different hours depending on the day.

  • Monday-Sunday: 07:00 AM – 10:00 PM

Original Recipe Chicken, BBQ Cheese Zinger Meal, Chicken Boxes, and Twister Wraps are top favorites.

Yes, KFC West Mall is certified Halal.

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