Butter Bean Menu Price Singapore (Updated 2024)

Welcome to Butter Bean Menu in Singapore, where you’ll find delicious dishes like our Butter Beans Pulao. We use quality ingredients to make meals for every taste. Whether you love hearty rice dishes or want to try our Butter Bean Sandwich, we’ve got something for you.


Check out our guide, SGeats, which shows tasty dishes and gives you the latest prices and colorful images whether you’re into savory pulao or delicious sandwiches. We’ve got something for you. All info comes straight from Butter Bean’s official sources so you can trust it. Join us and find the yummy world of Butter Bean.

Butter Bean Menu Singapore 2024

We can categorize the Butter Bean Singapore Menu into the following:

  • Main Sets
  • Toast Sets
  • Sandwiches
  • Cupcakes
  • Beverages

Butter Bean Menu Main Sets

Dishes Price In SGD
Curry on Sunshine8.00
Braised Me Up8.00
Laksa Love8.00
Hey You Hae Mee8.00

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Butter Bean Menu

Butter Bean Toast Sets Menu

Dishes Price In SGD
PB & J Toast3.40
Say Cheese Toast3.80
Cheeky Choco Toast3.40
Flossy Chick Toast3.40
BB’s Kaya Toast2.60
Milky Milo Toast2.60
BButter Sugar Toast2.40
Omu Cheese Toast4.90

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Butter Bean Menu 1

Butter Bean Singapore Sandwiches

Dishes Price In SGD
Battered Fish Fillet Sandwich9.90
Crispy Fried Chicken Sandwich9.90
Basic Ham Cheese Sandwich9.30

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Butter Bean Menu 2

Butter Bean Singapore Menu Cupcakes

DishesPrice In SGD
4 Pcs Cup Cake Set10.30
6 Pcs Cup Cake Set15.30

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Butter Bean Menu 3

Beverages Menu

Dishes Price In SGD
BBrulee Kopi Latte3.80
Iced Kopi Latte3.30
Iced Americano3.00
Kopi O2.40
Kopi C2.60
Hot BButter Kopi O2.70
BBrulee Teh Latte3.80
Iced Teh Latte3.30
Hot Ginger Teh3.20
Teh O2.40
Teh C2.60
BBrulee Teh Halia4.20
BB Rose4.20
Lime Aiyu4.20
Orange Lychee Tea4.20
Lemon Lime Twist3.30
Dino Milo3.80
Football Milo3.00
Hot Ginger Water2.40

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Butter Bean Menu Singapore

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Butter Bean serves a delightful fusion of Singaporean and Western cuisines.

Yes, Butter Bean provides a range of delicious vegetarian dishes.

Yes, Butter Bean is proudly halal-certified. So you can enjoy their tasty treats with peace of mind.

Absolutely. Enjoy our scrumptious dishes in the comfort of your home through our reliable delivery partners.

Pick Your Favorite Meal

Have you looked at all the yummy foods on the Butter Bean menu? Did you find your favorite for today? Some popular picks are the tasty Curry on Sunshine and the yummy Hey You Hae Mee. Go to the closest Butter Bean restaurant and enjoy a delicious meal.

Butter Bean Singapore Location & Opening Hours

Butter Bean Seletar Mall

Location: 33 Sengkang West Ave, #01-07/08 The Seletar Mall, Singapore 797653

Opening Hours: Monday To Sunday (8:00  AM To 9:00 PM)

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