Vatos Urban Tacos Menu Singapore price (Updated2024)

Welcome to the Looking for tasty food in Singapore. Vatos Urban Tacos is the go-to spot! They serve yummy Mexican dishes with a modern twist, from delicious tacos to sweet treats like Vatos Urban Tacos Dessert. It’s an excellent place to enjoy great food.


Check out our excellent article at SGEats about Vatos Urban Tacos. It reveals all their delicious dishes and tells you about the prices. We’ve even included pictures of the food, including popular items like Vatos Urban Tacos South Beach. Before you head over, please look at our article to know what delights await you at Vatos Urban Tacos.


Vatos Urban Tacos Singapore Menu 2024

We can catagarized Vatos Urban Tacos Menu Singapore in to the following:

  • Starters
  • Urban Tacos
  • Specials
  • Signature Burrito Bowls
  • Burrito
  • Quesadillas

Vatos Urban Tacos Starters Menu

ItemsPrice In SGD
Vatos Cowboy Queso17.12 
Roasted Corn Salsa8.56 
Barbacoa Jalapeno Spring Rolls12.84 

Urban Tacos Menu

ItemsPrice In SGD
Baja Fish Urban Taco12.84 
Barbacoa Pork Urban Taco12.84 
Braised Carnitas Urban Taco11.77 
Chilli Lime Prawn Urban Taco13.91 
Chimichurri Chicken Urban Taco12.84 
Classic Carne Asada Urban Taco13.91 
Galbi Short Rib Urban Taco14.98 
Korean Pork Belly Urban Taco12.84 
Spicy Chicken Urban Taco11.77 
Vegan Urban Taco10.70 
Veggie Urban Taco10.70 

Vatos Urban Tacos Menu – Specials

ItemsPrice In SGD
Honey Tequila Chicken Wings20.33 
Kimchi Carnitas Fries20.33 

Signature Burrito Bowls

ItemsPrice In SGD
Fire Chicken Signature Burrito Bowl21.40 
Korean Po’ Boy Signature Burrito22.47 
Surf ‘N Turf Signature Burrito Bowl25.68 
The Fat Bastard Signature Burrito Bowl24.61 
Veggie Delight Signature Burrito Bowl19.26 

Burrito Menu

ItemsPrice In SGD
Vatos Style Burrito19.26 
Fajita Classic Burrito17.12 


ItemsPrice In SGD
Carne Asada Quesadilla20.33 
Just Cheese Please Quesadilla14.98 
Kimchi Pork Quesadilla19.26 
Mushroom and Spinach Quesadilla17.12 
Spicy Chicken Quesadilla19.26 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

NO, Vatos Urban Tacos menu restaurants are not halal in Singapore as they do not serve halal menu items.

Our prices are designed to offer value for money, with various options to suit different budgets. We believe in providing quality dishes at affordable prices.

There are currently two Vatos Urban Tacos restaurants in Singapore:Vatos Urban Tacos (South Beach), located at 313@Somerset and Vatos Urban Kitchen (City House), located at 20 Cross Street.

Pick Your Favourite Meal

Have you tried all the yummy choices on the Vatos Urban Tacos menu? Whether you like starters, urban tacos, specials, signature burrito bowls, burritos, or quesadillas, there’s something tasty for everyone. Come on over to the closest Vatos Urban Tacos Singapore outlet and enjoy some delicious food today.


Adress:36 Beach Rd, #01-03 South Beach Quarter, Singapore 189766

Opining Hours:Tue-Sun: 12–3:30 pm, 5–10:30 pm

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