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Thai Accent Menu With Price Singapore (Updated 2024)

Welcome to the Thai Accent Menu Singapore, where you can enjoy real Thai Menu and have many delicious dishes like the tasty Thai Accent Chicken Menu, seafood, curries, and vegetarian options. Known for its friendly service and top-quality ingredients, Thai Accent is the best choice for Thai food lovers in Singapore. Whether you like spicy or mild flavors, Thai Accent gives you a wonderful dining experience with the true taste of Thailand.


At SGeats, we show you the tasty dishes on the Thai Accent Menu, with the latest prices and clear pictures from the Thai Accent Vivocity location. Our review helps you plan your next meal with up-to-date information. From yummy appetizers to filling main courses and sweet desserts, you’ll find everything you need to know about eating at Thai Accent. Join us to explore the delicious food at this famous Thai restaurant.

Thai Accent Menu With Price 2024

Thai Accent Singapore Menu can be categorized into the following:

  • Popular
  • Appetizer & Thai Salad
  • Thai Flavour Soup
  • Traditional Thai Curry
  • Chicken
  • Beancurd and Vegetables
  • Seafood
  • Single Plate – Rice & Noodles
  • Vegetarian Delights
  • Dessert
  • Drinks


DishesPrice In SGD 
Thai Green Curry Chicken20.60
Minced Chicken With Hot Basil Leaves17.44
Thai Vegetarian Green Curry served with Roti Prata20.60
Phad Thai Noodle with Prawns17.33
Vegetarian Pineapple Fried Rice17.33
Chicken with Black Pepper Sauce17.44

Appetizer & Thai Salad

DishesPrice In SGD 
Vegetarian Pineapple Fried Rice17.33
Thai Green Curry Chicken20.60
Phad Thai Noodle with Prawns17.33
Minced Chicken With Hot Basil Leaves17.44
Clear Base Vegetarian Tom Yam Soup12.97

Flavour Soup

DishesPrice In SGD 
Creamy Chicken Coconut Soup18.42
Clear Soup with Homemade Chicken Ball and Japanese Beancurd12.97
Clear Base Tom Yam Seafood Soup(Individual Bowl)12.97
Red Base Tom Yam Seafood Soup (Individual Bowl) 12.97
Red Base Tom Yam Seafood Soup (For 2-4 Pax))33.68
Clear Base Tom Yam Seafood Soup (For 2-4 Pax)33.68

Traditional Thai Curry

DishesPrice In SGD 
Thai Green Curry Chicken20.60
Thai Red Curry Chicken20.60
Thai Red Curry Duck21.69
Thai Green Curry Beef 20.60
Thai Red Curry Beef20.60


DishesPrice In SGD 
Pandan Leaf Chicken 18.53
Minced Chicken With Hot Basil Leaves 17.44
Chicken With Garlic Sauce17.44
Chicken with Cashew Nuts and Dried Chillies 17.44
Chicken With Sweet & Sour Sauce17.44
Chicken with Black Pepper Sauce17.44

Beef & Duck

DishesPrice In SGD 
Beef Slices With Hot Basil Leaves 19.07
Beef & Celery With Black Bean Sauce19.07
Beef Slices with Black Pepper Sauce 19.07
Duck Slices With Hot Basil Leaves21.69
Duck Slices with Garlic Sauce 21.69

Beancurd and Vegetables

DishesPrice In SGD 
Beancurd With Hot Basil Leaves14.71
Japanese Beancurd With Minced Chicken And Mushroom15.80
Bean Curd & Celery With Mushroom In Black Bean Sauce16.89
KangKong with Shrimp Paste15.80
Baby Kailan with Garlic 15.80
Baby Kailan with Salted Fish15.80
Baby French Bean with Garlic and Minced Chicken17.98
Broccoli with Mushroom17.98
Mixed Vegetables With Garlic & Oyster Sauce
Baby French Bean With Minced Chicken & Dry Shrimp In Chili Paste17.98


DishesPrice In SGD 
Stir-Fried Glass Noodles With Tiger Prawn (2 Pcs)23.87
Steamed Seabass With Lime, Garlic & Chilli Sauce43.49
Steamed Sea Bass With Thai Soya Sauce & Fresh Ginger43.49
Fish Fillet with Black Pepper Sauce19.07

Single Plate – Rice & Noodles

DishesPrice In SGD 
Thai Fragrant Steamed Rice2.18
Thai Fried Rice With Prawn17.33
Pineapple Fried Rice with Prawn17.33
Stir-Fried Minced Chicken With Hot Basil Leaves Rice Set17.33
Phad Thai Noodle with Prawns17.33
Stir-Fried Spaghetti With Seafood And Hot Basil Leaves17.33
Red Base Tom Yam Mee Hoon Soup With Seafood17.33
Thai Style Stewed Beef Noodles Soup18.42
Thai Style Duck Noodles Soup18.42
Stir-Fried Minced Beef With Hot Basil Leaves Rice Set17.33
Black Olive Fried Rice With Minced Chicken17.33
Stir-Fried Kway Teow With Chicken (Pad See Ew)17.33
Stir-Fried Kway Teow With Beef (Pad See Ew)17.33

Vegetarian Delights

DishesPrice In SGD 
Vegetarian Crispy Spring Roll12.97
Vegetarian Green Papaya Salad15.80
Thai Fragrant Steamed Rice2.16
Vegetarian Black Olive Fried Rice17.33
Vegetarian Pad Thai Noodles17.33
Vegetarian Mango Salad with Cashew Nuts15.80
Clear Base Vegetarian Tom Yam Soup12.97
Vegetarian Creamy Coconut Soup12.97
Thai Vegetarian Green Curry served with Roti Prata20.60
Vegetarian Beancurd with Hot Basil Leaf14.71
Vegetarian Beancurd with Mixed Vegetables and Mushrooms17.33
KangKong with Vegetarian Sauce15.81
Baby Kailan with Mushroom in Vegetarian Sauce15.81
Broccoli & Mushroom With Vegetarian Sauce17.99
Baby French Bean with Mushroom in Vegetarian Sauce17.99
Vegetarian Thai Fried Rice17.33
Vegetarian Pineapple Fried Rice17.33
Vegetarian Clear Base Tom Yam Mee Hoon Soup17.33
Vegetarian Spaghetti With Hot Basil Leaves17.33
Vegetarian Fried Kway Teow with Thai Soya Sauce17.33
Vegetarian Bean Curd With Sweet & Sour Sauce15.80
Vegetarian Bean Curd With Cashew Nuts & Dry Chillies15.80
Eggplant With Basil Leaves In Vegetarian Sauce15.81


DishesPrice In SGD 
Sweet Tapioca 7.08
Red Ruby7.08
Thai Chendol7.08


DishesPrice In SGD 
Chillied Lime Juice7.63
Iced Honey Lemon6.54
Iced Lemon Tea 6.54
Mineral Water (500ml)5.45
Coke (Canned)4.90
Coke Light (Canned)4.90
Sprite (Canned) 4.90
Thai Iced Tea (Thai Style Milk Tea)7.63
Thai Iced Green Tea (Thai Style Milk Green Tea) 7.63
Thai Iced Coffee (Thai Style Milk Coffee) 7.63
Thai Iced Lemongrass7.63
Thai Iced Butterfly Pea 7.63
Sparkling Water (330ml)6.54
Chillied Lime Soda 7.63

Frequently Asking Question (FAQs)

Thai Accent serves authentic Thai cuisine, including dishes like Pad Thai, Tom Yum Goong, Green Curry, and Mango Sticky Rice.

Thai Accent is located on the 2nd level of VivoCity, Singapore.

Yes, Thai Accent offers a variety of vegetarian options, such as vegetarian spring rolls and tofu dishes.

Thai Accent operates from 11:30 AM to 10:00 PM daily.

Yes, you can make a reservation via phone, their website, or online reservation platforms.

Pick Your Favorite Meal

Have you explored all the tempting choices on the Thai Accent menu? Did you find your favorite meal for today? Popular picks include Chillied Lime Juice, Thai Green Curry Chicken, Red Ruby, and Iced Lemon Tea. Head to your nearest Thai Accent Singapore outlet and enjoy.

Thai Accent Singapore Location And Opening Hours

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