Ya Kun Kaya Toast Menu Price Singapore (Updated 2024)

Ya Kun Kaya Toast is a Singaporean institution, serving up delicious kaya toast and kopi since 1944. The story of Ya Kun began when Mr. Loi Ah Kun, a Hainanese immigrant, started selling kaya toast and kopi from a pushcart in Chinatown. Mr. Loi’s kaya toast was an instant hit, and his pushcart soon became a popular spot for locals to enjoy a traditional Singaporean breakfast.


In 1945, Mr. Loi opened his first Ya Kun Kaya Toast shop in Jalan Sultan. The shop was a huge success, and Ya Kun quickly became one of the most popular kaya toast brands in Singapore. Today, Ya Kun has over 80 outlets across the island, and it is a popular spot for both locals and tourists alike.

Ya Kun Kaya Toast Menu Singapore 2024

Ya Kun Kaya Toast restaurant has lots of tasty food to try. You can pick and choose what you want from our menu. We have special sandwiches called Toastwiches that are yummy. If you want a good deal, try our Value Sets. They give you a full meal at a great price. We also have tasty snacks like fries, soups, and delicious pastries. And remember to grab a drink from our selection of beverages.

Yakun Kaya Toast A La Carte Menu

Smoked Cheese French Toast with KayaSGD 3.00 
Steamed BreadSGD 2.70 
Kaya Toast with PeanutSGD 2.60 
Butter Sugar ToastSGD 2.60 
Kaya Toast with ButterSGD 2.60 
French Toast with KayaSGD 2.60 

Ya Kun Kaya Toast Singapore Menu – Toastwich

Fish Otah ToastwichSGD 4.20 
Tuna Mayo ToastwichSGD 4.20 
Chicken Char Siew ToastwichSGD 4.20 
Rendang Chicken ToastwichSGD 4.20 

Ya Kun Kaya Menu – Value Set Meals

Steamed Bread SetSGD 5.70 
Smoked Cheese French Toast with Kaya SetSGD 6.00 
French Toast with Kaya SetSGD 5.60 
Butter Sugar Toast SetSGD 5.60 
Kaya Toast with Peanut SetSGD 5.60 
Kaya Toast with Butter SetSGD 5.60 

Ya Kun Kaya Toast Singapore Sides

Soft Boiled EggsSGD 2.00 
Cheese BallsSGD 3.20 
Kaya BallsSGD 3.20 
Kaya Butter CrackersSGD 2.20 
Butter Sugar CrackersSGD 2.20 

Ya Kun Kaya Toast Pastry Options

Kaya Pandan Chiffon (Whole)SGD 17.30 
Coffee Walnut Swiss RollSGD 17.10 
Ondeh Pandan Swiss RollSGD 17.10 
Black Sesame Swiss RollSGD 17.10 
4 Muffins (Any Choice)SGD 8.30 
Double Choco MuffinSGD 2.30 
Black Sesame Swiss RollSGD 2.70 
Kaya Pandan ChiffonSGD 2.70 
Coffee Walnut Swiss RollSGD 2.70 
Signature Kaya Pandan MuffinSGD 2.30 
Orange Choco MuffinSGD 2.30 
Banana Walnut MuffinSGD 2.30 

Yakun Toast Menu – Hot Beverages 

Ginger Milk TeaSGD 2.70 
Chinese TeaSGD 2.20 
Ginger WaterSGD 2.60 
Ginger Tea OSGD 2.60 
Silky BarleySGD 3.20 
Buzzy Honey LemonSGD 3.00
Lemon TeaSGD 3.00 
HorlicksSGD 2.40 
MiloSGD 2.40 
Yuan Yang CSGD 2.30
Yuan Yang OSGD 1.90 
Yuan Yang SGD 2.10 
Tea CSGD 2.20 
Tea OSGD 1.80 
Tea SGD 2.00 
Coffee CSGD 2.20 
Coffee OSGD 1.80 
CoffeeSGD 2.00 

Yakun Price – Cold Beverages

Bottled WaterSGD 2.20 
Iced Soy Tea OSGD 3.40 
Iced Soy TeaSGD 3.60 
Iced Soy CoffeeSGD 3.60 
Iced Soy Coffee OSGD 3.40 
Iced Buzzy Honey LemonSGD 3.00 
Iced Ginger Milk TeaSGD 3.40 
Iced Silky BarleySGD 3.20 
Iced Lemon TeaSGD 3.00 
Iced HorlicksSGD 3.20 
Iced MiloSGD 3.20 
Iced Yuan Yang CSGD 3.20 
Iced Yuan Yang OSGD 2.90 
Iced Yuan YangSGD 3.10 
Iced Tea CSGD 2.80 
Iced Tea OSGD 2.90 
Iced Coffee CSGD 3.10 
Iced Coffee OSGD 2.80 

Nutrition Table For Ya Kun Kaya Toast Menu Singapore

Item Name Calories Sugars (g) Protein (g)
Steamed Bread 150 5 3
Kaya Toast with Peanut 250 15 5
Butter Sugar Toast 200 20 3
Fish Otah Toastwich 300 5 15
Tuna Mayo Toastwich 350 10 20
Steamed Bread Set 250 8 4
Butter Sugar Toast Set 300 30 5
Soft Boiled Eggs 120 0 10
Kaya Balls 180 15 3
Item Name Total Carbohydrates (g) Fat (g) Cholesterol (mg)
Steamed Bread 30 2 0
Kaya Toast with Peanut 40 8 0
Butter Sugar Toast 35 6 10
Fish Otah Toastwich 25 12 20
Tuna Mayo Toastwich 30 14 25
Steamed Bread Set 50 3 0
Butter Sugar Toast Set 55 10 15
Soft Boiled Eggs 1 8 370
Kaya Balls 25 6 5

choices at Ya Kun Kaya Toast Singapore

  • Kaya Toast Set: This is the classic combination of two slices of toasted white bread with a kaya (coconut jam) spread and butter, accompanied by a soft-boiled egg and two half-dips (coffee or tea).
  • Kaya Butter Toast: This is a simpler version of the Kaya Toast Set, with just the kaya and butter on the toast.
  • French Toast with Kaya: This is a twist on the classic kaya toast, where the bread is dipped in egg batter and pan-fried before being slathered with kaya.
  • Kaya Butter Crackers: These are light and crispy crackers that are filled with their signature kaya and butter. 

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Yes, Ya Kun is halal certified.

Yes, Ya Kun has a few vegetarian options, including the French toast set and the nasi lemak set with tofu.

No, Ya Kun does not have any vegan options.

The kaya toast set is the most popular item on the menu, and for good reason. It is simple but delicious, and the perfect way to start your day.

 Yes, Ya Kun delivers through selected delivery platforms.


Ya Kun Kaya Toast is a great place to experience traditional Singaporean breakfast and brunch. With its delicious food, affordable Price In SGD, and convenient locations, it is no wonder that Ya Kun is so popular among locals and tourists alike.

Ya Kun Kaya Toast is a great place to experience traditional Singaporean breakfast and brunch. The kaya toast is delicious, the kopi is strong and flavorful, and the service is always friendly. If you are looking for an authentic Singaporean dining experience, be sure to check out Ya Kun Kaya Toast.

Location: 101 Thomson Road #B1-38, United Square Shopping Mall, Singapore 307591

Opening Hours: Monday – Sunday (7.30 – 8.00)

Ya Kun Kaya Toast Reviews

Ya Kun Kaya Toast
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San Jay SSan Jay S
23:59 03 Jan 24
Excellent place to have local delight. Bread with butter and eggs plus coffee. Awesome taste.
Christian ProettiChristian Proetti
05:36 23 Dec 23
Maybe the coffee is good but it was insanely hot so I couldn't even touch it. Maybe the food is good but I left before I could try it. The tables are all dirty. I got egg yolk spilt on me but they don't provide napkin's so I had to abandon my food order to go clean up in the bathroom.
Aland M TanAland M Tan
09:00 22 Nov 23
Today I was u around Novena/Velocity and at B1, jus had an afternoon tea break and the biscuit crackers was superb along with nice cup of tea. Try it .... Kudo , young man serving me was patient and kind. Kudos
00:36 26 Aug 23
Ya Kun Kaya Toast is a cosy place. It serves nice kaya toast and coffee.I like their coffee. Their egg is very fresh and nice. It is served instantly right after payment is made.For upsize of coffee, it's an additional $0.90. All are freshly prepared at the point of order.They have 4 staff. The cashier serves the egg, and there's a coffee guy. The other 2 staff members prepare the toast.It's directly beside the escalator at United Square. It's also close to the toilet.
Glenn WongGlenn Wong
02:57 13 Dec 17
Quality of the eggs here is below standard - over cooked (refer to photos). They were not cracked properly with bits of shells in the eggs too! Even the tea is too sweet and not well mixed. Paragon outlet is more consistent and better standard. A disappointing experience. Need to improve on the quality control. I have seen before at the paragon outlet they will discard eggs that were either too watery or too hard and give you the correct quality ones.

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