Springleaf Prata Place Menu With Prices Singapore (Updated 2024)

Welcome to Springleaf Prata Place in Singapore, where yummy food is served for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. We’ll show you what’s on their breakfast menu, with prices and photos, so you know what to expect.


All the info is from the restaurant itself, Check out our SGeats guide for a complete look at Springleaf Prata Place’s menu, including delivery options. Whether eating there or ordering in, this article has all you need to know.

Springleaf Prata Place Menu Prices 2024

  • A la Carte
  •  Specialty Pratas Menu
  • Pratas
  • Ultimate Hawker Fest 
  • Martabak & Roti John 
  • Biryani 
  •  Goreng 
  • Thosai & Vegetarian 
  • Dessert Pratts 
  • Beverages

Springleaf Prata Place A la Carte

Fried ChickenSGD 7.40
Mutton SoupSGD 7.70
Masala ChickenSGD 7.40
Pepper PrawnsSGD 13.00
Biryani RiceSGD 3.40
Lamb ShankSGD 22.20
Butter ChickenSGD 10.60
Curry MuttonSGD 8.10
Fried FishSGD 5.20

Springleaf Prata Menu

Plain Prata (2pcs)SGD 3.40
Cheese PrataSGD 4.30
Egg Prata (2pcs)SGD 6.00
Coin PrataSGD 4.80
Egg PrataSGD 3.10
Double Egg PrataSGD 4.80
Egg Mozzarella Cheese PrataSGD 6.00
Egg Cheese PrataSGD 5.50
Plain PrataSGD 1.80
Egg Onion PrataSGD 3.70
Paper Prata (Sugar)SGD 3.00
Onion PrataSGD 2.90
Paper Prata (Milk)SGD 3.20
Plaster PrataSGD 3.40
Plaster Cheese PrataSGD 5.70
Double Egg Cheese PrataSGD 6.90
Double Egg Onion PrataSGD 5.20
Paper PrataSGD 2.30
Egg Onion Mushroom PrataSGD 5.70
Egg Onion Cheese PrataSGD 6.30
Plaster Onion PrataSGD 3.90
Paper Prata (Milk and Sugar)SGD 3.80
Onion Cheese PrataSGD 4.60

Specialty Pratas Menu

Mozzarella Cheese PrataSGD 5.20
Mushroom Cheese Prata with EggSGD 6.80
Egg Floss PrataSGD 6.30
Egg Cheese Floss PrataSGD 7.70
Portobello Mozzarella PrataSGD 8.00
Hotdog Cheese Prata with EggSGD 6.80
Combo Prata – Mushroom, Egg, & TomatoSGD 6.00
Mushroom Prata with EggSGD 5.20
Hotdog Prata with EggSGD 5.20

Ultimate Hawker Fest

2013 MurtaburgerSGD 12.00
2016 Salted Egg Prawn PrataSGD 16.20
2012 Ultimate MurtabakSGD 19.40
2017 Prata AlfredoSGD 14.80
2020 Das BratwurstSGD 12.00
2014 Plaster Blaster (Normal Sauce)SGD 8.60
2023 OkonomiyakiSGD 10.90
2018 La Ayam ParottaSGD 13.70
2019 Magic Meatless MurtabakSGD 10.20
2014 Plaster Blaster (Indian Sauce)SGD 8.60
2015 Umami – 50SGD 13.70

Martabak & Roti John

Chicken MurtabakSGD 12.50
Sardine Murtabak (Regular)SGD 10.20
Mutton MurtabakSGD 12.50
Roti John MuttonSGD 7.70
Vegetable Murtabak (Regular)SGD 10.20
Roti John ChickenSGD 7.70

Springleaf Prata Place Biryani Dishes

Masala Chicken BiryaniSGD 11.40
Lamb Shank BiryaniSGD 24.00
Mutton BiryaniSGD 11.40
Prawn BiryaniSGD 16.50
Fish BiryaniSGD 9.80
Fish With White RiceSGD 8.80
Prawn With White RiceSGD 15.50
Masala Chicken With White RiceSGD 10.40
Lamb Shank With White RiceSGD 23.00
Mutton With White RiceSGD 10.40

Springleaf Prata Place Goreng Dishes

Nasi GorengSGD 7.80
Mee Hoon GorengSGD 7.80
Mee GorengSGD 7.80
Prata GorengSGD 7.80
Kway Teow GorengSGD 7.80
Maggi GorengSGD 7.80

Thosai & Vegetarian

Plain ThosaiSGD 2.80
Masala ThosaiSGD 4.50
Impossible Murtaburger (No Egg)SGD 16.00
Egg DosaSGD 4.00
Vegetable BiryaniSGD 8.60

Springleaf Prata Place Dessert Pratts

Red Bean PrataSGD 5.20
Prontoast 1 pcSGD 4.50
Banana PrataSGD 5.20
Roti BombSGD 3.70

Springleaf Prata Place Beverages Menu

Signature Mocktails
StrawberrySGD 8.00
Autumn Gula MelakaSGD 8.70
Winter CoolerSGD 8.70
ChocolateSGD 8.00
BananaSGD 8.00
MiloSGD 8.00
Masala TeaSGD 3.70
MangoSGD 8.00
Favorite Regular Drinks
Teh TarikSGD 1.90
Teh HaliaSGD 2.30
Bru TarikSGD 2.40
MiloSGD 2.00
Coffee TarikSGD 1.90
Soursop ColdSGD 4.50
Barley ColdSGD 3.30
Milo Dinosaur ColdSGD 4.70
Rose Syrup Limau ColdSGD 3.70
Bandung ColdSGD 3.70
Banana LassiSGD 6.70
Mango LassiSGD 6.70
Salted LassiSGD 5.70
Strawberry LassiSGD 6.70
Sweet LassiSGD 5.70

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes, they offer both, making enjoying their Prata creations at home or the office convenient.

You can customize your Prata by adding extra ingredients such as cheese, egg, onion, or even sausage or chicken floss.

There isn’t a specific kids’ menu, but children can enjoy plain prata or prata with simple toppings like egg or cheese.

Pick Your Favorite Meal

Have you explored all the tempting choices on Springleaf Prata Place’s menu? Did you find your favorite meal for today? Popular picks include the refreshing Strawberry Lassi, the comforting Bru Tarik, and the delicious Banana Prata. Head to your nearest Springleaf Prata Place outlet in Singapore to savor these delights and discover more mouthwatering options!

Springleaf Prata Place Singapore Location And Opening Hours

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