Pietro Ristorante Italiano Menu & Prices  Singapore (Updated 2024)

Welcome to Pietro Ristorante Italiano Menu . Their menu has lots of delicious Italian food that tastes just like it does in Italy. You can start with yummy appetizers like bruschetta with tomatoes and basil or creamy burrata cheese with balsamic vinegar. 


For the main meal, they serve fantastic pasta dishes like spaghetti with bacon and cheese or ravioli filled with spinach and cheese. They also serve tasty meat and fish dishes like ossobuco with saffron rice and grilled sea bass with lemon and capers. You can also enjoy Italian drinks like wine and unique cocktails. At Pietro Ristorante Italiano Menu, they ensure that every dish is made with love and tastes good.

Pietro Ristorante Italiano Menu With Prices 2024

  • Bundle Set
  • Bento Set
  •  Zuppa (Soup)
  •  Antipasto (Appetizer) 
  • Pasta Classico (Classic Pasta)
  • Pasta Fatta in Casa & Risotto
  •  Pizza Dal Forno (12” Brick Oven Pizza) 
  • Carne e Pesce (Meat and Fish)
  •  I Dolci (Sweets)
  •  Homemade Butter & Sauce
  • Beverages
  • Canned Drinks
  • Mineral Water

Pietro Ristorante Italiano Bundle Set Dishes

Family FiestaSGD 102.71
Hearty Fiesta UpsizeSGD 99.91
Hearty FiestaSGD 57.85
Party FiestaSGD 177.48
Pizza FiestaSGD 53.18
Pasta FiestaSGD 70.00
Pasta FiestaSGD 51.40
Buffalo FiestaSGD 45.00

Bento Set Dishes

Pollo Al RosmarinoSGD 15.90
Filetto Di BranzinoSGD 18.90
Confit D’ AnatraSGD 20.90
Filetto Di SalmoneSGD 21.90
Stufato Di AgnelloSGD 18.90
Costolette Di BufaloSGD 18.90

Pietro Ristorante Italiano Zuppa (Soup) Dishes

Zuppa Di FunghiSGD 9.90
Blue Swimmer Crab BisqueSGD 12.90
Hail CaesarSGD 16.90
Insalata Di RucolaSGD 15.90
Insalata Di Burrata Con Prosciutti Di ParmaSGD 21.90

Antipasto (Appetizer) Dishes

Cold Capellini w EbiSGD 16.90
Calamari FrittiSGD 17.90
Patatine Al TartufoSGD 14.90
Ali Di Pollo Di Buffalo (8 pieces)SGD 15.90
Funghi FrittiSGD 13.90
Crocchette Di Pollo (12 pieces) Crocchette Di Pollo (12 pieces)SGD 12.90
ProsciuttoSGD 15.90
Focaccia Al TartufoSGD 14.90
Garlic Bread (3 pieces)SGD 8.90
Foie GrasSGD 26.90
VongoleSGD 19.90

Pasta Classico (Classic Pasta) Dishes

Penne Swimmer CrabSGD 25.90
Lasagna di ManzoSGD 22.90
Spaghetti Aglio Olio Frutti Di MareSGD 21.90
Spaghetti Aglio Olio E FunghiSGD 18.90
Spaghetti Alla CarbonaraSGD 19.90
Linguine Al CartoccioSGD 28.90
Spaghetti Alla BologneseSGD 19.90
Spaghetti VongoleSGD 21.90
Spaghetti Al Nero Di SeppiaSGD 27.90
Linguine Ai Funghi Al TartufoSGD 21.90

Pasta Fatta in Casa & Risotto Dishes

Risotto Al FunghiSGD 19.90
Ravioli Al TartufoSGD 28.90
Gnocchi Ai Frutti Di MareSGD 26.90
Risotto Di Mare ZafferanoSGD 27.90
Gnocchi Ai Quattro FormaggiSGD 24.90

Pizza Dal Forno (12” Brick Oven Pizza) Dishes

Pizza FunghiSGD 20.90
Pizza AmatricianaSGD 21.90
Pizza RomanaSGD 21.90
Pizza HawaiianSGD 21.90
Pizza Aglio Olio FunghiSGD 21.90
Pizza MargheritaSGD 18.90
Pizza Ai PeperoniSGD 22.90
Pizza Di Pollo Arrosto BuffaloSGD 23.90
Pizza BismarckSGD 24.90
Pizza Ai Quattro FormaggiSGD 24.90
Pizza PietroSGD 25.90
Pizza CarnivoraSGD 25.90
Pizza Brasata Di AngeloSGD 25.90
Pizza Frutti Di MareSGD 28.90
Pizza EscargotSGD 32.90

Carne e Pesce (Meat and Fish) Dishes

Fish n ChipsSGD 22.90
Filetto Di BranzinoSGD 23.90
Filetto Di SalmoneSGD 28.90
Costolette Di BufaloSGD 25.90
Confit D’ Anatra (Duck Confit)SGD 26.90
Pancetta Di Maiale Arrosto (Pork Belly)SGD 26.90
Pollo Al RosmarinoSGD 21.90
Stufato Di AgnelloSGD 27.90

Pietro Ristorante Italiano I Dolci (Sweets) Dishes

Croissant PuddingSGD 11.90
Tiramisu ClassicoSGD 13.90
Tiramisù Al PistacchioSGD 14.90
Basque Burnt CheesecakeSGD 40.00
Basque Burnt CheesecakeSGD 9.90
TiramisuSGD 45.00

Homemade Butter & Sauce Dishes

Homemade Garlic ButterSGD 13.00
Homemade Tomato Pasta Sauce Homemade Tomato Pasta SauceSGD 7.90
Homemade Buffalo Herb SauceSGD 9.90
Homemade Truffle Mayo SauceSGD 13.90
Homemade Honey Mustard Red Wine Vinaigrette DressingSGD 9.90
Homemade Italian Balsamic DressingSGD 9.90
Homemade Sun Dried Tomato ButterSGD 13.00

Pietro Ristorante Italiano Beverages Dishes

Homemade Ice Tea and Fruit Juice
Homemade Ice Lemon TeaSGD 4.50
Orange JuiceSGD 4.50
Apple JuiceSGD 4.50
Lime JuiceSGD 4.50
Canned Drinks
Sparkling Fruit Drinks 200mlSGD 3.90
Organic Sparkling Tea 250mlSGD 4.50
Soft DrinksSGD 3.80
Mineral Water
Erdinger Dunkel (Dark)SGD 13.90
San Pellegrino 250mlSGD 4.50
Acqua Panna 750mlSGD 8.00
Acqua Panna 250mlSGD 4.50
Bottled Beer
Erdinger Weissbier (White)SGD 13.90
San Pellegrino 750mlSGD 8.00

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Pietro’s serves yummy Italian food like pasta, pizza, fish, and meat dishes.

Yes. Pietro’s has meals without meat, like pasta with veggie sauce and cheese, risotto, and appetizers like bruschetta. They might have more vegetarian options, too, so it’s best to ask them directly.

Some of Pietro’s locations might deliver through services like Uber Eats or Grubhub. You can check those apps or call the restaurant to find out.

Pick Your Favourite Meal

“Come and enjoy delicious Italian food at Pietro Ristorante. Their menu has lots of tasty dishes from Italy. You can try homemade pasta, flavorful meats, and fresh seafood. Every bite is made with care and brings you the true flavours of Italy. Visit us at Pietro Ristorante Italiano to taste amazing food and have a great time.”

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