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Welcome to the MOS Burger Promotion. We’ve got amazing deals waiting just for you. It’s like a party for your taste buds. Here, you can find the latest deals with details about dishes with prices and pictures.


MOS Burger Promotion – Fortune Dragon Rice Burger

Check out the cool new burger at the Japanese restaurant. It’s called the Fortune Dragon Rice Burger. A rice crown topped with yummy flat lobster (like crayfish), red capsicum, and a perfectly cooked egg. And to make it even more delicious, they pour a spicy tomato sauce on top that kicks your taste buds. You can get it for $8.80.

MOS  Burger Deals

MOS Burger Discount – Golden Fortune Ball

MOS Burger has a special treat inspired by the Chinese New Year cake snack called “Golden Fortune Ball.” It’s like a yummy version of the sticky rice cake. They wrap it up in sweet potato skin, adding a bit of crunch and sweetness. It’s a fun twist on a tradition. You can get four pieces all by themselves for just $5.80.

MOS Burger Promotion

MOS Burger Coupon – Fortune Dragon Combo

MOS Burger has a special deal called “The Fortune Dragon Combo” for $16.80. It includes the awesome Fortune Dragon Rice Burger, the Golden Fortune Ball, and Iced Tea. It’s like a delicious package with everything you need for a fantastic meal. Take advantage of this awesome combo.

MOS Burger Discount

The yummy new food items will only be around for a short time. Starting January 31st (Wednesday) onwards, you can grab them at any MOS Burger outlet or MOS Cafe.

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MOS Burger Promotion

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