Miam Miam Menu Price Singapore (Updated 2024)

Welcome to Miam Miam Menu Singapore. We are your one-stop shop for all delicious and satisfying food. Miam Miam uses only the best fresh ingredients and ensures every dish is cooked perfectly.


Miam Miam is a restaurant in Singapore that serves delicious meals like soups, Salads, Small Bites, Pasta, Rice, Desserts, and Beverages. Miam Menu is known for its affordable prices and its all-you-can-eat salad bar. So, if you want to try delicious food in a fun and new way, Miam Miam is the place for you.

Miam Miam Singapore Menu 2024

We can easily categorize the Miam Miam Menu Singapore into the following: Soup | Salads | Small Bites | Pasta | Rice | Desserts | Beverages

Miam Miam – Soup Menu

DishesPrice in SGD
Truffle Oil Onsen Egg Mushroom Soup9.63
Miam Miam  Soup Menu Singapore

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Miam Miam Singapore – Salads Menu

DishesPrice in SGD
Smoked Salmon Ikura Salad14.34
Japanese Tofu Salad10.70
Miam Miam Salads Menu Price

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Small Bites

DishesPrice in SGD
Spicy Teriyaki Japanese Fried Chicken Wings13.27
Parmesan Cheese Truffle Fries13.27
Original Japanese Fried Chicken Wings13.27
Mentaiko Mayo Fries11.13
Crispy Calamari Rings13.27
Clam Du Jus9.00
Baked Miso Honey Mid Wings12.20
 Small Bites Menu Singapre

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Miam Miam Pasta

DishesPrice In SGD
Truffle Carbonara20.76
Teriyaki Barramundi Pasta28.78
Seafood Tomato Cream19.69
Ocean Arrabbiata18.94
Miam Miam Spaghetti17.55
Miam Miam Spaghetti Vegetarian17.55
Mentaiko Crab Squid Ink23.97
Mentaiko Crab Aglio Oli22.90
Mac & Cheese17.12
Chicken Teriyaki Spaghett18.62
Miam Miam Pasta Menu  Price

Miam Miam – Rice Menu

DishesPrice In SGD
Glazed Teriyaki Chicken (Donburi)17.12
Mentaiko Crab Riz Noir Squid Ink Rice20.76
Riz Au Curry18.19
Riz Noir Squid Ink Rice with Assorted Seafood19.26
Seared Sea Bass Fillet (Donburi)18.62
Shogayaki Pork (Donburi)18.19
Tender Striploin Donburi with Butter Truffle Paste29.32
Tender Striploin Donburi25.04
Tender Striploin Foie Gras Donburi with Truffle Butter36.81
Tender Striploin Foie Gras Donburi32.53
Miam Miam Rice Menu  Singapore

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Miam Miam Singapore – Desserts Menu

DishesPrice In SGD
Original Pancake9.95
Matcha Pancake11.02
Famous French Toast12.09
Miam Miam Desserts Menu  Price Singapore

Miam Miam – Beverages Menu

DishesPrice In SGD
Yuzu Jelly Soda8.88
Root Beer4.60
Iced Yuzu Tea6.85
Iced Matcha6.00
Iced Matcha Latte8.88
Iced Fruit Tea6.85
Iced Earl Grey Tea5.03
Detox Water2.14
Coke Zero4.60
Berry Soda8.88
Miam Miam Beverages Menu

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes, Miam Miam has a number of vegetarian options available, such as the Yasai Itame (stir-fried vegetables) and the Inari Sushi (sweet tofu skin sushi).

Yes, Miam Miam offers takeout and delivery.

Miam Miam Singapore is not a halal-certified restaurant as it serves pork.

Have you picked a favorite from the menu?

Here are some of SGEats favorite dishes you can choose from Miam Miam Menu: rice bowl topped with marinated pork slices, wafu tofu, baby radish, and crisp cucumber. Remember to try their specialty coffee and refreshing drinks, too. Take advantage of this incredible cafe experience.

Contact Miam Miam Singapore

NameMiam Miam
CategoryAsian & Vietnamese
Delivery OptionsFoodpanda, GrabFood
Social Media LinksInstagram, Facebook

Miam Miam Outlets & Opening Hours in Singapore

Bugis Junction

Location: 200 Victoria St, #02 – 14, Singapore 188021

Opening Hours: Monday To Sunday (11:30 PM – 9:30 PM)

Westgate Singapore

Location: 3 Gateway Dr, #02-27/29 Westgate, Singapore 608532

Opening Hours: Monday To Sunday (11:30 PM – 9:30 PM)

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