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KFC Bugis Junction, located at 200 Victoria St, #B1 – 09, Singapore 188021, is a fantastic spot to enjoy delicious food. I recently visited, and the place left a positive impression on me. Their signature dishes’ welcoming atmosphere and inviting aroma made my experience enjoyable. Many seats were available, making it easy to find a comfortable spot to relax and enjoy the delicious food without any trouble.


KFC Bugis Junction Review

KFC Bugis Junction
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15:34 07 Jan 24
This is definitely one of the more crowded KFCs in the area because there are so many people at Bugis Junction. Did not order the chicken this time, but a potato cheese wedges was ordered instead. The wedges taste so good and it compliments well with the cheese. Usually there is only the cheese fries available so I was surprised when there are potato wedges on the menu. The service staff at this KFC outlet are efficient and friendly too. Although there is limited space, there are quite a number of seats available.
08:07 25 Dec 23
came today 25th Dec around 2:30pm. went to the counter to ask if I could have thigh meat instead of chicken breast as i don’t eat breast meat. however, was told that it’s not possible to get all thigh meat. the lady was also impatient and have a arrogant attitude. asked for more chili packets, she also had a “black” face super disappointed. totally no customer service. the chili packets she gave me was also very dirty
The quality of the chicken really needs to be re-look at. Ordered the Spicy Dippers, it came cold, to such an extent, it’s hard like stone. Requested for the counter to change a new one. The zinger burger chicken patty is actually very pathetic too. The cleanliness of the restaurant needs to be look into as well. Oily floor dirty tables.
Aleksi ReenAleksi Reen
09:00 08 Apr 23
I don't recommend, the employees had no interest/rush to take orders. And the burger was the most pathetic looking thing I've ever seen. The buns hadn't even been heated and the bacon was completely burned and it seemed that they were made a week ago.The Fries were tasteless too. Atleast the coca cola tasted like coca cola.
10:27 11 Aug 22
Came here to try Satay Chicken. It's been a while since I've been to any KFC. Everything is so familiar I immediately felt like home. Tables were not spotlessly clean, probably due to leftover food debris and water from the previous customer. No biggie.Ordering was smooth, collection was fast. Sat down to try out the new satay crunch fried chicken!Amazing! Perfectly seasoned and the satay sauce is thick. Now this is just KFC showing off what they can do with the right herbs.

Now, let’s talk about the food. KFC Bugis Junction has something for everyone where you can enjoy tasty food at affordable rates. The Original Recipe Burger Meal is a classic choice with that familiar and delicious KFC flavour. If you’re up for some spice, the Zinger Stacker Meal is a perfect choice, delivering a satisfying crunch. The BBQ Cheese Zinger Meal is a delightful option for those who enjoy a cheesy twist. And, of course, the 2pcs Chicken Box provides the perfect combination of crispy and succulent chicken pieces. 

Bugis Junction KFC Menu

Bugis Junction KFC Menu

KFC Bugis Junction Location

KFC Bugis Junction

KFC at Bugis Junction

200 Victoria St, #B1 – 09, Singapore 188021

Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday ( 11 AM to 10 PM )


This outlet operates under different hours depending on the day.

  • Monday-Sunday: 11:00 AM – 10:00 PM

Original Recipe Chicken, BBQ Cheese Zinger Meal, Chicken Boxes, and Twister Wraps are top favorites.

Yes, KFC Bugis Junction is certified Halal.

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