Que Pasa Menu With Price Singapore (Updated 2024)

Welcome to Que Pasa Menu, where you can enjoy tasty Mexican food in Singapore. The Que Pasa has a variety of dishes like tacos and fajitas that are full of flavour. Located in Emerald Hill, Que Pasa is known for its yummy food and fun atmosphere. Whether you want their famous Que Pasa chips or something new, each dish is made carefully to give you a taste of Mexico.


This guide talks about the delicious food at Que Pasa and gives you the latest prices from their official sources. Each dish has pictures to see what it looks like before you order. Whether you are visiting for the first time or are a regular customer, our guide has all the info you need to plan your next visit to Que Pasa. Discover why Que Pasa is loved by people who enjoy tasty food in Singapore, offering a yummy and memorable Mexican experience.

Que Pasa Menu With Prices 2024

  • Pizza
  • Snacks
  • Tapas
  • Cold Tapas
  • Beverages 

Que Pasa Menu Pizza

Ice-Cold Beer PizzaSGD 28.25
QP PizzaSGD 31.78
The No 5 Special PizzaSGD 28.25
Pull Pork PizzaSGD 29.43
Margherita PizzaSGD 22.36
Vegetarian PizzaSGD 22.36
Hawaiian PizzaSGD 28.25
Four Cheese PizzaSGD 28.25


Ah Ma Ngon HiangSGD 17.66
Kawa Ebi KaraageSGD 20.01
Fried Chili TofuSGD 12.95
Spam ChipsSGD 14.12
Prata with Chili BeefSGD 18.83
Crispy Ikan BilisSGD 15.30
Spicy o ShellSGD 23.54
Hummus DipSGD 18.83
Chili Con CarneSGD 28.25
Sichuan Mala Abalone (Double portion )SGD 29.43
BBQ RibsSGD 21.19
Mutton SamosaSGD 21.19
Kold TakoSGD 24.72
Fish & ChipsSGD 25.89

Que Pasa Tapas Menu

Mixed OlivesSGD 12.95
Cod LiverSGD 22.36
Anchovies BreadSGD 17.66
PatatasSGD 17.66
Merguez SausageSGD 18.83
Assorted MushroomsSGD 16.48
Spicy Pulled Beef QuesadillaSGD 25.89
Baked Assorted MushroomsSGD 16.48
Beef WrapSGD 23.54
Chorizo Sausage with Tomato CoulisSGD 18.83

Cold Tapas

Stuffed Peppadews with Feta CheeseSGD 21.19
ArtichokesSGD 17.66
White Belly TunaSGD 31.78

Que Pasa Beverages

Ginger AleSGD 8.24
San Pellegrino Mineral Water 500 mlSGD 10.59
Coke LightSGD 8.24
Red Bull CarbonatedSGD 8.24
Tonic WaterSGD 8.24
Panna Still Water 500 mlSGD 10.59

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

I can’t say, but Mexican food often has veggie options like beans, rice, cheese enchiladas, and veggie fajitas. They might not have a unique veggie burger, but there should be things you can eat. You can always call the restaurant and ask if you need more time.

The price depends on what you order. Some things, like tacos, might be cheaper than fajitas. The restaurant doesn’t have its prices online, so you can’t check before you go.

Maybe. Some restaurants have specials on certain days, like “kids eat free Tuesdays” or “Taco Tuesdays.” They need their specials online, so you can check them out before you go. You can always call the restaurant and ask about specials.

Pick Your Favourite Meal

“As They finish looking at the Que Pasa menu, we hope you’ve enjoyed learning about Their Mexican dishes. Each dish shows Their love for Mexican food, from tasty guacamole to yummy enchiladas. Whether eating with friends or having a party, Que Pasa promises tasty meals that make you happy. Come and enjoy their delicious food and friendly atmosphere at Que Pasa.”

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