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Welcome to Wok Hey in Singapore, where flavorful delights await. The Wok Hey Menu is a treat for your taste buds, especially with their famous Wok Hey Fried Rice. Wok Hey is the place for delicious wok-cooked dishes, ensuring each bite is a burst of Asian-inspired goodness. 


Our SGeats guide introduces you to the tasty menu and brings you the latest prices and colorful images of each dish directly from Wok Hey’s official sources. So, whether you’re a food enthusiast or just curious about Wok Hey’s offerings in Singapore, our guide is here to make your food adventure easy and enjoyable. Explore the Wok Hey Menu, check out the tempting Wok Hey Ramen, and dive into a world of flavors with simplicity and transparency.

WOK HEY Laksa Fried Rice

DishesPrice In SGD
Crab Meat Laksa Fried Rice MAX11.80
Laksa Fried Rice with Grilled Chicken8.30
Laksa Fried Rice with Braised Beef9.30
Laksa Fried Rice with Seasoned Prawns9.30
Plain Laksa Fried Rice7.00

WOK HEY Dry Laksa

DishesPrice In SGD
Crab Meat Dry Laksa MAX11.80
Dry Laksa with Grilled Chicken8.30
Dry Laksa with Braised Beef9.30
Dry Laksa with Seasoned Prawns9.30
Dry Laksa7.00

WOK HEY Egg Fried Rice

DishesPrice In SGD
Egg Fried Rice with Wild Caught Crab Meat10.80
Egg Fried Rice with Grilled Chicken6.80
Egg Fried Rice with Braised Beef7.80
Egg Fried Rice with Seasoned Prawns7.80
Egg Fried Rice (No Protein)5.50

WOK HEY Shanghai Fried Rice

DishesPrice In SGD
Shanghai Fried Rice (CRAB)11.30
Shanghai Fried Rice with Grilled Chicken7.30
Shanghai Fried Rice with Braised Beef8.30
Shanghai Fried Rice with Seasoned Prawns8.30
Shanghai Fried Rice (No Protein)6.00

WOK HEY Fresh Ramen

DishesPrice In SGD
Fresh Ramen (CRAB)11.80
Fresh Ramen with Grilled Chicken7.80
Fresh Ramen with Braised Beef8.80
Fresh Ramen with Seasoned Prawns8.80
SFresh Ramen (No Protein)6.50

WOK HEY Fresh Udon

DishesPrice In SGD
Fresh Udon (CRAB)11.80
Fresh Udon with Grilled Chicken7.80
Fresh Udon with Braised Beef8.80
Fresh Udon with Seasoned Prawns8.80
Fresh Udon (No Protein)6.50

WOK HEY Healthier Edition

DishesPrice In SGD
Egg Fried Rice HE with Grilled Chicken6.80
Egg Fried Rice HE with Braised Beef7.80
Egg Fried Rice HE with Seasoned Prawns7.80
Shanghai Fried Rice HE with Grilled Chicken7.30
Shanghai Fried Rice HE with Braised Beef8.30
Shanghai Fried Rice HE with Seasoned Prawns8.30
Fresh Ramen HE with Seasoned Prawns8.80
Fresh Udon He with Seasoned Prawns8.80
Egg Fried Rice HE5.50
Shanghai Fried Rice HE6.00
Fresh Ramen HE6.50
Fresh Udon HE6.50

WOK HEY Signature Dishes

WOK HEY Fried Rice:

A staple dish featuring wok-tossed rice combined with a variety of vegetables, proteins, and flavorful sauces.

Kung Pao Chicken:

A classic Chinese dish that typically includes diced chicken, peanuts, and vegetables stir-fried in a spicy and savory Kung Pao sauce.

Black Pepper Beef:

Sliced beef stir-fried with black pepper sauce, often accompanied by vegetables, providing a bold and peppery flavor.

Szechuan Noodles:

Noodles tossed in a spicy Szechuan sauce with a mix of vegetables and protein.

Sweet and Sour Chicken:

Deep-fried chicken pieces coated in a sweet and tangy sauce, usually served with colorful bell peppers and pineapple.

Honey Garlic Shrimp:

Shrimp cooked in a sticky honey garlic sauce, delivering a sweet and savory combination.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes, WOK HEY Menu Singapore is a Halal-certified restaurant. They received their halal certification from the Majlis Ugama Islam Singapura (MUIS) in 2020.

Monday to Sunday: 10:30 AM to 10:00 PM (last order at 9:45 PM)

Absolutely! Our Dishes is designed to be customizable. You can choose your preferred protein, level of spiciness, and even select from a variety of sauces to tailor your dish to your taste.

Our Dishes is crafted to offer delightful combinations. For example, pairing our Teriyaki Chicken with our Jasmine Rice or our Drunken Noodles with the flavorful Thai Basil Shrimp can enhance your dining experience.

Pick Your Favorite Meal

Have you checked out all the delicious options on Wok Hey’s menu? Discover your favorite today, whether it’s the mouthwatering Shanghai Fried Rice with crab, the delightful Fresh Ramen with crab, or the satisfying Egg Fried Rice with Grilled Chicken. Don’t miss out – head to your nearest Wok Hey Menu outlet in Singapore and savor these tempting choices.

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