Swee Choon Menu Price Singapore (Updated 2024)

Welcome to Swee Choon Menu Singapore. Swee Choon Menu has many tasty steamed dishes: Plain Chee Cheong Fun, Rice Roll with Char Siew, BBQ Pork Rice, Chicken Claws, Beancurd Seafood Roll, and Steamed Pork Ribs. Swee Choon Tim Sum has the following outlets: Jalan Besar, Century Square, AMK Hub, and NEX. The food is super delicious, and the best place to eat.


Swee Choon Menu offers popular items such as Hong Kong Choy Sum, Yang Zhou Fried Rice, Rice Roll with Char Siew, Congee with Minced Pork & Century Egg, and Swee Choon Big Bao. Visit Swee Choon for tasty dishes like baked Hong Kong egg tart and beancurd prawn roll dishes, with homemade barley, soybean milk, and homemade water chestnuts waiting to tantalize your taste buds.


Swee Choon Menu Singapore 2024

We can categorize the Swee Choon Singapore Menu as follows: Hong Kong French Toast | Fried Rice | Dim Sum | Steamed Dishes | Baked/Fried Dishes | Desserts | Beverages

Swee Choon Hong Kong French Toast

DishesPrice In SGD
Peanut butter french toast HK Style4.20
HK Style Salted egg yolk french toast4.50
HK Style Honey butter french toast3.80
Swee Choon Hong Kong French Toast Menu Price

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Swee Choon Singapore Menu – Fried Rice

DishesPrice In SGD
Hong Kong Choy Sum7.80
Fried Rice with Shrimp7.90
Yang Zhou Fried Rice7.90
Swee Choon Fried Rice Menu Singapore

Swee Choon Menu – Dim Sum

DishesPrice In SGD
Sichuan Chilli Oil Wanton (Box of 4)6.30
Shanghai Xiao Long Bao (Box of 4)6.30
Swee Choon Dim Sum Menu Price
Swee Choon Hong Kong French Toast

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Swee Choon Singapore Steamed Dishes 

DishesPrice In SGD
Plain Chee Cheong Fun (Chilli / Sweet Sauce) (1 Portion)3.00
Rice Roll with Prawn (1 Portion)5.80
Rice Roll with Char Siew (1 Portion)5.60
Congee with Minced Pork & Century Egg (1 Bowl)4.80
BBQ Pork Rice (1 Portion)3.60
Glutinous Rice with Chicken (1 Piece)3.60
Chicken Claws (1 Portion)5.20
Steamed Pork Ribs (1 Portion)5.20
Beancurd Seafood Roll (2 Pieces)3.00
Har Kow (2 Pieces)4.20
Siew Mai (2 Pieces)3.20
Red Bean Paste Bao (2 Pieces)2.40
Lotus Paste Bao (2 Pieces)2.40
Swee Choon Big Bao (1 Piece)2.80
Swee Choon Singapore Steamed Dishes  Menu Singapore

Swee Choon Baked/Fried Dishes Price

DishesPrice In SGD
Baked Hong Kong Egg Tart (2 Pieces)3.60
Sliced Duck In Crispy Spring Onion Pastry4.90
Baked BBQ Pork Pastry (2 Pieces)4.40
Beancurd Roll in Oyster Sauce (Box of 2)5.20
Prawn & Banana Fritter (2 Pieces)4.80
Swee Choon Mee-Suah Kueh (2 Pieces)3.80
Beancurd Prawn Roll (2 Pieces)4.80
Carrot Cake (2 Pieces)3.60
Yam Fritter (2 Pieces)3.40
Tofu Bomb (2 Pieces)4.80
Lychee Prawn Cheese Ball (2 Pieces)4.60
Sweet Potato Salted Egg Custard Ball (2 Pieces)4.30
Black Sesame Lava Ball (2 Pieces)4.10
Swee Choon Baked/Fried Dishes Menu Price

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Swee Choon Singapore Desserts Menu

DishesPrice In SGD
Peach Gum Jelly Dessert5.20
Yam Paste with Gingko Nut (Add coconut)4.20
Mango with Pomelo & Sago4.90
Swee Choon Singapore Desserts Menu Singapore

Swee Choon Beverages Menu

DishesPrice In SGD
Coke Zero2.70
Ayataka Green Tea2.70
Mineral Water2.70
Lime Juice2.70
Homemade Barley2.70
Homemade Water Chestnut Drink2.70
Soybean Milk2.70
HK Milk Tea4.00
Swee Choon Beverages Menu Price
Swee Choon Singapore Steamed Dishes

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Nutrition Table For Swee Choon Menu Singapore

Item Name Calories Sugars (g) Protein (g)
Peanut Butter French Toast HK Style 350 15 8
HK Style Salted Egg Yolk French Toast 400 20 10
Fried Rice with Shrimp 300 5 15
Shanghai Xiao Long Bao 250 2 12
Plain Chee Cheong Fun 200 3 5
BBQ Pork Rice 400 10 20
Beancurd Seafood Roll 280 8 18
Red Bean Paste Bao 180 5 3
Baked Hong Kong Egg Tart 220 15 5
Baked BBQ Pork Pastry 250 10 8
Beancurd Roll in Oyster Sauce 280 5 12
Swee Choon Mee-Suah Kueh 180 8 3
Lychee Prawn Cheese Ball 320 12 15
Peach Gum Jelly Dessert 150 10 1
Homemade Water Chestnut Drink 100 20 0
Item Name Total Carbohydrates (g) Fat (g) Cholesterol (mg)
Peanut Butter French Toast HK Style 45 16 30
HK Style Salted Egg Yolk French Toast 50 20 35
Fried Rice with Shrimp 40 10 25
Shanghai Xiao Long Bao 30 8 20
Plain Chee Cheong Fun 25 6 15
BBQ Pork Rice 50 15 40
Beancurd Seafood Roll 35 12 30
Red Bean Paste Bao 20 4 10
Baked Hong Kong Egg Tart 30 10 25
Baked BBQ Pork Pastry 35 12 30
Beancurd Roll in Oyster Sauce 40 15 35
Swee Choon Mee-Suah Kueh 20 6 20
Lychee Prawn Cheese Ball 35 18 45
Peach Gum Jelly Dessert 20 2 5
Homemade Water Chestnut Drink 25 0 0

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

No, Swee Choon Singapore is not halal-certified.

Yes, Swee Choon offers a decent selection of vegetarian dim sum dishes, including vegetable dumplings, steamed buns, and noodle soups. It’s always best to inquire about specific options when placing your order.

Reservations are highly recommended, especially during peak hours or weekends. You can usually make reservations online or by phone.

There are currently four outlets in Singapore, with opening hours typically ranging from 8:30 AM to 11:00 PM.

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Have You Picked Your Favourite Menu Items?

Swee Choon Menu Singapore is like a magical menu with lots of tasty choices for everyone. People love to visit Swee Choon because the food is so yummy. The menu has great pictures and tells you how much everything costs, making it easy to find something delicious. Swee Choon is in a cool place called Jalan Besar, and when you go there, it’s like going on a fun food adventure. If you want to eat yummy food and have a good time, Swee Choon is the place to go.

Contact Swee Choon Singapore

NameSwee Choon Menu
CategoryAsian & Chinese
Delivery OptionsFoodpanda
Social Media LinksInstagram, Facebook

Swee Choon Singapore Location & Operating Hours

Location: 183/185/187/189/191/193 Jalan Besar Singapore 208882

Opening Hours: Monday To Sunday  (9:00 AM – 4:00 PM)

Location: 60, Airport Boulevard, #01-07, Terminal 2 Singapore Changi Airport, Singapore 819643

Opening Hours: Monday To Sunday  (9:00 AM – 4:00 PM)

Location: 2 Tampines Central 5, #01-01, Singapore 529509

Opening Hours: Monday To Sunday  (12:00 AM – 11:00 PM)

Location: 53 Ang Mo Kio Ave 3, Singapore 569933 At AMK Hub Taxi Stand

Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday (7:30 AM – 9:00 PM)

Location: NEX – 23 Serangoon Central, #B2 – 63 to 66, Singapore 556083 – STALL 1

Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday (7:30 AM – 9:00 PM)

Swee Choon Singapore Review

Trang QuynhTrang Quynh
11:26 06 Mar 24
very tasty yet affordable! a true gem in the heart of sg
James HongJames Hong
10:39 06 Mar 24
Sammi KaoSammi Kao
10:13 06 Mar 24
Chatinai MoraraiChatinai Morarai
08:38 06 Mar 24
Just okay.
Urassaya AUrassaya A
08:17 06 Mar 24
Best place for Dim sum
SkY HABlTAT 🚧🚧🚧🇸🇬🇸🇬🇸🇬HABlTAT 🚧🚧🚧🇸🇬🇸🇬⛩️⛩️⛩️ to 49;1100m
tktan main mailtktan main mail
23:18 18 Jan 24
Omar ZayedOmar Zayed
12:48 18 Jan 24
Amazing value, great service, delicious food! There is a huge variety of dishes for all tastes and diets, and everything comes at a very reasonable price!
Wira wiriWira wiri
08:57 18 Jan 24
Great food, great taste
05:38 17 Jan 24
The food was delicious, the service was attentive, and there was air conditioning so we could enjoy our meal in comfort and relaxation. It was a great restaurant.
04:31 17 Dec 23
Sunday lunch, waited for around 20 mins to get seated indoor.Convenient service by ordering with QR code. Food serviced fast.But the food was so so, not really delicious, not really bad. In my personal opinion, the best foods were cucumber and steamed pork ribs.I sat indoor, but it was literally hot as the air conditioner was turned off.2 people around 56SGD.They don’t accept visa/ master card. Bad
Chí NguyễnChí Nguyễn
15:43 08 Dec 23
If you come at busy days, you'll need to wait a bit. The food was quite nice, tasted very good; however, some dishes were a little greasy so don't call too much if you want to have a good enough meal. The staffs were very nice and friendly. She was afraid that we ordered too much, so she came back to confirm and change the orders. The atmosphere around was not very noisy although there were so many people, reminding me some nostalgia feelings. Will come back again if I have any chance.
13:53 19 Nov 23
The best authentic Dim Sum and Chinese food! Amazing quality, great service… yes you sit on a plastic chair and the place is not fancy… but guaranteed yummy! A must do once in Singapore 😋
jordan kwekjordan kwek
08:39 19 Nov 23
Tried out some of the suggested specialties, including their shrimp fried rice, Sichuan chili oil wanton, and sweet potato salted egg ball. Each dish delivered a unique and delightful burst of flavors.The prawn and banana fritter boasted a crisp exterior, giving way to a delightful blend of sweet and savory flavors within.The pastries ordered were generously filled, resulting in a burst of rich and flavorful goodness with every bite.The Shrimp fried rice deserves a special mention as it stands out as one of the finest I've ever tasted, boasting fresh shrimp and perfectly textured rice, with each bite delivering a delightful array of flavors
18:29 22 Oct 23
What a surprise! I LOVED this restaurant. The most delicious dim sum ever!! We sat in the open area and it was really nice. We didn’t have data in our phones so we couldn’t order with the QR code but the staff gave us a sheet of paper and a pencil to order. Everything was absolutely DELICIOUS. For fellow tourists: make sure you have cash since they don’t accept card payments (there is an ATM nearby)

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