Sarnies Menu Price Singapore (Updated 2024)

Check out the tasty food at Sarnies Menu in Singapore – it’s the go-to place for delicious meals. Sarnies Cafe has a menu with super yummy dishes for everyone. They use delicious ingredients to make the food extra special. From tasty breakfasts to fantastic main courses and sweet desserts, Sarnies Menu has everything you could want. It’s not just a menu; it’s a chance to enjoy really yummy food.


This article isn’t just talking about the yummy Sarnies Menu. It’s like a picture book that shows you the latest prices and cool pictures of each dish. So, even before you visit Sarnies in Singapore or Bangkok, you can see and know everything. Sarnies isn’t just for locals; it’s for everyone who loves great food.

Sarnies Menu Singapore 2024

We can categorize the Sarnies Menu into the following: 

  • Favorites
  • Breakfast
  • Eggy Goodness
  • Snacks
  • Salad & Soup
  • Pasta
  • Desserts
  • Beverages 

Sarnies Favorites Menu

DishesPrice In SGD
Bacon & Egg16.00
Chicken Schnitzel21.00
Truffle Cheese & Mushroom18.00
Sous Vide Chicken18.00
Tuna Melt21.00
Steak & Cheese26.00
Pork Cotoletta28.00
Asian Beef Ribs32.00
Chicken Parmigiana26.00
Barramundi Burger30.00
Truffle Mushroom22.00
Beef Bolognese24.00

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Sarnies Breakfast Menu

DishesPrice In SGD
Avocado on Toast16.00
Tropical Acai Bowl16.00
Smoked Salmon Bagel14.00
Mortadella Bagel16.00
Country Sourdough2.50
Half Avocado3.50
English Muffin2.50
Sesame Bagel4.00
Housemade Granola12.00
2 Cage-Free Eggs6.00
Grilled Cherry Tomatoes4.00
Wilted Spinach5.00
Roasted Mushrooms5.00
House-Cured Bacon6.00
Grilled Pork & Thyme Sausage6.00
Smoked Salmon8.00

Eggy Goodness Menu 

Get ready for some tasty choices at their Eggy Goodness Menu. They’ve got Turkish Eggs that bring eggs and Turkish flavors together for a delicious treat. If you want a powerful start, go for the Breakfast Power Wrap, filled with yummy ingredients to keep you energized. The Breakfast Veggie Wrap is perfect if you love veggies mixed with eggs. And for a hearty meal, try the Steak & Eggs, where juicy steak meets perfectly cooked eggs. 

DishesPrice In SGD
Turkish Eggs16.00
Breakfast Power Wrap14.00
Breakfast Veggie Wrap12.50
Steak & Eggs24.00

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Sarnies Menu – Snacks

Check out the tasty snacks on Snacks Menu. They’ve got the delicious Shoestring Fries & Aioli – thin and crispy fries that come with a creamy dip for extra flavor. Perfect for a quick bite on your own or sharing with friends, these fries are sure to satisfy your snack cravings. 

DishesPrice In SGD
Shoestring Fries & Aioli8.00

Sarnies Salad & Soup Menu

Check out the yummy and healthy options on the Salad & Soup Menu. There’s the Sarnies House Salad, a mix of fresh ingredients that tastes really good. If you like soup, try the comforting Roasted Tomato Soup – it’s warm and tasty. For salmon lovers, there’s the Green Goddess Salmon Bowl and Smoked Salmon, both packed with goodness. 

The Pesto Chicken is a yummy and protein-packed choice, and if you’re into veggies, check out the Warm Brassica Bowl and the tasty Falafel. Whether you want a refreshing salad or a warm bowl of soup, the Salad & Soup Menu has tasty and good-for-you options for everyone.

DishesPrice In SGD
Sarnies House Salad16.00
Roasted Tomato Soup9.00
Green Goddess Salmon Bowl25.00
Smoked Salmon8.00
Pesto Chicken6.00
Warm Brassica Bowl20.00

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Sarnies Menu – Pasta

Check out the yummy pasta options on Pasta Menu. There’s Truffle Mushroom pasta with rich and earthy flavors, blending truffle and tasty mushrooms. 

If you like classics, try the Beef Bolognese pasta – it’s hearty and full of savory beef sauce. Both dishes are super tasty and will make your pasta-loving taste buds really happy. Check out the Pasta Menu for a delicious and satisfying meal.

DishesPrice In SGD
Truffle Mushroom22.00
Beef Bolognese24.00

Dessert Menu

Check out the yummy desserts on Dessert Menu. There’s the Milo Panko Pan, a tasty treat with Milo and a crunchy crust. If you love chocolate, try the Original Double Chocolate – it’s rich and indulgent. The Matcha & White Chocolate dessert has a perfect mix of flavors. For something warm and cozy, go for the Sticky Toffee Pudding. And if you’re into classic sweetness, enjoy the Double Scoop Vanilla Ice Cream.

DishesPrice In SGD
Milo Panko Pan10.00
Original Double Chocolate5.50
Matcha & White Chocolate7.00
Sticky Toffee Pudding10.00
Double Scoop Vanilla Ice Cream5.00

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Sarnies Beverages Menu

Discover the tasty drinks on Beverages Menu. If you like coffee, go for a Latte or a Cappuccino—they’re yummy and give you a boost. Feeling cozy? Try the Chai Latte with its unique flavor. On a hot day, cool down with the Iced Lemon Mint Tea—it’s super refreshing. Have a sweet tooth? The Vanilla Milkshake and Chocolate Milkshake are both delicious. For unique tastes, there’s Yuzu Lavender, and if you want something classic, grab an English Breakfast Tea. Need a strong kick? Espresso is the way to go. If you’re not feeling well, the Lemon and ginger Tea is comforting.

DishesPrice In SGD
Chai Latte6.50
Iced Lemon Mint Tea7.50
Vanilla Milkshake10.50
Chocolate Milkshake10.50
Yuzu Lavender7.50
English Breakfast Tea6.00
Lemon & Ginger Tea6.00
Coconut Water4.00
Sparkling Water5.00

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Sarnies Latest Singapore Menu

About Sarnies

Sarnies is a famous sandwich shop in Singapore that started in 2011. The founder, Ben Lee, wanted to create a place where people could enjoy delicious food and a warm atmosphere. In the beginning, Sarnies had to work hard to establish itself and attract customers. They focused on using high-quality ingredients and providing excellent customer service.

As word of Sarnies spread, their popularity grew, and they opened more locations. In 2015, they even started their own coffee roasting company. Now, Sarnies has four locations in Singapore and one in Bangkok, Thailand. They are known for their delicious sandwiches, salads, and coffee. Sarnies is a success story because they have stayed true to their commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQS)

Yes, Sarnies is halal certified. They have a wide variety of halal menu options. They also use only halal ingredients.

Currently, Sarnies has one location in Singapore, at 136 Telok Ayer Street.

Operating hours vary slightly depending on the day:

Weekdays: Daytime – 7:30am – 3:30pm, Dinner – 4:30pm – 9:30pm

Weekends: Brunch – 8:30am – 3:30pm

Final Words

Explore tasty meals at Sarnies Menu Singapore. From classic Bacon and egg to yummy Beef Bolognese and sweet Milo Panko Pan, our menu has something for everyone. Stay refreshed with Iced Lemon Mint Tea. With our central location in Singapore, finding Sarnies is super easy. Plus,  SGEats has provided you with the latest menu, including prices. Enjoy a delicious meal that suits your taste buds at Sarnies Cafe.


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Sarnies Singapore Locations And Opening Hours

Following are the Sarnies Restaurant with location and opening hours:

Sarnies Telok Ayer St

Located: 136 Telok Ayer St, Singapore 068601

Opening Hours: Monday To Sunday (11:30 AM To 10:00 PM)

Sarnies Menu Singapore Reviews

Based on 1557 reviews
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Shanice Anne RasShanice Anne Ras
14:00 16 Feb 24
I tried Sarnies for the first time to have dinner with my friend and I am satisfied with everything about this restaurant. The foods were great, tasty, the serving is generous. The ambiance is very welcoming and clean and the staff Abi, Haziq and Siva were very attentive, approachable and kind. 😊Will definitely go back again and recommend to our other friends.
Claire LimClaire Lim
05:45 10 Feb 24
Food portion is huge - shareable for 2 pax and everything was well cooked and seasoned.The granola bowl came with a huge portion of granola which was very much appreciated (most places would give more yoghurt than granola!)Value for money in terms of quality + quantityAlso, +++++ points - we mistook a dish for having sourdough and the owner (I believe) kindly offered us a portion of sourdough on the house.
06:18 05 Feb 24
Best coffee!Breakfast of Champions! Leaving me fueled to conquer the day!Great service! Friendly staff!
Gny PangGny Pang
11:59 04 Feb 24
Ordered the tuna melt and beef bolognese penne, both good dishes. Coffee’s good too. Dined in on a weekday for lunch, we were lucky to find seats outside but it was really warm. I’m leaving 2 stars cause service charge applies yet we had to fetch our own water……
Jez McQueenJez McQueen
05:33 04 Feb 24
Steak and eggs. Full fry up. surprisingly easy to get a table around 1pm which is great as hadn't made a reservation.
roy gregory floresroy gregory flores
12:34 09 Jan 24
Awesome food and service esp to ms kim very friendly 10/10.
Thaddeus VillaruelThaddeus Villaruel
12:30 09 Jan 24
Good food and good service from haziq 🙏🥰 nice ambience
Kenny OngKenny Ong
14:03 08 Jan 24
Went for lunch at Sarnies. Food was good and generous in portion. Service was friendly.
08:40 08 Jan 24
So sweet of every dish… how come honey /syrup is added excessively to everything incl. egg Benedict? Service is mediocre, not rude but personally I think it can be better
Chee Meng ChngChee Meng Chng
13:33 06 Jan 24
Michelle LamMichelle Lam
12:28 07 Dec 23
Food was great specially the truffle mushroom pasta. One of the the best service I have experience and they really suggest what food to order which is good for new customers… shout out to Ms.Kim
Chun Wui TanChun Wui Tan
01:30 13 Oct 23
Always lovely coffee with excellent food and cheery staff. He breakfast steak options - steak and eggs open-faced sandwich or wrap - are definite must tries.Just some feedback I'd have would perhaps be to take a little more care with eggshells in eggs. I've bit into shells at least twice now.
Florian ParzhuberFlorian Parzhuber
07:16 08 Oct 23
Food and location and the cooking speed were great. The semi-Al-fresco seating is nice, especially when the sun is out.The self-service in the tiny shop was disappointing. Waiters forced their way through and made customers wait for their turn. We also had to ask twice for the sugar syrup, because they forgot about it the first time.My biggest gripe was the hefty price. 77 SGD for a tiny breakfast for 3 people with only 1 drink seems to be quite hefty.
Aleksei SkokovAleksei Skokov
03:38 29 Sep 23
Steak and Eggs swimming in mayo. Must have been the most unhealthy and bad meal I’ve had in Singapore. Too much mayonnaise, the meal was completely drenched in it, my cholesterol has probably gone through the roof, nobody asked about Iced Matcha sweetness, so they made it so sweet I’m probably leaving the place with type 2 diabetes. Tuna sandwich took 27 minutes to cook, although before we paid at the register and wanted to change the meal, we were advise it’s too late, the kitchen started preparing it…Overall the worst experience for 73$Oh… and where’s my water?! Useless and hopeless.UPD: Tuna Mayo… couldn’t allow myself to leave this unmentioned, now I know that not only you can mess up easiest to make sandwich with 3 ingredients, but also make it utterly disgusting. Bravo!What’s in the photos is what is left for someone else to enjoy. Too bad we already paid, would have been my first time in almost 4 decades walking out without paying.
Anton 999Anton 999
06:54 16 Aug 23
We came here for weekend brunch recently. The location is a little dingy and run down, in part because it’s semi al fresco. You sit where you like, then order and pay at the counter and they bring the food to the table. Service was quite fast when we were there, and we found it reasonably friendly. The menu isn’t huge but it’s interesting. The place reminds me somewhat of Boomerang but the food is a bit better and commensurately more expensive. It’s not cheap. For the steak and eggs, the eggs were done well, but the steak was over cooked. The fry up wasn’t bad but the maple syrup I could have done without. It’s also hard to cut the thick bacon with the cheap table knives they give you. Again, the eggs were proper and the baked beans were nice. The mushrooms were just oily fried mushrooms and the tomatoes were okay but nothing special. The tater tots tasted very Boomerang: like something out of the frozen food aisle of the supermarket, and the country sourdough was okay but didn’t really taste like sourdough. There was no flavor to it. Coffee was good. I’d say the four stars for the food here is a bit of a gift, but it’s better than three. Would I come back? Maybe. Wouldn’t be my first choice, as I think the value proposition could be better.

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