Riverside Grilled Fish Menu Price Singapore (Updated 2024)

Welcome to Riverside Grilled Fish Menu Singapore. The menu has delicious options like the famous Riverside Grilled Fish with Green Pepper Sauce and yummy sides. Each dish is made with care to give you the best flavours. Riverside Grilled Fish is the spot for you whether you love seafood or want something filling.


Check out our SGeats menu and find favourites like the Sichuan Fish Fragrant Spicy French Bean and the must-try Riverside Grilled Fish. Plus, we’ve got all the latest prices straight from the restaurant, along with colourful pictures of every dish. Come on over to Riverside Grilled Fish for a meal you’ll love.


Riverside Grilled Fish Menu Singapore 2024

Riverside Grilled Fish Singapore Dishes can be categorized as; Mains | Combos | Signature Sauces | Noodles | Rice | Riverside Snacks | Cold Dish | Hotplate Sea Bass Fillet | Crawfish | Sides | Desserts | Beverages.

Riverside Grilled Fish Mains 

Fragrant Spicy Crawfish TailSGD 37.13
MaLa Crawfish TailSGD 37.13
Stir-fried Chilli CabbageSGD 15.30
Sichuan-style Pork BellySGD 17.87
Green & Red Pepper Shredded PorkSGD 17.87
Smoked Chicken (Half)SGD 19.15
Fragrant Spicy Shredded PorkSGD 17.87
Sichuan Fish with Pickled VegetableSGD 24.29
Stir-fried Scrambled Egg with TomatoSGD 14.02
Meat MaLa PotSGD 30.71
Stir-fried Pea Shoots with GarlicSGD 14.02
Stir-fried Romaine Lettuce with GarlicSGD 14.02
Fragrant Spicy French BeanSGD 12.73
Stir-fried Royale Chives with GarlicSGD 15.30


Super Value Combo D (4 Pax)SGD 89.67
Super Value Combo C (4 Pax)SGD 69.12
Super Value Combo B (2 Pax)SGD 63.99
Super Value Combo A (2 Pax)SGD 42.16

Signature Sauces

Fragrant Garlic Sauce0.00
Signature Fragrant Spicy Sauce0.00
MaLa Sauce0.00
Double Cut Red & Green Chilli Sauce0.00
Green Pepper Sauce0.00
Unique Sauce0.00
Pickled Vegetable Sauce0.00
Black Bean Sauce0.00
Fragrant Paste Sauce0.00
Sweet Fragrant Sauce0.00

Noodles & Rice

Riverside Noodle (Large)SGD 24.29
Riverside Noodle (Small)SGD 19.15
La Mian in Scallion OilSGD 6.31
Fragrant Spicy Luncheon Meat Fried RiceSGD 12.73
Vegetable & Egg Fried RiceSGD 11.45
La Mian in Clear SoupSGD 6.31
Signature Chinese Sausage Fried RiceSGD 12.73
Steamed RiceSGD 1.61

Riverside Snacks

Riverside Dried Chilli ChickenSGD 20.44
Corn PopperSGD 16.59
Pan-fried Shredded PancakeSGD 6.31
Grandma’s Prawn CakeSGD 14.02
Fresh Shrimp Wonton in Spicy SauceSGD 11.45
Pan-fried Pork PancakeSGD 11.45
Deep-fried Mushroom with Salt & PepperSGD 10.17
Deep-fried Chicken WingSGD 14.02
Smoked Duck PancakeSGD 17.87

Cold Dish 

Sichuan-style Chilled Chicken in Chilli OilSGD 11.45
Iberico Pork Belly with Garlic SauceSGD 15.30
Sesame Glass Flat NoodlesSGD 8.88
Shredded Potato SaladSGD 7.60
Sichuan Flat NoodlesSGD 8.88
Kombu Seaweed SaladSGD 7.60

Hotplate Sea Bass Filet

Signature Fragrant Spicy SauceSGD 17.87
MaLa SauceSGD 17.87
Double Cut Red & Green Chilli SauceSGD 17.87
Pickled Vegetable SauceSGD 17.87


Dishes Price
Mala CrawfishSGD 37.13
Fragrant Spicy CrawfishSGD 37.13


Signature Fragrant Spicy Sauce Sides HotplateSGD 40.66
Fragrant Garlic Sauce Sides HotplateSGD 40.66
Green Pepper Sauce Sides HotplateSGD 40.66
MaLa Sauce Sides HotplateSGD 40.66
Double Cut Red & Green Chilli Sauce Sides HotplateSGD 40.66
Unique Sauce Sides HotplateSGD 40.66
Black Bean Sauce Sides HotplateSGD 40.66
Pickled Vegetable Sauce Sides HotplateSGD 40.66
Fragrant Paste Sauce Sides HotplateSGD 40.66
Sweet Fragrant Sauce Sides HotplateSGD 40.66


Aloe Vera Jelly Fish with Mango PureeSGD 6.31
Red Bean PancakeSGD 11.45


Pear Juice (500ml bottle)SGD 3.50
Lemon Tea (500ml bottle)SGD 3.50
JDB Herbal Tea (can)SGD 3.25
CokeSGD 3.20
Coke ZeroSGD 3.20
SpriteSGD 3.20

Nutrition Table For Riverside Grilled Fish Menu Singapore

Item Name Calories Sugars (g) Protein (g)
Fragrant Spicy Crawfish Tail 280 3 20
MaLa Crawfish Tail 320 4 22
Meat MaLa Pot 350 5 25
Fragrant Garlic Sauce 150 2 5
Green Pepper Sauce 120 1 3
Black Bean Sauce 130 1 4
La Mian in Scallion Oil 300 2 10
La Mian in Clear Soup 250 1 8
Corn Popper 180 0 3
Grandma’s Prawn Cake 200 1 15
Sesame Glass Flat Noodles 220 2 5
Item Name Total Carbohydrates (g) Fat (g) Cholesterol (mg)
Fragrant Spicy Crawfish Tail 15 12 70
MaLa Crawfish Tail 18 14 80
Meat MaLa Pot 20 16 90
Fragrant Garlic Sauce 8 10 40
Green Pepper Sauce 6 8 30
Black Bean Sauce 7 9 35
La Mian in Scallion Oil 25 15 60
La Mian in Clear Soup 20 12 50
Corn Popper 12 7 25
Grandma’s Prawn Cake 14 10 55
Sesame Glass Flat Noodles 18 8 40

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The most popular dishes on the Riverside Grilled Fish Dishes Dishes include the signature grilled fish with chilli sauce, the grilled fish with black bean sauce, and the grilled fish with garlic sauce.

The prices of the dishes on the Riverside Grilled Fish Dishes Dishes vary depending on the dish. However, the prices are generally reasonable.

The dress code for Riverside Grilled Fish Dishes is casual.

Yes, the Riverside Grilled Fish Dishes are family-friendly. The restaurant has a children’s Dishes, and high chairs are available.

Riverside Grilled Fish Dishes has a private dining room accommodating 12 people.

NO. They use pork as one of their ingredients; for that reason, Riverside Grilled Fish Singapore is not Halal Certified.

Riverside Grilled Fish has one outlet in Singapore, at 252 North Bridge Rd, #B1-06/07 Raffles City Shopping Centre, Singapore 179103.

Pick Your Favorite Meal

Have you seen all the yummy choices on the Riverside Grilled Fish menu? If you still need to find your favourite meal, try popular picks like the Sichuan-style Pork Belly or the Fragrant Spicy French Bean. Swing by your nearest Riverside Grilled Fish Singapore outlet and enjoy a tasty meal today.

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