One Fattened Calf Menu Price Singapore (Updated 2024)

Craving tasty food in Singapore? Head over to One Fattened Calf. They serve delicious dishes like the famous OFC Burger, a favorite among food lovers. Each meal is carefully prepared, blending traditional flavors with a modern twist for a special dining experience.


At SGeats, we’ve got all the details covered for you! We’ll show you the delicious dishes available at One Fattened Calf and share the latest prices directly from the restaurant. Plus, we’ve included beautiful pictures of each dish, including that irresistible OFC Burger. So, whether you’re a food enthusiast or just feeling hungry, SGeats makes exploring One Fattened Calf’s menu simple and planning your next mouthwatering meal.

One Fattened Calf Menu Singapore 2024

One Fattened Calf Menu can be categorized in to following:

  •  Burgers
  •  Combos
  •  Fries
  •  Beverages.


DishesPrice In SGD 
OFC Cheese Burger17.00
OFC Impossible Burger22.00
OFC Burger17.00
OFC Goldburger20.00

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DishesPrice In SGD 
OFC Cheese Burger Combo21.90
OFC Impossible Burger Combo26.90
OFC Burger Combo21.90
OFC Goldburger Combo24.90


DishesPrice In SGD 
OFC Truffle Fries11.90
Add Cheese Sauce2.50
OFC Cheese Fries11.90
Add OFC Special Sauce2.50
OFC Regular Fries8.90

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DishesPrice In SGD 
OFC Golden Lime Slushie4.90
100 Plus3.50
Jasmine Green Tea3.50
Mineral Water4.90

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Frequently Asked Questions.

Yes,One Fattened Calf Singapore is Halal.

One Fattened Calf specializes in high-quality burgers. Their menu is small and focused, but the ingredients are fresh and flavorful.

While the exact menu might change, they typically offer around five burgers, including a classic cheeseburger, options with bacon and other toppings, and possibly a vegetarian or fish burger. They’re known for their “OFC Cheeseburger” 

Absolutely! Be sure to try our famous Beef Wellington, a tender beef fillet wrapped in flaky pastry.

Absolutely; We offer private dining options and customizable menus for special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, and corporate events.

Pick Your Favorite Meal

Have you seen all the yummy choices on the One Fattened Calf menu? If not, take a peek now. Whether you’re in the mood for some OFC Cheese Fries or a juicy OFC Cheese Burger, there’s plenty to love. Swing by your nearest One Fattened Calf outlet in Singapore and enjoy a tasty meal today.

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