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McDonald’s Alocassia, located at 383 Bukit Timah Rd, #01-09B Alocassia Apartments, Singapore 259727, is a fantastic spot to enjoy delicious food. I went there and liked it. The food is super yummy, and the place is comfy with lots of seats. It’s not just a fast food spot. It’s like a cozy spot to chill and enjoy good food. People who love food often choose it because it’s a great place to eat and relax.


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McDonald's Alocassia
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Heng Yu LeeHeng Yu Lee
04:36 01 May 24
It's a McDonalds. Nothing much to talk about. Food was ok. Couldn't pay with my ezlink. Very disappointing, could've done better in payment. Food was classic.
Gregory FooGregory Foo
10:43 28 Apr 24
Brendan TangBrendan Tang
01:28 09 Apr 24
06:13 08 Apr 24
I don’t no why, but almost every time served with cold food ore non- proper prepared food.This time it was the fren fries 🍟 which containing some very short pieces of fries (looks like prepared by using remainings) as it not satisfying expectations of this fast food restaurant! ☹️
Kiang KiangKiang Kiang
00:47 30 Mar 24
Leia HLeia H
07:06 10 Dec 23
the double fillet o fish is very hard to eat and I got food poisoning after 😅 As shown on the video, one can tell it’s either not cooked properly or not fresh..
diptard liptarddiptard liptard
01:36 22 Aug 23
I have spent at least 200 dollars here. I have celebrated 4 birthdays here. I have cried here. I have laughed here. I have felt every emotion I can feel in the world here. I would say this place is my second home but it is not. It is my first home. Staff treat me better than my parents. The food here has brought me from suicidal to the happiest man alive. I love this place.
hola mariushola marius
01:33 22 Aug 23
This is most definitely the best restaurant in the entire country. People who disagree are tweaking out of their mind. It was my friends birthday and a staff member gave him a free ice-cream. Excellent service and customer service is phenomenal. Very nice to go with friends. Food is warm and excellent. 10 out of 10 would recommend.
Ho JasperHo Jasper
07:29 12 Aug 23
Screw hidden in my egg McMuffin.Edit: customer care have reached out to me. Editing this review to neutral as the response I received from the team shows that they are committed to food safety.
Joanna IbrahimJoanna Ibrahim
13:13 02 Jul 23
Went to their drive thru to grab a quick bite with the kids. Ordered 2 happy meals, and some extra nuggets. They forgot to include the toy and book in the bag, the nugget was not even warm. The fries were not fresh either. My kids were super disappointed. Will never come to this branch anymore.

McDonald’s at Alocassia has the best food that’s both tasty and doesn’t cost too much. They have yummy things like Chicken Muffins, Breakfast Wraps, Fillet-O-Fish, McChicken, Big Mac. I got this info from the official sources, so it’s all correct! McDonald’s Alocassia ensures you can enjoy your favorite food without spending too much money. It’s a great place to have tasty meals without worrying about your wallet.

McDonald’s Alocassia Menu

Mcdonald's Jewel Menu

McDonald’s Alocassia Location

McDonald's Alocassia Location

McDonald’s Alocassia

383 Bukit Timah Rd, #01-09B Alocassia Apartments, Singapore 259727

Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday ( 7 AM to 12:00 AM )


This outlet operates under different hours depending on the day.

  • Monday-Sunday: 07:00 AM – 12:00 AM

Chicken Muffins, Breakfast Wraps, Fillet-O-Fish, McChicken, Big Mac are top favorites.

Yes, McDonald’s Alocassia is certified Halal.

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